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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{sa.Na.} / {sN} - cont
{sa.ta.} / {st}
{sa.na.}/ {sn}
{sn} / {sn~}
{sn~da.} / Skt: {sn-dra.}
{sn-dra.} = Pal: {sn-da.}


UKT notes :


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{sa.Na.} / {sN} - cont



चण्डकर्मन् [ kanda-karman ]
- m. N. of a Rkshasa (acting cruelly); -kirana, m. (hot-rayed), sun; -ketu, m. N.; -kausika, m. N. of a son of Kakshvat; n. T. of a drama; -ghosha, m. N.; -t, f., -tva, n. passionateness; wrathfulness; -ddhiti, m. (hot-rayed), sun; -pota: -ka, m. N. of an elephant; -prabha, m. N.; -bhugaṅga, m. N.; -mahsena, m. N. of a prince; -rava, m. N. of a jackal (yelling fiercely); -rasmi, m. (hot-rayed), sun; -varman, m. N. of a prince; -vikrama, m. N. of a prince; -sla, a. choleric; -simha, m. N. of a prince; -‿amsu, m. (hot-rayed), sun.



चण्डाल [ kandla ]
- m. man of the lowest stratum of society, universally despised and shunned; a mixed caste, offspring of Sdra and Brhman; --, a good-for-nothing --; , , f. Kandla woman.



चण्डिका [ kand-ik ]
- f. ep. of Durg; temple of Durg: -griha, n. temple of Durg.



चण्डिमन् [ kand-i-man ]
- m. heat; passionateness, fierceness, cruelty.





  चण्डीपति [ kand-pati ]
- m. ep. of Siva; -‿sa, m. id.; -‿svara, id.; -stotra, n. T. of a poem in praise of Durg.




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{sa.ta.} / {st}


  चत् [ KAT ]
- only pr. pt. ktat and pp. katt, hide (int.); cs. ktya, drive away. pra, vi, cs. . id.




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चतुर् [ katr ]
- num. m. n. pl. four.



चतुर [ kat-ura ]
- a. quick, swift; dexterous, clever, ingenious, crafty; charming; n. clever ness: -ka, a. (ik) dexterous, clever; m. N. of a jackal; f. N. of a woman.



चतुरक्ष [ katur-aksh ]
- a. (&isharp;) four-eyed.



चतुरक्षर [ ktur-akshara ]
- a. having four syllables; n. aggregate of four syllables.



चतुरङ्ग [ ktur-aṅga ]
- a. having four members: -m balam, n. complete army (consisting of infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariots); , f. army consisting of these four arms; n. id.; chess: -bala‿adhipatya, n. command of a complete army.



चतुरङ्गिन् [ katur-aṅgin ]
- a. consisting of four parts.



चतुरता [ katura-t ]
- f. cleverness, craftiness, shrewdness.



चतुरनीक [ ktur-anka ]
- a. four-faced; -anta, a. bounded on all four sides (by the sea): , f. earth; -asra, a. square; regular, harmonious: -t, f. harmony, -sobhin, a. harmoniously beautiful; -asri, a. square; -ah, m. period of four days; -tman, a. having four forms or faces; -nana, a. four-faced, ep. of Brahman; -uttar, a. increasing by four.



चतुर्गुण [ ktur-guna ]
- a. fourfold.



चतुर्थ [ katur-th ]
- a. (&isharp;) fourth: -m, ad. the fourth time; n. fourth part; , f. fourth day in a fortnight; fourth wedding day.



चतुर्थकाल [ katurtha-kla ]
- m. fourth meal time: -m, lc.=on the evening of the second day; -klika, a. eating the fourth meal only; -bhg, a. receiving a fourth part as tribute.



चतुर्थांश [ katurtha‿amsa ]
- m. fourth part; a. receiving a fourth; -‿amsin, a. id.



चतुर्थीकर्मन् [ katurth-karman ]
- n. ceremony of the fourth wedding day.


