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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{gRi.Ba.} : cont


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{gRi.Ba.} : cont



गृभाय [ gribh-y ]
- den. P. grasp. anu, show favour to (ac.). ud, cease (to rain). sam, take up, seize.



गृभि [ grbh-i ]
- a. containing (g.).



गृभीत [ gribh-t ]
- pp. of √grabh.


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गृष्टि [ grish-t ]
= ग ृ ष ् ट ि
- f. heifer, young cow that has calved once; young female animal (--).


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गृह [ grih ]
- a. seizing, carrying away (--).



गृह [ grih- ]
- m. [who takes and hands], servant; m. (V.), n. [that which contains], house, abode: often pl. premises; --, temple of (a god), arbour of (a plant); m. pl. household, family; wife; n. sign of the Zodiac; astrological mansion; square on a draught-board.



गृहकपोत [ griha-kapota ]
- m. domestic pigeon; -karma-kara, m. domestic; -karma-dsa, m. domestic slave; -karman, n. household affair; -kraka, m. carpenter; -krin, m. kind of wasp; -krya, n. household affair; -kritya, n. id.; kind of tax; -gupta, (pp.) m. N.; -kkhidra, n. hole or weak point in the house; -ga, a. born in the house; -gana, m. family; -gta, pp. born in the house; -dru, n. beam of a house; -dha, m. con flagration; -dpti, f. light (=ornament) of the house; -devat, f. pl. domestic deities; -dvra, n. house-door; -nadik, f. drain of a house; -nirvha, m. housekeeping; -p, m. guardian of the house; ()-pati, m. master of the house, paterfamilias; ep. of Agni; one who has precedence at a Sattra; village magistrate; -pta, m. collapse of a house; -pla, m. guardian of the house; -poshana, n. maintenance of the household; -bali, m. domestic offering: -bhug, m. bird that feeds on the domestic offering (sparrows, crows, and other birds); -bhartri, m. master of the house; -bhogin, m. member of the house hold; -medh, 1. m. domestic sacrifice; 2. a. performing or taking part in the domestic sacrifices; m. householder, paterfamilias; -medhn, a. id.; m. married Brhman house holder (second stage in his religious life): -, f. Brhman housewife.



गृहयन्त्र [ griha-yantra ]
- n. house flagstaff; -raksh, f. protection of the house; -vat, a. possessing a house; m. householder; -vsa, m. domestic life; householder stage; -sikhand in, m. domestic peacock; -suka, m. domestic parrot; house poet; -samvesaka, m. architect; -samstha, a. living in one's own house; m. householder; -sra, m. (household) goods and chattels; -srasa, m. tame Indian crane; -stha, a. dwelling in the house of (--); m. married Brhman householder: , f. Brhman housewife; -stha-t, f. condition of a Brhman householder.


गृहागत [ griha‿gata ]
- pp. entering the house; - ‿kra, m. domestic usage; duty of a house holder to his guest; -‿agira, n. court-yard; - ‿rambha, m. building a house; -‿artha, m. household duties; -‿srama, m. house holder stage in a Brhman's life.



गृहिन् [ grih-n ]
- a. possessing a house; m. householder: (n)-, f. housewife, spouse.



गृहीत [ grih-ta ]
- pp. √grah: -dikka, a. having taken to all the quarters, dispersed in all directions: -nman, a. bearing the name, called.



गृहीताक्षर [ grihta‿akshara ]
- a. remembering the exact words of (g.), Pr.



गृहीति [ grih-ti ]
- f. grasping, taking (the hand); raising (tribute); perceiving; taking to mean.





गृहु [ grih- ]
- m. [taker of a gift], beggar.


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गृहेश्वर [ griha‿svara ]
- m. master of the house; , f. housewife; -‿udyna, n. garden belong ing to the house; -‿upakarana, n. household utensils or furniture.




गृह्य [ 1. grh-ya ]
- fp. to be seized; perceptible; siding with, closely connected with (--).



गृह्य [ 2. grih-ya ]
- a. domestic; m. domestic fire: pl. domestics, household; n. domestic ceremony; domestic rule; -karman, n. domes tic rite; -stra, n. stra on domestic rites.



गृह्या [ grih-y ]
- f. domestic rites and the rules treating of them.









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गेण्डुक [ gendu-ka ]
- m. *playing-ball; pillow.



गेय [ ge-ya ]
- fp. to be sung; *singing (g.); n. song; buzzing, humming.



गेष्ण [ geshna ]
- m. joint; also=udgtha.



गेह [ geh- ]
- n. house, dwelling: du. house and body; -in, f. housewife, spouse.



गेहीय [ geh-ya ]
- den. P. take (ac.) for a house.


