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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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  {hka.Na.} - cont
  {hkar~} : repha

{hka} : Maukcha-Weikcha Rule : {mauk-hkya.}-{weik-hkya.} rule



UKT 140415, 140706, 170417 : I use the following sources to check my Skt-Dev spelling:
Spk-Skt online, and Sanskrit Documents downloaded html file in TIL library:
- MC-indx.htm > glossary.htm (link chk 170415)
UKT note to TIL editor: 140706, 170418:
Below are some of the entries with ख kha. I have erased those I've incorporated into my text.
  The last entry is in section: {hk.}
ख्यात (khyaata) = famous
ख्याती (khyaatii) = an outlook of knowledge, fame
ख्रिस्त (khrista) = Christ
ख्रिस्ताब्दे (khristaabde) = A. D., calendar year
ख्रिस्ति (khristi) = Christian
ख्समता (khsamataa) = capacity


UKT notes


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{hka.Na.} - cont


p080c1-b00/ p061-008

खण्डशस्् [ khanda-sas ]
- ad. in pieces: with kri, break in pieces; with gam, bh, or y, go to pieces.
8) खण्डशस्् (p. 61) khanda-sas in pieces:


खण्डशस्कृतः (khaNDashaskRitaH)
- made into pieces - Glos


p080c1-b01/ p061-007

खण्डितवृत्त [ khandita-vritta ]
- a. of immoral conduct.
7) खण्डितवृत्त (p. 61) khandita-vritta of immoral conduct.


p080c1-b02/ p061-006

खण्डेन्दुमण्डन [ khanda‿indu-mandana ]
- m. (adorned with a crescent), ep. of Siva.
6) खण्डेन्दुमण्डन (p. 61) khanda̮indu-mandana (adorned with a crescent)


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p080c1-b03/ not online

खद् [KHAD], VI. P.
- khad, (V.) be firm or hard.


p080c1-b04 / p061-005

खदा [ khad- ]
- f. hut, stall.
5) खदा (p. 61) khad- hut, stall.


p080c1-b05/ p061-004

  खदिर [ khad-ir ]
- m. a tree (a kind of acacia): -maya, a. made of Khadira wood.
4) खदिर (p. 61) khad-ir made of Khadira wood.


p080c1-b06/ p061-003

खद्योत [ kha-dyota ]
- m. fire-fly.
3) खद्योत (p. 61) kha-dyota fire-fly.


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p080c1-b07/ not online

खन् [KHAN], I.
- khna - dig, dig up or into (ac.); pierce, lacerate; agitate: pp. kht. ud, dig up, uproot, undermine; exterminate, destroy; pull out; draw (sword). pra‿ud, dig up; eradicate. ni, bury; dig in; erect (pillars); infix, imbed; cs. cause to be dug; infix.


p080c1-b08/ p061-002

खन [ khan- ]
- a. burrowing; m. pit; -aka, m. digger.
2) खन (p. 61) khan- burrowing;


p080c1-b09/ not online

खनखनाय [ khana-khan-ya ]
-  A. = khala-khal-ya .


p080c1-b10/ p061-001

  खनति [ khan-ati ]
- m. N.; -ana, n. digging; -, a. digging; f. mine; -i-tr, m. digger.
1) खनति (p. 61) khan-ati digging;


खनति [ khan-ati ]
Skt: खनति [ khan-ati ] - m. N.; -- Mac080c1
Skt: खनति (khanati) - (1 up) to dig -- Glos


p080c1-b11/ p061-030

खनित्र [ khan--tra ]
- n., -tr, f. spade; (i)-traka, n. small spade; -trima, a. produced by digging.
30) खनित्र (p. 61) khan--tra spade;


p080c1-b12/ p061-029

खन्य [ khn-ya ]
- fp. coming from pits.
29) खन्य (p. 61) khn-ya coming from pits.


