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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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  {kSN} : The vowel of Pseudo-Kha (as a whole) checked by a killed consonant

UKT notes :
UKT 151206, 170417: Many words spelled with True-Kha {hka.}/ {K} in Pal-Myan are spelled with Pseudo-Kha {kSa.}/ {kS~} in Skt-Dev. Being a basic consonant, can be under a viram, whereas {kSa.} being a conjunct, it should have broken down. I still have to resolve this problem:

{hka.} + viram --> {K}
क्ष्णु kṣṇū =  (क ् ष ्) ण ु
क्ष्मा [ kshm&asharp; ] = (क ् ष ्) (म ा)
It means I still have to learn more!


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क्षुमत्् [ kshu-mt ]
- a. nutritious; strong, vigorous.
12) क्षुमत्् (p. 60) kshu-mt nutritious;


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p079-1c1-b01/ p060-011

क्षुर [ kshur ]
- m. sharp knife, razor; -karman, n. shaving; -kritya, n. id.; -klipta, pp. shaved; -kriy, f. shaving; -dhn, n. razor-case; -pra, a. sharp as a razor; m. arrow, knife, or scythe as sharp as a razor; -bhnda, n. razor-case.
11) क्षुर (p. 60) kshur sharp knife, razor; 

क्षुर [ kshur ] - m. sharp knife, razor; - Mac079

UKT 170416: As a child and even as a young man, I was used barbers trimming my hair using a "straight" or "cut-throat" razor. See Wikipedia: -
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barber_surgeon 170406
"The barber surgeon is one of the most common medical practitioners of medieval Europe generally charged with looking after soldiers during or after a battle. ..."


p079-1c1-b02/ p060-010

क्षुरिका [ kshur-ik ]
- f. knife, dagger.
10) क्षुरिका (p. 60) kshur-ik knife, dagger.


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p079-1c1-b03/ not online

क्षुल्ल kshulla, ˚क [ -k ]
- a. small, little, tiny.


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p079-1c1-b04/ p060-008

क्षेत्र [ ksh-tra ]
= क ् ष े त ् र
- n. landed property; field (-m kri, cultivate a field); place, region; seat, sphere of activity, source; extent; womb; wife; seat of the soul, body; primeval soul or matter.
8) क्षेत्र (p. 60) ksh-tra landed property; field

UKT 180222: It is interesting to note that the wife, is regarded as the property of the husband. It is an Indian outlook. A Bur-Myan wife is in her own right is an equal partner of to the husband in a family. It is because of this difference in outlook, a Bur-Myan Buddhist wife usually gets into trouble with her own parental families when she marries an Indian particularly of the Islamic faith.
See also a downloaded paper on Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, 2001, in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries
- GZukav-SeatOfSoul<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180222)

क्षेत्र [ ksh-tra ]
Skt: क्षेत्र [ ksh-tra ] - n. landed property; field, ... - Mac079c1
Skt: क्षेत्र kṣetra - n. field, domain, ... - SpkSkt
BPal: {hkt~ta.ra} :
  UKT:  from the name of an ancient Myanmar city-state {a.r hkt~ta.ra} 'domain' - UKT


p079-1c1-b05/ p060-007

क्षेत्रकर्मन्् [ kshetra-karman ]
- n. agriculture; -karma-krit, a. husbandman; -karshaka, m. husbandman; -ga, a. growing in the fields; m. wife's son begotten by another man; -gta, pp. id.; -ga, a. having local knowledge; conversant with (g.); m. soul; -tara, n. place very suitable for cultivation or habitation; -t, f. residence; -pa, m. field-watcher; -pati, m. owner of a field; -pla, m. field-watcher; tutelary deity of the fields; -raksha, m. field-watcher; -vd, a. knowing the place; expert; knowing the body.
7) क्षेत्रकर्मन्् (p. 60) kshetra-karman agriculture;


p079-1c1-b06/ p060-006

क्षेत्रिक [ kshetr-ika ]
- m. owner of a field; husband; -in, m. id.; soul; -iy, a. local; constitutional = incurable.
6) क्षेत्रिक (p. 60) kshetr-ika owner of a field; husband;


p079-1c1-b07/ not online 

क्षेत्रीकृ [kshetri-kri ]
Skt: क्षेत्रीकृ [kshetri-kri ] - take possession of (ac.) - Mac079-1c1
Skt: क्षेत्री करोति { क्षेत्रीकृ } kṣetrī karoti {kṣetrīkṛ - v. occupy, take possession or become master of - SpkSkt


p079-1c1-b08/ p060-005

क्षेत्रीय [ kshetr-ya ]
- den. P. desire a field.
5) क्षेत्रीय (p. 60) kshetr-ya P. desire a field.


