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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{sn-dra.} = Pal: {sn-da.} - cont
{sar~} : Repha - refer to p063.htm for {kar~}, and to p082.htm for {gar~} (link chk 160228)


UKT notes :


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{sn-dra.} = Pal: {sn-da.} - cont



  चन्द्रराज [ kandra-rga ]
- m. N.; -rekh, f. crescent; -lalta, a. having a moon on the forehead, ep. of Siva; -l, f. N.; -lekh, f. crescent; N.; -vamsa, m. the (royal) lunar race; -vat, a. moonlit: -, f. N.; -vapus, a. lovely as the moon; ()-varna, a. bright hued; -sl, f. room on the roof; -subhra, a. moonlit; -sekhara, m. (moon-crested), ep. of Siva; N.; -sr, f. N.; -samga, m. camphor; -saras, n. N. of a fabulous lake; -sra, m. N.; -simha, m. N. of a prince; -svmin, m. N.; -hsa, m. (moon laugh=gleam), sword; Rvana's sword.



चन्द्रांशु [ kandra‿amsu ]
- m. moon-beam; -‿ kara, m. N.; -‿ditya, m. N.; -‿pda, m. ep. of Siva; N.; -‿ardha, m. half-moon: -kdmani, m. ep. of Siva; -‿avaloka, m. N. of a prince.


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UKT 160228: Take care not to get mixed up with the derivative of highly rhotic Skt-Dev vowel, {iRi.} ऋ

{da.} + {iRi.} ऋ --> {dRi.} दृ

It was my unfortunate experience before I realized the importance of ऋ in Skt-Dev, and that this vowel is absent in Pal-Myan.


चन्द्रिका [ kandr-ik ]
=   च न ् द ् र ि क ा --> {sn~dri.ka}
Skt: चन्द्रिका [ kandr-ik ] - f. moonlight; N. - Mac092c1
Pal: {sn~di.ka} - UHS-PMD0384
  UKT from UHS: f. moonlight 



चन्द्रिन् [ kandr-n ]
- a. golden.



चन्द्रोदय [ kandra‿udaya ]
- m. rise of the moon; -‿upala, m. moon-stone (v. kandra-knta).


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चपल [ kap-ala ]
- a. tremulous, unsteady; inconstant, giddy, flighty, fickle: -m, ad. quickly; -gana, m. mischievous folk; -t, f. giddiness, fickleness.



चपलय [ kapala-ya ]
- den. P. make unsteady, beguile into an indiscretion.



चपला [ kapal ]
- f. lightning; N. of two metres: -gana, m. fickle woman; goddess of fortune.



चपलाय [ kapal-ya ]
- den. . move or jump about.



चपेट [ kapeta ]
- m. slap; , , f. id.


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चमत्करण [ kamat-karana ]
- n. astonishment, surprise; -kra, m. id.; -krita, cs. pp. astonished; -kriti, f. astonishment.





चमन [ kam-ana ]
- n. sipping.



चमर [ kam-ara ]
- m. (, f.) yak (Bos grunniens); m. n. yak's tail, used as a fly whisk, one of the insignia of royalty: -vla, m. N. of a prince.



चमस [ kam-as ]
- m. (wooden) bowl or cup.



चमू [ kam-&usharp; ]
- f. bottom of the Soma press (often du. bottom and upper board of the Soma press); army (consisting of 729 elephants, 729 chariots, 2187 cavalry, and 3645 infantry): -ntha, -pa, -pati, -pla, m. commander of an army.



चम्प [ kamp-a ]
- m. N. of the founder of the town of Kamp.



  चम्पक [ kampa-ka ]
- m. a tree (Michelia champaca); n. its (yellow) blossom; m. N.; , f. N. of a town: (a)-prabhu, m. N. of the father of Kalhana; (a)-ml, f. N.; (a)-vat, f. N. of a forest in Magadha; N. of a town.



चम्पा [ kamp ]
- f. N. of a town of the Aṅgas: - vat, f. id.



चम्पू [ kamp- ]
- f. mixed composition (mixture of verse and prose).


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UKT 160304: In Bur-Myan, the plosive-stop {sa.} cannot be pharyngalized with {ha.hto:}, or velarized with {ya.pn.}. This phonemic rule is broken when Romabama has to adopt:
#1. {Sa.}/ {S}
#2. {s~ya.}


चय [ kay-a ]
- m. heap; layer; mound; rampart; mass; multitude.


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चयन [ ky-ana ]
- n. heaping up; layer of fuel; heap.