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p080c1-b13/ p061-028

खपुष्प [ kha-pushpa ]
- n. flower in the air = chimera; -mrti-mat, a. having an ethereal form.|
28) खपुष्प (p. 61) kha-pushpa flower in the air

chimera also chimaera n. Genetics . An organism consisting of two or more tissues of different genetic composition, produced as a result of mutation, grafting, or the mixture of cell populations from different zygotes. . An organism produced by genetic engineering, in which DNA from distinct parent species is combined to produce an individual with a double chromosome complement. -- AHTD


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p080c1-b14/ not online

खर् [KHAR]
- be rough or broken.


p080c1-b15/ p061-027

खर [ khr-a ]
- a. hard, rough; hot, sharp (also fig.): -m, ad.; m. ass; mule.
27) खर (p. 61) khr-a hard, rough;


खर [ khr-a ]
Skt: खर [ khr-a ] - a. hard, rough; hot, sharp (also fig.): - Mac080c1
Skt: खर (khara) - sharp - Glos


p080c1-b16/ p061-026

खरतुरगीय [ khara-turagya ]
- a. sexual connexion (samparka) between ass and horse; -nakhara, m. N. of a lion; -maykha, m. (hot-rayed), sun; -‿amsu, m. id.
26) खरतुरगीय (p. 61) khara-turagya (samparka) between ass and horse;


खरध्वंसी (kharadhva.nsii)
- he who smashed (killed) khara (a rAkShasa) - Glos


p080c1-b17/ p061-025

खराय [ khar-ya ]
- den. behave like an ass: pp. -yita, n. tomfoolery.
25) खराय (p. 61) khar-ya behave like an ass:


p080c1-b18/ p061-024

खरी [ khar ]
- f. she ass or mule: -vishna, n. ass's horn = chimera.
24) खरी (p. 61) khar she ass or mule:


p080c1-b19/ p061-023

खर्खोद [ kharkhoda ]
- kind of magic: -vedin, a. versed in sorcery.
23) खर्खोद (p. 61) kharkhoda magic:


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{hkar~} : repha

p080c1-b20/ not online

खर्ज [KHARG ]  , I. P.
= ख र ् ज
- kharga, (S.) creak.


p080c1-b21/ not online

खर्जूर [kharg-ra]
- m., i, f. a tree; n. its fruit.


p080c1-b22/ not online

खर्पर [kharpara]
= ख र ् प र --> {hkar~pa.ra.}
Skt: खर्पर [kharpara] - n., , f. kind of mineral -- Mac080c1
Skt: खर्पर kharpara - n. kind of mineral substance, m. begger's bowl, umbrella or parasol, thief, ... - SpkSkt
BPal: {hka.ra.pt~ta.} - UHS PMD0346
  UKT from UHS: {ku.la:rhw} - I take this to be 'fool's gold' or the mineral iron pyrites, FeS, which looks like gold nuggets but which on heating turns black.


p080c1-b23/ p061-022

खर्म [ khar-ma ]
- n. rudeness, harshness.
22) खर्म (p. 61) khar-ma rudeness, harshness.


p080c1-b24/ p061-021

खर्व [ khar-v ]
- a. mutilated, crippled, defective; n. a large number, 1x1037, quadrillion.
21) खर्व (p. 61) khar-v mutilated,


p080c1-b25/ not online

.... [kharv-kri],
Skt: ... [kharv-kri] - cripple, compress. - Mac080c1
Skt: खर्वीकृत kharvīkṛta - adj. made low, pressed down - SpkSkt

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p080c1-b26/ not online

खल् [KHAL}
- besmooth; stumble or waver.


p080c1-b27/ p061-020

खल [ khl-a ]
Skt: खल [ khl-a ] - m. . threshing-floor; oil-cake; . wicked person, rogue: f. . - Mac080c1
  20) खल (p. 61) khl-a . threshing-floor;
Skt: खल (khala) - rouge -- Glos


p080c1-b28/ not online

खलखलाय [ khala-khal-ya ],
- . ripple.


p080c1-b29/ p061-019

खलता [ 1. khala-t ]
- f. abst. ɴ. from khala 1 and 2; . kha-lat, creeper in the air = a chimera.
19) खलता (p. 61) 1. khala-t khala 1 and 2; 2. kha-lat, creeper


p080c1-b30/ p061-018

खलति [ khal-at ]
- a. bald; m. baldness.
18) खलति (p. 61) khal-at bald; m. baldness.


p080c1-b31/ p061-017

खलभुजङ्ग [ khala-bhugaṅga ]
- m. snake-like rogue.
17) खलभुजङ्ग (p. 61\) khala-bhugaṅga snake-like rogue.


p080c1-b32/ p061-016

खलर्थ [ khal-artha ]
- a. having the meaning of the suffix khal (gr.).
16) खलर्थ (p. 61) khal-artha having the meaning of


खलयोग (khalayoga)
- The Yoga of a swindler or confidence trickster - Glos


p080c1-b33/ p061-015

खलाय [ khal-ya ]
- den. . play the rogue.
15) खलाय (p. 61) khal-ya . play the rogue.