p079-1c1-b09/ p060-004

क्षेप [ kshep-a ]
- m. throwing, moving about; motion, agitation, swaying; delay; accusation; abuse; transference; -aka, a. throwing, casting; destroying; -ana, n. throwing, letting fly: , f. sling; -anika, m. boatman; -anya, n. sling.
4) क्षेप (p. 60) kshep-a throwing, moving about;


p079-1c1-b10/ p060-003

क्षेपन्् [ kshep-an ]
- m. throw: in. kshepn, quickly.
3) क्षेपन्् (p. 60) kshep-an throw:


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p079-1c2-b00/ p060-002

  क्षेपिष्ठ [ kshp-ishtha ]
- spv.; -yas, cpv. of ksip r: n. ad. as quickly as possible.
2) क्षेपिष्ठ (p. 60) kshp-ishtha ksipr: 


p079-1c2-b01/ not online

[kshep-tri ]
- m. slinger; -n , m. letting fly (bowstring ); -ya , fp. to be thrown (into , lc.) ; to be destroyed


p079-1c2-b02/ p060-001

क्षेम [ ksh-ma ]
- a. comfortable, agreeable; quiet; safe; m. abode; place; rest, security; prosperity: -m te, hail to you! in. sg. or pl. peacefully, happily, safe and sound.
1) क्षेम (p. 60) ksh-ma comfortable, agreeable;


p079-1c2-b03/ p060-031

क्षेमकर [ kshema-kara ]
- a. affording peace and security; -kra, -krit, -m-kara, a. id.
31) क्षेमकर (p. 60) kshema-kara affording peace and security;


p079-1c2-b04/ p060-030

क्षेमय [ kshema-ya ]
- den. P. only pr. pt. resting; affording rest, sheltering, refreshing.
30) क्षेमय (p. 60) kshema-ya P. only pr. pt. resting;


p079-1c2-b05/ p060-029

क्षेमयोग [ kshema-yoga ]
- m. du. rest and labour.
29) क्षेमयोग (p. 60) kshema-yoga rest and labour.


p079-1c2-b06/ p060-028

क्षेमिन्् [ kshem-in ]
- a. safe.
28) क्षेमिन्् (p. 60) kshem-in safe.


p079-1c2-b07/ not online

[kshemi‿svara ]
- m. N. of a poet

UKT 170416: The nearest I could find is in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kshemendra 170416
" Kshemendra (c. 990 c. 1070 CE) was a Kashmirian poet of the 11th century, writing in Sanskrit.
See also below.

p079-1c2-b08/ not online

- n. N. of several authors


p079-1c2-b09/ p060-027

क्षेम्य [ kshm-ya ]
- a. (also -y) resting; secure; salubrious, auspicious.
27) क्षेम्य (p. 60) kshm-ya -y) resting;

salubrious adj. . Conducive or favorable to health or well-being. - AHTD


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p079-1c2-b10/ p060-026

क्षैण्य [ kshain-ya ]
- n. ruin (abst. n. from kshna).
26) क्षैण्य (p. 60) kshain-ya ruin.


p079-1c2-b11/ p060-025

क्षैत्र [ kshaitr ]
- n. estate.
25) क्षैत्र (p. 60) kshaitr estate.


p079-1c2-b12/ p060-024

क्षैत्रपत [ kshaitra-pata ]
- a. () relating to the lord of the soil; -paty, a. id.; n. (kshatra-) dominion; estate.
24) क्षैत्रपत (p. 60) kshaitra-pata () relating to the lord of the soil;


p079-1c2-b13/ p060-023

क्षैप्र [ kshaipra ]
- a. produced by rapid enunciation: said of the Sandhi by which or become y or v; also of the svarita accent arising on such a syllable.
23) क्षैप्र (p. 60) kshaipra produced by rapid enunciation: 


