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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{si.} - cont
/ {si.tya.}
/ {saitra.}


UKT notes :
Sait & Setathaik - As tentative meanings based on Theravada Buddhism, I am giving:
- Citta {sait~ta.} aka {sait} - a single "thought" element
- Cetasika {s-ta.i.ka.} aka {s-ta.aik} - a similar element associated with a particular thought element, i.e. "co-thought" or "perception".
Please note that I am looking at Thought processes of Abhidhamma as Input-output processes of Computer technology. My tentative meanings may change with more insight into the parallel processes.


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{si.} - cont



चि [1. KI] III. P.
[ kikti] (V.); V. P. .
चिनो [ ki-n]
- perceive, observe; look for; search through (ac.) for (ac.). ni, notice, observe. nis, ascertain; decide; determine, fix; resolve; consider certain: pp. having made up his mind, resolved to (d., lc., -); certain, decided, settled: -m, ad. certainly. vi-nis, ponder; decide definitively; take a final resolution: pp. quite certain, well settled: -m, ad. most certainly or assuredly. pari, search through; find out, ascertain, recognise; become acquainted or familiarise oneself with; ps. be known: pp. know, familiar, accustomed; of frequent occurrence. vi, discern; discriminate, examine, search through; look for, seek; strive after. pra-vi, search through; pp. tested, tried. sam, reflect.



चि [3. KI ]


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चिकर्तिषा [ ki-kart-i-sh ]
- f. desire to cut off; -ishu, a. wishing to cut off.



चिकित् [ ki-kt ]
- a. knowing; shining.






  चिकित्स [ ki-kit-sa ]
- des. of √kit (q. v.); -saka, m. physician; -sana, n. medical treatment; -s, f. id.; medical science; -sita, (pp.) n. id. (--, a. f. ); -sya, fp. curable.



चिकीर्ष [ ki-kr-sha ]
- des. of √kri, do; -sh, f. desire to do or make, longing for (g.; --); -shita, n. undertaking; purpose, intention; -shu, a. wishing to do, make, fashion, perform, or practise; desirous of (ac., --).



चिकुर [ kikura ]
- m. hair of the head; hair.



चिक्कण [ kikkana ]
- a. smooth, slippery.




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चिचरिषु [ ki-kar-i-shu ]
- des. a. endeavouring to go.



चिचलिषु [ ki-kal-i-shu ]
- a. about to start.





चिच्छक्ति [ kik-khakti ]
- f. thinking power.


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चिञ्चा [ kik ]
- f. tamarind (tree and fruit).


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UKT 160303: The disyllable {si.ta.} made up of syllables {si.} and {ta.} can merge into a monosyllable {sait}. As a chemist, I view the process as similar to Molecular Orbital Theory in Chemistry. The result is the lowering of energy to vibrate the vocal folds. During merger, an intermediate state {sait~ta.}. I expect Formants, F1 & F2, to be related to the energy levels.



चित् [ 1. kt ] {sait}
- perceive, observe, mark (ac., g.); intend (d.); desire, understand, know; appear; pf. kiketa, has understood, knows; cs. ketya, P. . kitya. P. remind (of, d.); instruct; notice, observe; attend; . reflect, meditate; understand; remember, be conscious of (ac.); appear, be conspicuous, shine; dcs. kikitsa, intend; provider for (d.); treat medically, cure; cs. of des. kikitsaya, cure; intu. kki(t) te, appear, shine forth: pt. kkit-at, kkit-an, , observe, mark; understand, know. pra, cs. make know; .appear. vi, perceive; discern; comprehend; . be visible, appear; des. doubt, be uncertain about; hesitate. sam, survey; perceive; agree, be at one.


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चित् [ 2. kt ]
- f. intellect, mind.



चित् [ 3. ki-t ]
- a. piling (--); piled, forming a pile.



  चित [ ki-ta ]
- pp. √ki; n. building: -‿agni, m. burning funeral pile; -‿adhirohana, n. ascending the funeral pile; -‿anala, m. burning funeral pile.



चिता [ ki-t ] (pp.)
- f. pile of wood, funeral pyre: - dhma, m. smoke of the funeral pile.



चिति [ 1. k-ti ]
- f. pile; pyre; heap; multitude.



चिति [ 2. kit- ]
- f. understanding; intellect, mind.



चितिका [ kiti-k ]
- f. pile of wood; funeral pyre; often -- (after a numeral) a. in the sense of layer.



चितैध [ kita‿edha ]
- a. relating to a funeral pile.




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UKT 160301: Analysis of Mind is very important in Theravada Buddhism. You will come across two terms, Citta {sait~ta.} चित्त , and Cetasika {s-ta.i.ka.} aka {s-ta.aik} in Bur-Myan.
For the orthography of {s-ta.aik}, see {s-ta.i.ka.} UHS PMD0396.
See http://www.vipassana.info/cetasikas2.html 160301
See also FE BHS232 for Cetasika, and FE BHS233 for Caitasika.
See also p095.htm for {s-ta.i.ka.}

As tentative meanings based on Theravada Buddhism, I am giving:
- Citta {sait~ta.} aka {sait} - a single "thought" element
- Cetasika {s-ta.i.ka.} aka {s-ta.aik} - a similar element associated with a particular thought element, i.e. "co-thought" or "perception".


चित्त [ kit-t ]
= च ि त ् त --> {sait~ta.}
Skt: चित्त [ kit-t ] - pp.; n. observation; thought; purpose, will; mind, heart, intellect, reason; a. thinking of (--). - Mac094c2
Pal: {sait~ta.} - UHS PMD0389
Bur: {sait} - n. a single thought (as a unit or an element always accompanied by {s-ta.)