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kra, int. move, go, wander, roam, spread, extend (of animate and inanimate objects); browse; behave, act, towards (in. or lc.), have to do with (in.); go on, live (with a., ad., or gd.); tr. wander through, traverse; pass along, follow; undertake, enter into; perform, practise; carry on (a dispute); emulate actions (vrittam); assume a function (vratam); undergo, observe; commit (sin); make, produce; consume; feed on, graze on; spy out (only pp. -ita): pp. karita and krna; cs. krya, cause to go, run, wander, or graze; despatch; put in motion; cause to perform; allow to have sexual intercourse, prostitute (a wife); des. kikarisha or kikarasha, wish to go or behave. anti, transgress; be unfaithful to (ac.) anu, move about among (ac.); traverse; follow; cs. cause to be traversed by (in.) antar, move between or within, be in (ac. g., or lc.) apa, be wanting; transgress. abhi, trespass against, violate, be unfaithful to (ac.); bewitch (ac.). prati‿abhi, use witchcraft against (ac.). vi‿abhi, offend; fail; go beyond (ac.); cs. prove the erroneousness of (ac.). ava, come down from (ab.); cs. emply. , approach (ac.); frequent; have recourse to (ac.); use, emply; behave, act; treat; associate with (saha); set about, perform, practise, follow, do; proceed to (inf.); sanction, prescribe (gr.). adhi‿, use occupy (seat). sam-, proceed, act (towards, lc.); associate with (in.); perform, observe, practise (towards, lc.); engage in (quarrels); gain (licelihood): durt-, remove far away, ud, rise (sun); sound, utter, pronounce (cs. id.); void excrement. pra‿ud, cs. pp. prokkrita, emitting sounds. upa, approach; serve, wait on; honour, worship; tend, groom; undertake; treat (medically); designate figuratively; ps. be employed or ascribed metaphorically (to, lc.). nis, come forth, sppear, proceed. vi-nis, proceed in all directions. par, go away. pari, go round (ac.); serve, attend. pra, come forth; reach (ac.); set about, perform; follow (occupations); treat patients; proceed, act. vi, move in different directions, spread, be diffused; move actively, sally forth, make an attack; rove; wander about in, traverse (ac.); proceed, act, live; go astray, be dissolute; practise, perform; cs. case to ge hither and thither; seduce; ponder, consider; hesitate, doubt; ascertain, decide; pp. doubtful; certain. anu-vi, walk throught. pra-vi, advance; wander about; cs. ponder or examine duly. sam, come together, join; wander about, walk; run (road); reach to (); enter, traverse, infest; move, live; pass over to (g.); cs. set in motion; let go; lead about; transfer, deliver. anu-sam, follow, go along. abhi-sam, come together to (ac.). upa-sam, enter.



चर [ kar-a ]
- a. movable, moving; n. animal (opp. plant); --, going, wandering, walking; acting, living; practising; m. spy; , f. life.



चरक [ kra-ka ]
- m. wanderer; wandering Brhman pupil; spy; N. of an ancient physician: pl. N. of a school of the black Yagurveda: -‿adhvaryu, m. priest of the Karakas.



चरण [ kr-ana ]
- m. n. foot; Vedic school; n. wandering; course; procedure; ritual observance; (good) conduct; practice, performance.



चरणक [ karana-ka ]
- n. little foot; -granthi, m. ankle; -nysa, m. footstep, tread; foot print; -patana, n. prostration at the feet; -pta, m. kick; prostration; -prishtha, m. instep; -prasra, m. extension of the legs; -bhaṅga, m. fracture of the leg; -mla, n. root of the foot: e ni-pat, fall down at the feet; -vyha, m. T. of a work (description of the Vedic schools); -‿nati, f. bowing at the feet, prostration.


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चरथ [ kar-tha ]
- a. moving; n. life, activity.





चरम [ kara-m ]
- a. last; outermost; lowest; western: -m, ad. last; in the end; after (g.): (a)-vayas, a. aged; -‿akala, m. western (sunset) mountain.



चराचर [ 1. kar-kar ]
- a. moving, running; 2. kara‿akara, a. moving and stationary; n. animals and plants, the whole world.


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चरित [ kar-it ]
- pp.; n. going, walking; way; procedure, behaviour, conduct, doings.



चरितपूर्व [ karita-prva ]
- a. performed before; -maya, a. () containing the deeds of (--).



चरितवे [ kr-i-tave ]
- d. inf. to go, to move.



चरितव्य [ kar-i-tavya ]
- fp. to be practised or performed.



चरितव्रत [ karita-vrata ]
- a. having fulfilled his vow.



चरितार्थ [ karita‿artha ]
- a. having obtained one's object; successful; satisfied: -t, f. attainment of one's object, satisfaction; -tva, n. accomplishment.



चरितार्थय [ karitrtha-ya ]
- den. P. cause any one (ac.) to attain his object, satisfy.



चरित्र [ kar--tra ]
- n. foot, leg; going; ancient custom, usage; conduct, doings: -bandhaka, m. n. confidential pledge; -vat, a. having already performed (a sacrifice).



चरिष्णु [ kar-i-shn ]
- a. moving; unsteady, roaming; belonging to the animal world.


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चरु [ kar- ]
= च र ु
- m. caldron, pot; oblation (of grain boiled in milk, butter, or water).


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{sar~} : Repha



चर्कृति [ kar-kri-t ]
- f. praise; -krtya, a. praiseworthy, renowned.




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चर्चन [ kark-ana ]
- n. repetition of a word.



चर्चरिका [ kar-kar-ik ]
- f. kind of gesture (on the stage).



चर्चरी [ kar-kar- ]
- f. kind of song.



चर्चा [ kark- ]
- f. repetition of a word (esp. with iti); coating (of ointment); care, trouble about, attention to, meddling with (-- or g.); speaking about (--); discussion: -pada, n. pl. words repeated with the insertion of iti.



चर्चित [ kark-ita ]
- pp. n. coating (of ointment).


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चर्पट [ karpata ]
- a. flat; flattened.


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चर्म [karma]



चर्मण्य [ karman-ya ]
- n. article of leather.



चर्मन् [ kr-man ]
- n. [that which spreads out], hide, skin; shield.

UKT 160228: Shields for common foot soldiers in ancient times when metal was expensive were made from wood covered with leather. -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shield 160228


चर्मपट््ट [ karma-patta ]
- m. strap; -bandha, m. leather strap; -bhastrik, f. leather pouch; -maya, a. () leathern; -ratna, n. (treasure of a=) magic purse: -bhastrik, f. id.


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