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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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UKT notes :
The Vedic Rishi honoured by Gautama Buddha are 10 in number. The names given in Vinaya Pitaka of the Mahavagga (I.245) [7]:  "Atthako, Vāmako, Vāmadevo, Vessāmitto, Yamataggi, Angiras, Bhāradvājo, Vāsettho, Kassapo, and Bhagu" .

The same 10 Rishis are mentioned in Sixth Synod version of Anguttara Nikaya

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UKT 160118, 160223: Skt-Dev {Ga.} घ & {Da.} ध glyphs, of c4, are so similar in shape that one can be mistaken for another. In Pal-Myan, we find a parallel similarity in {Ga.} & {Ša.}. It is also significant that {Ga.} घ & {Ga} घा almost entirely limited to the RV suggesting that there was a common language from which Pal-Myan (Mag-Myan or Mag-Asokan) are derived. It is language of {I.ži.} or {iRi.ži} or  - the Védic languagee.
See my note on Rig Véda
- MCv2pp-indx.htm > p056-2.htm (link chk 160223)

In my note I have quoted Gautama Buddha's position on Rig Veda Rishis
   "In the Buddhist Vinaya Pitaka of the Mahavagga (I.245) [7] section the Buddha pays respect to Vishwamitra by declaring that the Veda in its true form *  was declared to the Vedic rishis "Atthako, Vāmako, Vāmadevo, Vessāmitto, Yamataggi, Angiras, Bhāradvājo, Vāsettho, Kassapo, and Bhagu" [ten in number] [8] and because that true Veda was altered by some priests he refused to pay homage to the altered version. [9] "
-- Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vishvamitra 150529

I presume the following is such an alteration. Go online and watch the following video, or watch my downloaded one in mp4 format. You'll see Bhrigu Rishi « bhṛgu» aka Bhagu kicks Vishnu Déva-god in the chest
  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bw50p2lGNE 150531 , mp4 (link chk 160223)
In the video you'll see how Vishnu-Déva tricked the Rishi to derive the latter of his powers.


•  घ 1. gha, घा [ ghā ] {Ga} घा
- V. enc. pcl. (almost entirely limited to the RV.), just, indeed, certainly: gnly. to be rendered by stress only; used after other pcls., prns., & prps., & before īm & ķd.



• घ [ 2. gha ]
- a. striking, killing (--°).


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घट् [ghat ] , i. ā.
ghata , be zealous or active; work, strive for (ac., d., lc., or prati, -artham, -arthe); take place; be possible, succeed; be suitable or appropriate; accumulate; unite with (in.); cs. ghataya, (Ā.) P. join, unite (with, in.); hug closely; place upon (lc.); fetch; make, fashion, produce; perform; do anything (ac.) for (g.); pp. ghatita, made of (-°). ud, cs. ghātaya, open; uncover; disclose, betray; begin. sam-ud, cs. open; uncover the head = be able to show oneself in public. pari, cs. strike or sound (a musical instrument). vi, go or fly asunder, disperse, separate; beinterrupted, marred, or frustrated; cs. -ghātaya, tear, rend; separate; frustrate, ruin. pra-vi, pp. hewn off; cs. disperse. sam, assemble; cs. -ghātaya, collect, assemble; strike, sound (a note).


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