- UKT definition
  UKT from UHS PMD0389: . n. scheme, consciousness.
  . wondrous, artistic, e.g., stained-glass windows.
  . Chitra / {saitra.}, the 14th Nakshatra 'Lunar Mansion'
  See Wikipedia
  - for stained glass - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stained_glass 160301
  - for Bur-Myan luni-solar calendar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burmese_calendar 160301



चित्तखेद [ kitta-kheda ]
= च ि त ् त ख े द
- m. affliction, grief; -kaura, m. heart-stealer, lover; -ga, m. (heart-born), love; Kma; -ganman, m. id.; -ga, a. knowing the intentions or heart of (g.); having knowledge of human nature; -ntha, m. heart's lord, lover; -nsa, m. loss of consciousness; -nirvritti, f. peace of mind; -pramthin, a. disturbing the mind; -bheda, m. depression of mind; -bhrama, m. men tal confusion; -bhrnti, f., -moha, m. id.; -yoni, m. (having its origin in the mind), love; -ragana, n. gladdening of hearts; -vat, a. rational, sensible, wise; -vikra, m. mental derangement; -viplava, m. id., madness; -vislesha, m. alienation of hearts; breach of friendship with (in.); -vritti, f. mental disposition, sentiments, feeling; train of thought; frame of mind, mental process; -hrin, a. ravishing.


चित्तचौर [ kitta-kaura] cittacaura
- m. heart-stealer, lover -- Mac094c2



चित्ताकर्षण [ kitta‿karshana ]
- n. winning of the heart; -‿karshin, a. charming the heart; -‿anuvartin, a. gratifying (g., --); -‿anuvritti, f. gratification.



चित्ति [ kt-ti ]
- f. thought; understanding; insight; intent.



चित्तिन् [ kitt-n ]
- a. wise, intelligent.


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/ {si.tya.}

UKT 160301: In addition to & we can have / {saitya.}.


चित्य [ k-tya ]
= च ि त ् य
- a. that is piled or built up; m. (sc. agni) fire placed on a layer or pile; , f. piling, building up (of an altar).


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/ {saitra.}


चित्र [ kit-r ]
= च ि त ् र
- a. manifest, visible, distinguished, clear, bright; distinct, audible (sound); variegated, speckled, dappled; various, manifold; qualified with torture (punishment); wonderful; n. bright-coloured object, glittering ornament; jewel; picture; surprising phenomenon, wonder.



चित्रक [ kitra-ka ]
- m. small hunting leopard (Cheeta); n. mark (--, a. characterised by); picture, painting; -kara, m. painter (a mixed caste); - karman, n. painting; picture; adornment (Pr.); - kta, m. hill of pleasure; (Bright-peak), N. of a mountain (in Bun delkund, now Kitrakote); N. of a town; -krit, m. painter; -kritya, n. painting; -ga, a., -gata, pp. (belonging to a picture), painted; - gupta, m. N. of a recorder of human actions in Yama's realm; -griha, n. apartment adorned with pictures; -grvan, a. stony; -grva, m. Spotted- neck, N. of a pigeon king; -nyasta, pp. put on canvas, painted; -paksha, m. (spotted-wing), kind of pigeon; N. of a demon causing headache; - pata, m. picture; -patta, m. id.: -gata, pp. painted; -putrik, f. female portrait; -phalaka, picture-panel, painting; ()-bhnu, a. shining brightly; m. fire, Agni; -bhshya, n. eloquence; -bhitti, f. painted wall, wall-painting; -mriga, m. spotted antelope.


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चित्रय [ kitra-ya ]
- den. P. variegate, decorate, adorn: pp. kitrita, variegated, embellished, painted. ud, pp. richly decked or provided with (in.).



चित्ररथ [ kitr-ratha ]
- a. having a brilliant car; m. N.; -likhana, n. painting; -likhita, pp. painted; - lekh, f. picture; N.; -vat, a. adorned with pictures, painted; -vana, n. (va riegated wood), N. of a forest on the Gandak; -varti, f. paint-brush; -varti-k, f. id.; -varman, m. N. of a son of Dhritarshtra.



चित्रशाला [ kitra-sl ]
- f. picture-room; -sl ik, f. id. (Pr.); -sikhandin, m. pl. (having shining locks), ep. of the seven sages (Marki, Atri, Aṅgiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu, and Vasishtha); the Great Bear; -sravastama, spv. worthy of the loudest praise; ()-sena, a. bright-speared; m. N.; -stha, a. represented in a picture, painted; -sthala, n. N. of a garden.



चित्राङ्ग [ kitra‿aṅga ]
- m. Dapple-body, N. of a deer and of a dog; , f. N. of a courtesan; - ‿aṅgada, a. adorned with brilliant bracelets; m. N. of a fairy, of a Gandharva, and of a recorder of human actions in Yama's realm; -‿anna, n. rice coloured by the addition of ingredients; ()- magha, a. having splendid gifts; -‿rambha, a. painted; -‿arpita, pp. id.: -‿rambha, a. id.





चित्रिय [ ktr-iya ]
- a. distinguished; m. N.





चित्रीय [ kitr-ya ]
- den. . be astonished; cause astonishment.



चित्रीया [ kitr-y ]
- f. astonishment.



चित्र्य [ ktr-ya ]
- a. sparkling.


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 चिद् [ ki-d ]
- enc. pcl. [n. of interrogative, Lat. - quid] in V. emphasizing preceding word (but often to be rendered by stress merely), even, just, very, at least; generalizing nouns, every, all, and esp. pns. and cjs., -- ever, all: with neg. not even; in C. it is used only with in terrogatives (and gtu), rendering them in definite.



चिदात्मन् [ kid-tman ]
- m. the thinking soul, pure intellect; -nanda-maya, a. consisting of intellect and joy.


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