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p080c2-b00/ p061-014

खलीकार [ khal-kra ]
- m. ill-treatment; -kri, ill-treat; -kriti, f. ill-treatment.
14) खलीकार (p. 61) khal-kra ill-treatment;



खलीन [ khal-na ]
- n. bit (of a bridle).
13) खलीन (p. 61) khal-na bit (of a bridle).


p080c2-b02/ p061-012

खलु [ khl-u ]
- pcl. [plainly], indeed, certainly; however, and yet: often merely emphatic; khlu va, certainly; nu khalu, with inter. pray? I wonder? na khalu, not at all; kha lu‿api, now again (introducing a new topic); khalu with gd. = enough of --, do not --.
12) खलु (p. 61) khl-u [plainly], indeed, certainly;

खलु [ khl-u ]
Skt: खलु [ khl-u ] - pcl. [plainly], indeed, certainly; however, and yet: often merely emphatic; - Mac080c2
Skt: खलु (khalu) = (indec.) indeed - Glos


p080c2-b03/ p061-011

खलेकपोतन्याय [ khale-kapota-nyya ]
- m. manner in which a flock of pigeons swoop on a threshing-floor; -kapotik, f. id.
11) खलेकपोतन्याय (p. 61) khale-kapota-nyya manner in which


p080c2-b04/ not online

खल्ल्  [KHALL], I. .
- khalla, totter; be loose; pp. khallita, flaccid, flabby.


p080c2-b05/ p061-010

खल्ल [ khall-a ]
- m. bag.
10) खल्ल (p. 61) khall-a bag.


p080c2-b06/ p061-009

खल्व [ khl-va ]
- m. kind of pulse.
9) खल्व (p. 61) khl-va pulse.


p080c2-b07/ p061-053

खल्वाट [ khal-vta ]
Skt: खल्वाट [ khal-vta ] - a. bald-headed.
  53) खल्वाट (p. 61) khal-vta bald-headed.
Skt: खल्वाटः (khalvaaTaH) - m. pate, baldness - Glos


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p080c2-b08/ p061-052

खशरीरिन्् [ kha-sarrin ]
- a. having an ethereal body.
52) खशरीरिन्् (p. 61) kha-sarrin having an ethereal body.


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p080c2-b09/ p061-051

खस [ khasa ]
- m. son of an outcast Kshatriya: pl. N. of a people.
51) खस (p. 61) khasa son of an outcast Kshatriya:


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p080c2-b10/ p061-050

खा [ kh ]
- f. [hole], spring, well.
50) खा (p. 61) khaN [hole], spring, well.


p080c2-b11/ not online

.... kh-
-occurs in various forms of √khan.


p080c2-b12/ not online

..... khgi, ..... k, f. N. of two localities.


p080c2-b13/ p061-049

खाञ्ज्य [ khg-ya ]
- n. limping, lameness.
49) खाञ्ज्य (p. 61) khg-ya limping,


p080c2-b14/ p061-048

खाण्डव [ khndav ]
- m. n. kind of sweetmeat; N. of a forest in Kurukshetra.
48) खाण्डव (p. 61) khndav sweetmeat;


p080c2-b15/ p061-065

खात [ kh-t ]
- pp. √khan; m. n. trench, pit; well, pond; n. cavity: (a)-ka, n. ditch, pit; -tri, m. digger; -tra, n. breach.
65) खात (p. 61) kh-t √khan; m. n. trench, pit; well, pond;


p080c2-b16/ not online

..... KHD. I. P. (.) khda, chew, eat, gnaw; devour; destroy; cs. khdaya, P.id; cause to be eaten, by (in.). sam, devour.


p080c2-b17/ p061-047

खाद [ khd- ]
- a. devouring (--); m. food; -aka, m. eater, consumer; debtor; -ana, n. chewing, eating; food: , f. N.; -ik, f. eating (-- ); -i-tri, m. eater, consumer; -i-tavya, fp. to be eaten or consumed; -in, a. chewing, biting (-- ).
47) खाद (p. 61) khd- devouring (--); m. food;


खादत् (khaadat.h)
- one who eats - Glos


खादति (khaadati)
- (1 pp) to eat - Glos


p080c2-b18/ p061-046

खादिर [ khdir ]
- a. (&isharp;) made of Khadira wood.
46) खादिर (p. 61) khdir () made of Khadira wood.