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p079-1c2-b14/ p060-063

क्षोणि [ kshon ]
- f. host, retinue; earth, land.
63) क्षोणि (p. 60) kshon host, retinue;


p079-1c2-b15/ p060-059

क्षोणिपति [ kshoni-pati ]
- m. prince, king; -pla, -‿indra, m. id.
59) क्षोणिपति (p. 60) kshoni-pati prince, king;


p079-1c2-b16/ p060-022

क्षोणी [ kshon&isharp; ]
- f. (nm. -s) = kshon: -pati, -ramana, m. prince, king.
22) क्षोणी (p. 60) kshon -s)=kshon:


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p079-1c3-b00/ p060-021

क्षोद [ kshod-a ]
- m. blow; crushing; flour, powder; drop; little bit.
21) क्षोद (p. 60) kshod-a blow;


p079-1c3-b01/ p060-020

क्षोदस्् [ kshd-as ]
- n. swell, stream.
20) क्षोदस्् (p. 60) kshd-as swell, stream.


p079-1c3-b02/ p060-019

  क्षोदिष्ठ [ kshd-ishtha ]
- spv.; -yas, cpv. of kshudr.
19) क्षोदिष्ठ (p. 60) kshd-ishtha kshudr.


p079-1c3-b03/ p060-018

क्षोभ [ kshobh-a ]
- m. swaying, tremor; jolting, agitation; -ana, a. shaking, agitating; -ayitri, m. prime mover or originator.
18) क्षोभ (p. 60) kshobh-a swaying, tremor; 


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p079-1c3-b04/ p060-017

क्षौणी [ kshaun ]
- f. earth, land: -dhara, m. mountain; -ntha, m. king; -bhug, m. id.; -bhrit, m. mountain.
17) क्षौणी (p. 60) kshaun earth, land:


p079-1c3-b05/ p060-016

क्षौद्र [ kshaudra ]
- n. honey.
16) क्षौद्र (p. 60) kshaudra honey.


p079-1c3-b06/ p060-015

क्षौम [ kshauma ]
- a. () flaxen, linen; n. linen, linen garment.
15) क्षौम (p. 60) kshauma () flaxen, linen;


p079-1c3-b07/ p060-014

क्षौर [ kshaura ]
- a. done with the razor; n. shaving: -m kri, shave, -m kraya, get shaved; -karana, -karman, n. shaving.
14) क्षौर (p. 60) kshaura done with the razor;


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The vowel of Pseudo-Kha (as a whole) checked by a killed consonant

p079-1c3-b08/ not online

क्ष्णु kṣṇū
=  (क ् ष ्) ण ु
Skt: क्ष्णु [ kshnu ], ii. p. - kshna-ti, whet, shapen - Mac079c3
Skt: क्ष्णु kṣṇū - f.  pointed end of a scraper or shovel - SpkSkt


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p079-1c3-b09/ p060-013

क्ष्मा [ kshm&asharp; ]
= (क ् ष ्) (म ा)
- f. earth, land: in. kshmay, on the earth.
13) क्ष्मा (p. 60) kshmaN earth, land:


p079-1c3-b10/ p060-056

क्ष्माधर [ kshm-dhara ]
- m. mountain; -dhriti, m. king; -pa, -pati, -pla, -bhartri, -bhug, m. prince, king; -bhrit, m. mountain; king; -ruh, m. tree; -vrisha, m. bull of the earth, mighty king.
56) क्ष्माधर (p. 60) kshm-dhara mountain;


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p079-1c3-b11/ not online

[ kshvid ] i. p.
- kshveda , utter an inarticulate sound, creak, hum, hiss, grind the teeth


p079-1c3-b12/ not online

[ kshvid ], i. p.
- kshvda , id.


p079-1c3-b13/ p060-055

क्ष्वेडन [ kshved-ana ]
- n. whizzing, hissing; -, f. roar of a lion, battle-cry.
55) क्ष्वेडन (p. 60) kshved-ana whizzing, hissing;


p079-1c3-b14/ not online

[ kshvel ] i. p.
- kshvela, (E.) jump, play


p079-1c3-b15/ p060-062

क्ष्वेलन [ kshvel-ana ]
- n., -i, f., -ik, f., -ita, n. play, dalliance.
62) क्ष्वेलन (p. 60) kshvel-ana play, dalliance.

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