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चतुर्दश [ katur-das ]
- a. () fourteenth; consisting of fourteen; , f. fourteenth day of a fortnight: -dasa-dh&asharp;, ad. fourteenfold; -dasn (or k-), num. fourteen; -dasama, a. fourteenth; -dasark, a. hvg. fourteen verses; -drik, f. N. of the fifth lambaka in the Kathsaritsgara; -dikkam, ad. to the four quarters; -disam, ad. id.; -dvra-mukha, a. () having four gates as mouths; -dh, ad. in four parts; fourfold.



चतुर्बाहु [ katur-bhu ]
- a. four-armed; -bila, a. having four apertures; -bhg, m. fourth, quarter; -bhuga, a. four-armed, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna; -bhmika, a. four-storied; -ms, f. period of four months; -mukha, a. four-faced; ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, and Siva: -samrita, pp. uttered by the four mouths; -muhrtam, ac. for four muhrtas; -mrti, a. having four forms or faces; -yuga, n. the four ages; a. comprising the four ages; -vak tra, a. four-faced; ep. of an attendant of Durg; -varga, m. aggregate of four: esp. the four goods of life, the good (artha), the pleasant (kma), the useful (artha), and final liberation (moksha): -kintmani, m. T. of a work; -varna-maya, a. consisting of the four castes; -varsha-sata‿yus, a. attaining an age of 400 years; -vims, a. () twenty-fourth; consisting of twenty-four; m. N. of a stoma in which three verses are chanted eight times; n. the day on which it is employed; -vimsat, f. twenty-four; (ktur)-vimsati, f. sg. and (rarely) pl. id.: -kritvas, ad. twenty-four times, -tama, a. twenty-fourth, y-aha, m. sg. twenty-four days; -vimsika, n.=katur-vimsa, m.; -vidha, a. fourfold: -m, ad.; -vra, m. kind of Soma rite lasting four days; -veda, m. pl. the four Vedas; a. containing or fami liar with the four Vedas; -vedin, a. versed in the four Vedas; (ktur)-hanu, a. four-jawed.



चतुश्््चत्वारिंश [ katus-katvrims ]
- a. (), forty fourth; ktus-katvrimsat, f. forty-four.



चतुःशत [ ktuh-sata ]
- n. one hundred and four; four hundred; -sapha, a. four-hoofed; -sla, a. containing rooms on all four sides; m. building with square court in the middle: -ka, i-k, f. court with four rooms (one on each side); -srotra, a. four-eared.



चतुष्क [ katush-ka ]
- a. consisting of four; in creased by four (-sata, n. 104=4 per cent); m. N.; n. tetrad, set of four things; kind of hall resting on four columns; square recep tion room; -karna, a. heard by four ears only: -t, f. in. in confidence.



चतुष्किका [ katushk-ik ]
- f. tetrad; hall resting on four pillars.



चतुष्x{093c}टय [ ktush-taya ]
- a. () of four kinds, consisting of four; tetrad; set of four.



चतुष्पञ्च [ katush-paka ]
- pl. four or five; -paksat, f. fifty-four; -path, m. n. place where four roads meet.



चतुष्पद् ktush-pad, -˚पाद् [ -pd ]
- a. (f. -pad ) four-footed; consisting of four parts or padas; f. having taken four steps; m. n. quadruped; -pada, a. four-footed; having four pdas; m. quadruped; -pda, a. () four-footed; m. quadruped; -puta, a. having four folds.



चतुःषष्टि [ katuh-shashti ]
- f. sixty-four: -tama, a. sixty-fourth, y-aṅga, a. having sixty-four parts; -shtom, m. stoma of four parts each increasing by four verses; a. connected with a fourfold stoma.



चतुस् [ kats ]
- ad. four times.


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चतुस्त्रिंश [ katus-trims ]
- a. () thirty-fourth; containing thirty-four; (ktus)-trimsat, f. thirty-four; -tri-dvi‿eka-bhga, a. receiving four, three, two, or one part.



चतुःसंधि [ katuh-samdhi ]
- a. composed of four parts; (ktuh)-samudra, a. () bounded by four seas; (ktuh)-sahasra, n. four thousand.




