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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{kRu.} : contd

{kla.} medial (monophthong) : 2 members are not be separated



UKT 180129: What follows are "hanging fricatives" which is very foreign to Bur-Myan speakers. By "fricatives" Skt-Dev includes {sha.}, {Sa.}, and {a.}. Bur-Myan speakers will recognize {a.} as a Thibilant similar to English <th> as in English "thin". Sanskrit and most modern Indic speakers cannot pronounce /θ/, which they pronounce as /s/.

By fricatives, we mean:
: Husher श ś [ɕ] /ʃ/ ; Hisser ष ṣ [ʂ] /s/; and hissing sibilant स s [s] /s/.
BPal-Myan: Husher {Sha.} श /ʃ/; Hisser {Sa.} ष /s/; and non-hissing thibilant {a.} स /θ/ .

UKT notes :


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{kRu.}/  contd


p077c1-b00/ p059-001

क्रुध्् [ krudh ]
- f. anger: in. in anger: -a, the root krudh (gr.); -mn, a. irritable.
1) क्रुध्् (p. 59) krudh anger


p077c1-b01/ not online

क्रुमु [krmu ]
- f. N. of a tributary of the Indus


p077c1-b02/ p059-018

क्रुमुक [ krumu-k ]
- m. splint to catch the flame from the tinder.
18) क्रुमुक (p. 59) krumu-k splint 


p077c1-b03/ not online

क्रुश् [ krus ]
- i.p. (.) krsa, cry; lament; invoke (ac.) : pp. ...


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p077c1-b04/ not online 

क्रूड् [ krd ]
- x. p. krdaya , thicken


p077c1-b05/ p059-017

क्रूर [ kr-r ]
- a. wounded; sore; cruel; formidable, terrible; ferocious; rough, hard; n. sore, wound; roughness, cruelty: -karmakrit, a. *doing cruel deeds; m. beast of prey; -karman, n. horrible deed; hard task; a. doing cruel deeds; -keshtita, (pp.) a. acting cruelly; -t, f. cruelty.
17) क्रूर (p. 59) kr-r wounded;

क्रूर [ kr-r ]
Skt: क्रूर [ kr-r ]- a. wounded; sore; cruel; formidable, terrible; ferocious; rough, hard;
   n. sore, wound; roughness, cruelty - Mac077c1
Skt: क्रूर krūra - m. cruelty - SpkSkt


p077c1-b06/ p059-016

क्रूराक्ष [ krra‿aksha ]
- m. N. of an owl; -‿k ra, a. of cruel conduct: -vihra-vat, a. ferocious in conduct and delighting in cruelty; -‿saya, a. containing terrible monsters; cruel-hearted.
16) क्रूराक्ष (p. 59) krra̮aksha -̮kra, a. of cruel conduct


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p077c1-b07/ p059-015

क्रेङ्कार [ kreṅ-kra ]
- m
. the sound kreṅ.
15) क्रेङ्कार (p. 59) kreṅ-kra the sound kreṅ.


p077c1-b08/ not online 

क्रेतृ [kre-tri ]
- m. buyer; -tavya , -ya , fp. purchaseable


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p077c1-b09/ p059-014

क्रोड [krod-]
- m. breast; cavity, interior; boar: (a)-vla, m. hog's bristle.
14) क्रोड (p. 59) krod- breast;


p077c1-b10/ p059-013

क्रोध [ krdh-a ]
- m. anger: -kakshus, n. angry eye; -ga, a. springing from wrath; -mukha, a. () angry-faced; -vasa, m. power of anger.
13) क्रोध (p. 59) krdh-a anger:

क्रोध [ krdh-a ]
Skt: क्रोध [ krdh-a ] - m. anger: - Mac077c2
Skt: क्रोध krodha - m. passion, anger, wrath - SpkSkt
BPali: {kau:Da.} - UHS PMD0338
  UKT from UHS: m. becoming angry, {a.myak dau:a.} 'fault of anger'
  ("Anger" is associated with {dau:a.} 'fault'. See: UHS PMD0488)


p077c1-b11/ p059-012

क्रोधन [ krodh-ana ]
- a. passionate, angry with (lc.); n. anger.
12) क्रोधन (p. 59) krodh-ana passionate,


p077c1-b12/ p059-098 

क्रोधालु [ krodh-lu ]
- a. passionate.
98) क्रोधालु (p. 59) krodh-lu passionate.