UKT 190216: Khadira, खदिरा , Acacia catechu , Cutch Tree
-- https://www.dabur.com/in/en-us/about/science-of-ayurveda/herbal-medicinal-plants/kadirkasth-plant 190216


p080c2-b19/ p061-045

खाद्य [ khd-ya ]
- fp. eatable.
45) खाद्य (p. 61) khd-ya eatable.


p080c2-b20/ not online

..... khdhy, f. N. of a locality.


p080c2-b21/ p061-044

खान [ khna ]
- n. food: -pna, n. sg. meat and drink.
44) खान (p. 61) khna food:


p080c2-b22/ p061-043

खानक [ khna-ka ]
- a. digging (--); m. undermining burglar.
43) खानक (p. 61) khna-ka digging (--); m. undermining burglar.


p080c2-b23/ p061-042

खानि [ kh-ni ]
- f. pit, mine.
42) खानि (p. 61) kh-ni pit, mine.


p080c2-b24/ not online

..... khra, m., , f. a measure of capacity.


p080c2-b25/ p061-041

खार्वा [ khrv ]
- f. third age of the world.
41) खार्वा (p. 61) khrv third age of the world.


p080c2-b26/ p061-040

खालत्य khâlatya, खालित्य [ khlitya ]
- n. baldness.
40) खालत्य (p. 61) khlitya baldness.


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p080c2-b27/ not online

..... KHID, VI. P. khid, press; IV. P. . khidya, be depressed or afflicted; feel languid: pp. khinna, depressed, down-cast; exhausted, languid; cs. P. . khedaya, depress, distress, disquiet, trouble. , seize upon. ud, draw out. pari, feel depressed; pp. exhausted; afflicted.


खिन्न (khinna)
= ख ि न ् न
Skt: khinna - pp. depressed, down-cast; exhausted, languid; - Mac080c2
Skt: खिन्न (khinna) - sad - Glos


p080c2-b28/ p061-039

खिद्र [ khid-r ]
- n. awl, gimlet.
39) खिद्र (p. 61) khid-r awl, gimlet.


p080c2-b29/ p061-038

खिल [ khil ]
- m. waste land; n. supplement.
38) खिल (p. 61) khil waste land;


p080c2-b30/ p061-037

खिलक्षेत्र [ khila-kshetra ]
- n. barren field.
37) खिलक्षेत्र (p. 61) khila-kshetra barren field.


p080c2-b31/ not online

खिलीकृ [khil-kri]
Skt: खिलीकृ [khil-kri] - make deserted; render powerless; -bh, be emptied of (g.); be frustrated. - Mac082c2
Skt: खिलीकृ - (ind.p. -kṛtya-), to make vain or powerless - MWilliams:SktDict


p080c2-b32/ p061-036

खिल्य [ khil-y ]
- m. waste land; block, lump, piece.
36) खिल्य (p. 61) khil-y waste land; block, lump, piece.


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p080c3-b00/ not online

खीर [khra]
- N. of a locality


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p080c3-b01/ not online

खुद् [KHUD]
- VI. P. khud, (V.) thrust in.


p080c3-b02/ not online

खुनमुष [khunamusha]
- N. of a village.



खुर [ khura ]
- m. hoof; claw.
35) खुर (p. 61) khura hoof;


p080c3-b04/ p061-034

खुरक [ khura-ka ]
- m. kind of dance.
34) खुरक (p. 61) khura-ka dance.


p080c3-b05/ p061-033

खुरिन्् [ khur-in ]
- m. animal with hoofs.
33) खुरिन्् (p. 61) khur-in animal with hoofs.


p080c3-b06/ not online

खूर [khra]
= खुर [khura].


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खे (khe)
- in the sky - Glos


p080c3-b07/ p061-032

खेचर [ khe-kara ]
- a. () moving in the air, flying; m. bird; angel; fairy: , f. fairy; with siddhi, magical power of flying; -t, f., -tva, n. id.
32) खेचर (p. 61) khe-kara () moving in the air,


खेचरी (khecharii)
- mudra where the tongue is inserted in the upper cavity - Glos


p080c3-b08/ p061-031

खेट [ kheta ]
- m. n. village inhabited by peasants; shield; m. phlegm; a. low, mean; -ka, hamlet; shield.
31) खेट (p. 61) kheta village inhabited by peasants;