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गैरिक [ gairika ]
- n. red chalk: rarely , f.


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गो [ g ]
- m. ox, bull; cow's milk (gnly. pl.); ox-hide; thong: pl. host of heaven, stars; rays; f. cow; earth; speech.



गोअग्र [ g-agra ]
- a. having cattle as the chief thing, consisting chiefly of cattle; -gana, a. meant for driving cattle.


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गोकर्ण [ go-karna ]
- m. cow's ear; kind of antelope; N. of a place of pilgrimage sacred to Siva; Siva worshipped in Gokarna; N. of a king; -karman, n. tending of cows; (g) kma, a. desirous of cows; -kula, n. herd of cattle; cattle-pen; N. of a temple; -kshr, n. cow's milk; -ghn, a. destroying cattle; m. cow-killer; -kandana, n. kind of sandal wood: , f. kind of leech.

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गोचर [ go-kara ]
- m. (cow-pasture), sphere of action, province; dwelling; reach, ken, view, range; horizon; familiar matter (to, g.); a. being or dwelling in or on, relating to, within reach of, accessible to, being in the power of (g., --); perceptible; used in the sense of (lc.): -gata, pp. come into contact with (g.); -‿antara-gata, pp. being in the power of (g.).

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गोचर्या [ go-kary ]
- f. manner of kine: -m kri, browse like cattle.



गोजात [ g-gta ]
- pp. born in the starry sky.


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गोण [ gona ]
- m. ox; sack: -‿asman, m. kind of precious stone.




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गोतम [ g-tama ]
- m. N. of a Rishi (pl. his descendants); the biggest ox; N. of the founder of the Nyya system of philosophy.



गोत्र [ go-tr ]
- n. cowshed; house=race or family; surname; name; (gr.) grandson or even later descendant (if the earlier generations from the common ancestor are extinct); patronymic suffix (gr.).



गोत्रक [ gotra-ka ]
- n. race; family name; -kar tri, m. founder of a family; -krin, a. found ing a family; -ga, a. born in the same race; of high lineage; m. blood-relation; -nman, n. family name; -pravara, m. chief of a fa mily, prime ancestor: -dpa, m., -nirnaya, m., -magar, f. titles of works; -bhg, a. be longing to the family; -bhd, a. bursting open the cowshed; destroying families, name-de stroying; m. ep. of Indra (who releases the cows=rain-clouds from the stronghold of Vritra); -riktha, n. du. surname and heri tage: -‿amsa-bhgin, a. assuming the family surname and coming into one's share of the inheritance; -vrata, n. family law; -sthiti, f. id.; mountain-like stability.



गोत्राख्या [ gotra‿khy ]
- f. patronymic (gr.); -‿anta, 1. m. destruction of families or mountains; 2. a. having a patronymic suffix; m. patronymic.



गोत्व [ go-tv ]
- n. condition of a cow.



गोद go-da, -˚दा [ -d&asharp; ]
- a. giving cows or cattle; , f. N. of a river; -d&asharp;na, n. gift of cows; whiskers; kind of ceremony performed on the whiskers.



गोदावरी [ go-d-var ]
- f. (cow-bestowing), N. of a river in the Deccan.



गोदुह् [ go-dh (nm. -dhk) ]
- m. cow-milker, cowherd; -doha, m.: -na, n. milking of cows.



गोध [ go-dha ]
- m. N. of a people; &asharp;, f. bow string; lute-string; leather guard (on bow man's left arm); kind of lizard; -dhana, n. property in cattle; herd of cattle; cattle station; m. N.; -dhra, m. kind of lizard.



गोधिका [ godh-ik ]
- f. kind of lizard.



गोधूम [ go-dh&usharp;ma ]
- m. [earth-exhalation], wheat (gnly. pl.); -narda, a. roaring like a bull; m. N. of a king; pl. N. of a people; -nas, -ns, f. snout of a cow.


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गोप [ go-p ]
- m. cowherd (a mixed caste); guard, watcher; ep. of Krishna; , f. herds-man's wife, cowherdess, milkmaid; female watcher.



गोपति [ g-pati ]
- m. lord of herds, leader, ruler; bull; moon; ep. of Krishna.



गोपथ [ go-patha ]
- m. cow-path, cow-pasture; title of a Brhmana of the Atharva-veda: -brhmana, n. id.



गोपन [ gp-ana ]
- n. protection, preservation; concealment; keeping secret: &asharp;, f. protection.



गोपय [ gopa-ya ]
- den. protect, guard, preserve; conceal, keep secret: pp. gopita, concealed. pra, protect; conceal; sam, cover, conceal.


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