p077c1-b13/ p059-096

क्रोधिन्् [ krodh-in ]
- a. angry, passionate.
96) क्रोधिन्् (p. 59) krodh-in angry


p077c1-b14/ p059-011

क्रोश [ krs-a ]
- m. cry, shout; ear-shot (measure of distance).
11) क्रोश (p. 59) krs-a cry, shout;


p077c1-b15/ not online

क्रोष्टृ [krosh-tr ]
= क ् र ो ष ् ट ृ
Skt: क्रोष्टृ [krosh-tr ] - a. crying, yelling; lamenting; m. jackal; -tu ; -ka , m. jackal - Mac077c1
Skt: क्रोष्टृ kroṣṭṛ - adj. lamenting, crying. m. jackal, crier - SpkSkt


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p077c1-b16/ p059-010

क्रौञ्च [ krauka ]
- m. () curlew; N. of a mountain cleft by Krttikeya; -ripu, -satru, m. ep. of Krttikeya.
10) क्रौञ्च (p. 59) krauka () curlew


p077c1-b17/ p059-009

क्रौड [ krauda ]
- a. () belonging to the boar.
9) क्रौड (p. 59) krauda () belonging


p077c1-b18/ p059-008

क्रौर्य [ kraur-ya ] 
- n. cruelty, hardheartedness.
8) क्रौर्य (p. 59) kraur-ya cruelty,

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{kla.}/ {kla.}-Mon

Medial-Bur signs , , ,

UKT 190212: I'll now have to be specific on naming medial signs, such as: Bur, Mon, Pal, Skt. To use Mon signs seems to be premature at this stage, and I will have to make the necessary corrections. I've noticed that Bur-Myan medials are never put under virama {a.} and are not meant to be broken. A medial such as {kla.} is stable, and if there is a need to color it, both members must be coloured the same.

UKT 170412: In the following entries, Dev orthography in Mac seems to be different from SpkSkt. I still need to check.

p077c1-b19/ not online

क्लथ् [ klath ]
Skt: क्लथ् [ klath ] - i. p. kltha , turn (int.) - Mac077c1
Skt: क्लथति { क्लथ् } klathati {klath} - v. kill, be formed into clots or lumps, hurt - SpkSkt


p077c1-b20/ not online

क्लन्द् [ kland ]
Skt: क्लन्द् [ kland ] - i. . klanda , resound - Mac077c1
Skt: क्लन्दते { क्लन्द् } klandate { kland} - v. be confounded or troubled, sound - SpkSkt 
Skt: क्लन्दति { क्लन्द् } klandati { kland} - v. weep, call, lament - SpkSkt


p077c1-b21/ not online

क्लम् [ klam ] - iv. p.
- klamya , grow tired, be exhausted, flag: gnly. pp. klnta , fatigued, exhausted; withered; slender, thin. pari , feel greatly exhausted: ...

क्लम् [ klam ] - iv. p.
Skt: क्लम् [ klam ] - iv. p. - klamya , grow tired, be exhausted, flag: - Mac077c1
Skt: { क्लम् } { klam } - v1. par  be fatigued - SpkSkt


p077c1-b22/ p059-007

क्लम [ klam-a ]
- m. fatigue, exhaustion, languor: -‿apaha, a. dispelling fatigue.
7) क्लम (p. 59) klam-a fatigue,


p077c1-b23/ p059-006

क्लव्् [ KLAV ]
- only pp. klavita, faltering.
6) क्लव्् (p. 59) KLAV klavita, faltering.


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p077c1-b24/ p059-005

क्लान्ति [ kln-ti ]
- f. fatigue, languor, exhaustion.
5) क्लान्ति (p. 59) kln-ti fatigue


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p077c1-b25/ not online

क्लिद् [ klid ] iv.
- klidya , p. become wet : pp. ...


p077c1-b26/ not online

क्लिश् [ klis ] ix
= क ् ल ि श ्
- klisn , iv. klisya , p. torment, plague, annoy, trouble; iv. . (p.) be troubled, ...
... annoyed, afflicted; damaged, worn out; painful, distressing; ...