खेट [ kheta ]
Skt: खेट [ kheta ] - m. n. village inhabited by peasants; shield; m. phlegm; a. low, mean; - Mac080c3
Skt: खेटः (kheTaH) - m. shield - Glos


p080c3-b09/ p061-064

खेद [ khed-a ]
- m. pressure, hardship, trouble; faintness, weariness, affliction; annoyance at (g.): , f. N. of a locality; -ana, n. exhaustion; - ayitavya, fp. to be afflicted; -in, a. tired, weary; fatiguing.
64) खेद (p. 61) khed-a pressure,


खेद [ khed-a ]
Skt: खेद [ khed-a ] - m. pressure, hardship, trouble; faintness, weariness, affliction; annoyance at (g.): - Mac080c3
Skt: खेद (kheda) - sorrow - Glos


p080c3-b10/ p061-063

खेय [ khe-ya ]
- fp. to be dug; being dug.
63) खेय (p. 61) khe-ya to be dug;


p080c3-b11/ not online

खेल् [KHEL]
- I. P. khela, move to and fro, sway, rock; appear; pp. khelita, rocking; cs. put in motion, turn.


p080c3-b12/ p061-062

खेल [ khel- ]
- a. swinging, swaying, rocking; m. N.: -gamana, a. of playful gait; -ana, n. flying or moving to and fro; restless motion (of the eye): -ka, n. play, sport; -i, f. (?) play, sport.
62) खेल (p. 61) khel- swinging,


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p080c3-b13/ p061-061

खोट khota, खोर [ khora ]
- a. halting, lame.
61) खोट (p. 61) khora halting,


p080c3-b14/ p061-060

खोल [ khola ]
- m. kind of water-proof hat.
60) खोल (p. 61) khola water-proof hat.


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  {hkya.}/ {hk~ya.}

UKT 180319: Bur-Myan pronounces the syllable as monosyllabic, whereas Skt-Dev pronounces as disyllabic

p080c3-b15/ not online

..... khyan, 3 pl. subj. pr. of √khy.


p080c3-b16/ not online

ख्या [KHY]
- II. P. khy-ti; ps. khyyate, be mentioned; be known: pp. khyta, named, known; known as; celebrated; cs. khypaya, make known, proclaim, report, declare; manifest, betray; tell about any one (ac.); praise, celebrate. antar, withold, conceal. abhi, behold, perceive; pp. notorious; cs. proclaim. ava, look down; observe. , recite, enumerate; tell, inform announce, report; indicate; call, name, designate as (2 ac.); cs. proclaim, prati, refuse, repudiate, deny; decline; prohibit; refute; surpass. vi‿, explain; discuss; announce, relate. sam-, add, enumerate; relate; pronounce to be (iti) pp. named. pari, look round; disregard (g.) pra, see; announce; relate; pp. known, acknowledged; renowned; cs. make generally known; pp. khypita, known as (nm.) prati, perceive, see. vi, look about, look up; perceive; lighten, make visible; show, illumine; pp. generally known, celebrated; known as, called; cs. proclaim. abhi-vi, behold. sam, appear with (in.); add up, calculate; estimate by (in.), pari-sam, add together.


p080c3-b17/ p061-059

ख्यातकीर्ति [ khyta-krti ]
- a. of celebrated fame.
59) ख्यातकीर्ति (p. 61) khyta-krti of celebrated fame.


p080c3-b18/ p061-058

ख्याति [ khy-ti ]
- f. perception; supposition, assertion; knowledge; fame, celebrity; name: -mat, a. celebrated, famous; -viruddha, pp. opposed to the general assumption.
58) ख्याति (p. 61) khy-ti perception;


p080c3-b19/ p061-057

ख्यान [ khy‿ana ]
- n. perception, knowledge.
57) ख्यान (p. 61) khy̮ana perception,


p080c3-b20/ p061-056

ख्यापक [ khy-p-aka ]
- (cs.) a. announcing, indicating (--).|
56) ख्यापक (p. 61) khy-p-aka announcing,


p080c3-b21/ p061-055

ख्यापन [ khy-p-ana ]
- n. proclaiming, manifesting; confession; making famous.
55) ख्यापन (p. 61) khy-p-ana proclaiming,


p080c3-b22/ p061-054

ख्यापिन्् [ khyp-in ]
- a. manifesting, exhibiting (-- ).
54) ख्यापिन्् (p. 61) khyp-in manifesting, exhibiting (--).


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