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चत्वर [ katvar- ]
- m. n. square, courtyard.



चत्वार् [ katv&asharp;r ]
- str. st. of katur, m. n. pl. four.



चत्वारिंश [ katvrim-s ]
- a. (&isharp;) fortieth; -sat, f. forty; -sati, f. id.; -san-mna, n. having a weight of forty.


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{sa.na.}/ {sn}




चन [ ka-n (SV. ka n) ]
- immediately following emphasized word: V. not even; without neg. meaning (rare) also; after neg. even; C. (= kid) only after interrogatives in indefinite sense, even, at all.



चनस् [ kn-as ]
- n. gladness: only with dh, rejoice in (ac., lc.); grant.



चनस्य [ kanas-y ]
- den. P. rejoice in (ac.): pp. kanasita, welcome! (voc.); gentle -(with N. of Brhman, or, according to some, with that of a Kshatriya or Vaisya).



चनिष्ठ [ kn-ishtha ]
- spv. very welcome, very gracious.


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{sn} / {sn~}


चन्द् [ KAND ]
= च न ् द ्
- v. ��������� SKAND, shine.


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चन्दन [ kand-ana ]
= च न ् द न
- m. n. sandal tree, wood, powder, or ointment: -ka, m. N.; -dsa, m. N.; -paṅka, m. sandal ointment; -pta, m. application of sandal ointment; -pura, n. N. of a town; -maya, a. made of sandal wood; consisting of sandal ointment; -rasa, m., -vri, n. fluid essence of sandal wood; -‿adri, m. sandal mountain, the Malaya range.



चन्दनाय [ kandan-ya ]
- den. . become a sandal tree.



चन्दनोदक [ kandana‿udaka ]
- n. fluid essence of sandal wood.




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{sn-dra.} = Pal: {sn-da.}


चन्द्र [ kand-r ]
= च न ् द ् र --> {sn-d~ra.} --> {sn-dra.}
- a. shining, bright; lovely; m. moon (also as a deity); -- =chief among --; N.; n. gold: a-ka, m. (-- a. ik) moon; eye in a peacock's tail; N.; -kal, f. sixteenth part of the moon's disc (as seen on the day before or after new moon); -knta, a. lovely as the moon; m. moon-stone (a fabulous gem formed of the congealed rays of the moon, glittering & exuding cool moisture in moon light only): -mani-maya, a. made of moon stone, -maya, a. id.

चन्द्र [ kand-r ]
Skt: चन्द्र --> {sn-dra.}
- a. shining, bright; lovely; m. moon (also as a deity) -- MaC091c3
Pal: {sn-da.} - UHS PMD0384
  UKT from UHS: m. Moon, Monday-Planet-god .

UKT 160227: Planet-god can be a Dva or an Asura who are mortal enemies in Vdic astrology. However the Asuras are demonized by later Sanskrit priests.



चन्द्रकित [ kandrak-ita ]
- pp. marked with moon-shaped spots.



चन्द्रकुल्या [ kandra-kuly ]
- f. N. of a river; -ketu, m. N.; -kshaya, m. new moon; -gupta, m. N. of various kings, esp. the Sandrokottos who flourished about 300 b.c.: -ka, m. id.; -kda, a. moon-crested, ep. of Siva; -kdmani, m. T. of a work; -tva, n. likeness to the moon; -deva, m. N. of a Brhman; -pda, m. moon-beam; -pura, n. N. of a town; -prabha, m., , f. N.; -prsda, m. room on the roof; -bimba, n. disc of the moon: -maya, a. consisting of moon-discs; -bhg, f. N. of a river; -mandala, n. moon-disc; -maya, a. () being altogether moon; ()-mas, m. moon; moon-god (represented as a Dnava or as one of the eight Vasus); -msa, m. lunar month; -mukuta, m. (moon-crested), ep. of Siva; -mukha, m. N.; mauli, -maulin, m. (moon crested), ep. of Siva.


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