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p077c2-b01/ p059-004

क्लिष्टवृत्ति [ klishta-vritti ]
- a. leading a wretched life.
4) क्लिष्टवृत्ति (p. 59) klishta-vritti leading

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p077c2-b02/ p059-003

क्लीब [ klb ]
= क ् ल ी ब
- a. emasculated, impotent; unmanly, timorous, cowardly; waterless (cloud); m. eunuch; weakling, coward; n. neuter (gender): -t, f. impotency; weakness.
3) क्लीब (p. 59) klb emasculated,

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p077c2-b03/ p059-002

क्लेद [ kled-a ]
= क ् ल े द
- m. moisture, humidity; -ana, n. moistening.
2) क्लेद (p. 59) kled-a moisture,


p077c2-b04/ p059-032

क्लेश [ kles-a ]
- m. torment, pain, suffering, affliction, distress; -in, a. painful, distressing; hurting.
32) क्लेश (p. 59) kles-a torment,

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p077c2-b05/ p059-031

क्लैब्य [ klab-ya ]
= क ् ल ै ब ् य
- n. impotence; timidness, faintheartedness; cowardice; weakness.
31) क्लैब्य (p. 59) klab-ya impotence;


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p077c2-b06/ p059-030

क्लोमन्् [ kl-man ]
- m. (V.), n. right lung.
30) क्लोमन्् (p. 59) kl-man right


p077c2-b07/ p059-029

क्लोमहृदय [ kloma-hriday ]
- n. sg. right lung and heart.
29) क्लोमहृदय (p. 59) kloma-hriday right


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p077c2-b08/ p059-028

क्व [ kv ]
=  क ् व
- ad. = lc. of ka; where? whither? often emphasized with the pcls. ha, d, iva, nu, nu khalu, and svid: kva svid also = somewhere; with bh and as = what has be come of --? = it is all over with; kva tadgatam, how about that? without verb = it is out of the question; kva--kva, expressing incongruity = how great is the difference between --and--, there is nothing in common between - and --; with api and kid =kasmin+api or kid; somewhere, in a certain place; some time, once; sometimes, ever; kvakit kvakid, here and there, now and then; kvakid kvakid, here--there; now--now; kva‿api, kva kit, kvaka, kvakana, with na, nowhere, in no case, never, with preceding yatra, wherever, whenever, in whatever case.
28) क्व (p. 59) kv ka; where?


p077c2-b09/ not online

क्वण् [ kvan ]
- i. p. kvana , cry out, croak, buzz; sound; ring, tinkle: pp. -ita , n. sound


p077c2-b10/ not online

क्वथ् [ kvath ] 
- i. kvatha , boil (tr. and int.). ud , boil over (fig.)


p077c2-b11/ p059-027

क्वथ [ kvath-a ]
- m. decoction, extract; -ana, n. boiling.
27) क्वथ (p. 59) kvath-a decoction, 


p077c2-b12/ p059-026

क्वसु [ k-vas-u ]
- the suffix vas (gr.).
26) क्वसु (p. 59) k-vas-u vas (gr.).


p077c2-b13/ p059-025

क्वस्थ [ kva-stha ]
- a. where situated or to be found?
25) क्वस्थ (p. 59) kva-stha where


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p077c2-b14/ p059-061

क्वाचित्क [ kvkit-ka ]
- a. () occurring only here and there, occasional.
61) क्वाचित्क (p. 59) kvkit-ka () occurring


p077c2-b15/ p059-099

क्वाण [ kvna ]
- m. sound.
99) क्वाण (p. 59) kvna sound.


p077c2-b16/ p059-097

क्वाथ [ kvtha ]
- m. boiling; decoction.
97) क्वाथ (p. 59) kvtha boiling;

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p077c2-b17/ p059-024

क्विप्् [ k-v-ip ]
- fictitious suffix v added to the simple root used nominally (gr.).
24) क्विप्् (p. 59) k-v-ip v added

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