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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{ku-Ta.} : cont
{kRi.} : formed from Skt-Dev highly rhotic vowel Skt-Dev pair ऋ {iRi.} (1 blk) & ॠ {iRi} (2 blk)


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{ku-Ta.} : cont



कूटाक्ष [ kta‿aksha ]
- m. loaded die: -‿upadhi-devin, a. playing with false dice or fraud; -‿gra, m. n. room on the house-top; summer-house.








कूदी [ kd&isharp; ]
- f. fetter.

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कूप [ k&usharp;pa ]
- m. [ku‿ap-a], pit, hole; well: -ka, m. little well; -kra, m. well-digger; -krma, m. tortoise in a well=unsophisticated person; -khanana, n. digging of a well; -khnaka, m. well-digger; -kakra, n. water wheel; -dardura, m. frog in a well=unsophisticated person; -yantra, n. water-wheel.

कूपकार kūpakāra
Skt: -kra, m. well-digger - Mac072c1
Skt: कूपकार kūpakāra - m. well-digger - SpkSkt



कूपाय [ kp-ya ]
- den. . become a well.



कूपिका [ kp-ik ]
- f. puddle in a dry river-bed.



  कूबर [ k&usharp;bara ]
- m. n., &isharp;, f. (cart) pole (--, a. f. ).

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कूर्च [ krk ]
- m. n. bunch of grass; n. beard; -ka, m. bunch; brush; beard; -t, f. beardedness; -la, a. bearded.











कूर्पर [ krpara ]
- m. elbow; sts. knee.



कूर्पासक [ krpsa-ka ]
- m. jacket, bodice.



कूर्म [ krm ]
- m. (f. ) tortoise; one of the vital airs which causes the eyes to close; -pati, m. king of the tortoises (who supports the earth).

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कूल [ k&usharp;la ]
- n. slope, hill; bank.



कूलंकष [ klam-kasha ]
- a. carrying away the bank.



कूलजात [ kla-gta ]
- pp. growing on the bank.



कूलमुद्रुज [ klam-udruga ]
- a. undermining the bank.



कूलवती [ kla-vat ]
- f. river.





  कूष्माण्ड [ kshmnda ]
- m. kind of demon; kind of text; n., , f. N. of the verses xx, 14-16 in the Vgasaneyi-samhit.


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{kRi.} :

UKT 160303: There are words, such as {kRi.}, formed from Skt-Dev highly rhotic vowel Skt-Dev pair ऋ {iRi.} (1 blk) & ॠ {iRi} (2 blk) which are not present in Bur-Myan and possibly in Pali-Myan.


कृ [1. KRI] (skri after upa, pari, sam), VIII.
- [kro] strong, [kuru] weak; V.+ I. kra, II. kr, V. krin; make, do; fashion, build; perform, fulfil; produce; execute; effect; conclude (friendship), display, show, exercise; prepare, cook; compose; cultivate; make anything out of (in. ab.); do anything to or for (g., lc.); make any one anything (2 ac.); do violence to (ac.); perform the usual action with (ac.); used thus with great latitude, e. g. udakam kri, offer the usual oblation of water (allied with this is the use of kri in the periphr. pf. with an abst. N. in ); utter, pronounce, use; describe; fix, determine; pass (time); await (amoment); procure for (g., lc.); assume (shape, voice: .); place on ro in, direct to (in. lc.), turn the mind or thoughts, give the hear (manas, buddhim, matim, bhvam) to, resolve on (d., lc., inf. or oratio recta with iti); appoint to (lc.); commission; act, fare; sacrifice; do anything with, make use of (in. and kim?); avail, be of use (with kim?); with adverbs in (e.g. atithi-), (e.g. mrid-), make, turn into ; with -st, reduce to, turn into; vase kri, subdue; hridi-, take to heart, remember; hridayena-, love; evam kritav, for this reason; tath-, yath‿uktam-, do so, consent; cs. kraya, cause to mae (2 ac.) cause to be made by (in.); cause to be prepared; cause to be made (2 ac.); cause to be placed in (lc.); cause to be performed; cause to be cultivated; -to be put or buried; order to make, -to prepare, -to practise: often=simple verb; des. kikirsha, wish to do, -perform, -establish; intend; strive after. ati, transgress. adhi, placeatthe head of, appoint to (lc.); put forward, make a subject of discussion: pp. entrusted with, appointed to (lc., -); concerned in (lc.). anu, imitate (ac.); equal, rival (ac., g.), equal (ac.)in (in.) apa, take away, remove; injure (ac. g., lc.); cs. id. prati‿apa, take vengeance on (g.) abhi, do, make; des. wish to do, undertake. aram, prepare; serve, satisfy (d.). alam, prepare, produce; adorn (. adorn oneself); do violence to (g.). abhi‿-, upa‿-, adorn, sam-alam, id.; violate. ava, direct downwards. , bring hither; produce; appropriate (g.); cs. call; ask for (2 ac.); des. intend to perform. apa‿, remove, drive away, dispel, counteract, repel; give up, desist from; pay. upa‿, bring near, fetch, deliver; grant; prepare for a sacred rite; consecrate. ni‿, keep back. nir-, set apart; put away, remove; drive away; jeject, repel; deny. vi‿, separate, distinguish; explain. sam-, unite, keep together. upa, confer; offer, present; serve, do a service to, oblige (g., lc.); . cherish. upa-skri, prepare, compose; equip, adorn; care for (ac.): pp. furnished with (in.) prati‿upa, repay; do a service in return. ni, bring done, humble, overcome: pp. humbled; dejected; mortified. vi-ni, mortify; injure; defraud. nis, remove; prepare; deek out; cure; expiate. pari-shiri, prepare; adorn, deck, furnish with (in.). puras, place in front; show, display; appoint to (lc.); choose, prefer; honour; gd. -kritya, regarding, about, on account of (ac.); pp. accompanied with (-). pra, do; fashion, make; perform; show, cause; make into (2 ac.); marry (a wife, a girl); violate, pollute (a gril); appoint to (lc.); put forward; make the subject of discussion; buddhim or manas -, apply one's heart to, make up one's mind to (d., lc.), resolve; pp. begun; accomplished; mentioned, under discussion; in question; cs. cause to prepare. vi-pra, injure; harass; obstruct. prati, make (ac.) out of (ac.) in opposition; repay (good and evil) with ac. of thing and d., g., lc. of person; resist; make good, repair; pay; des. wish to take revenge on (ac., lc.) for (ac.). vi, make different, change, alter; compare; disfigure, destroy, mutilate; develop; be hostile to (g., lc.); become unfaithful to (lc.): ., ps. be changed or modified; become alienated or disloyal; pp. changed, altered, qualified; mutilated, deformed, disfigured; unnatural, repulsive; cs. cause to change one's sentiments. pra-vi (for vi-pra); pp. sinned. sam (generally - skri), put together, unite; accumulate; prepare; invest (with the sacred thread); hallow (a girl at a wedding or the dead with sacred fircs); adorn, polish, form gramatically: pp. sam-skrita, hallowed, invested; adorned, polished, elaborate, refined, Sanskrit. prati-sam, repair.


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कृ [2. KRI]


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कृकर [ kri-kara ]
- m. kind of partridge; a vital air causing hunger.



कृकलास [ krikals ]
- m. lizard; chameleon.


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कृकवाकु [ krika-v&asharp;ku ]
- m. cock; peacock.







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कृच्छ्र [ krikkhr ]
= कृ च ् छ ् र
- a. distressing, grievous, dire; severe, dangerous; wretched, miserable: -m, ad. miserably; m. n. difficulty, distress, trouble, misery; danger; penance; kind of minor penance; --, -tas, in., ab. with difficulty, with much ado.



कृच्छ्रकर्मन्् [ krikkhra-karman ]
- n. distress, trouble; -kla, m. time of distress or danger; -gata, pp. distressed, endangered; practising penance; -t, f. dangerousness; -patita, pp. fallen into distress; -prna, a. whose life is in danger; eking out one's existence with difficulty; -sdhya, fp. difficult of accomplishment.



कृच्छ्रातिकृच्छ्र [ krikkhra‿atikrikkhra ]
- m. du. ordinary and extraordinary penance; sg. kind of penance.



कृच्छ्राब्द [ krikkhra‿abda ]
- m. kind of one year's penance.




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कृणोतन [ kri-no-tana ]
- V. 2 pl. impv. of √kri, do.


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कृत [ kri-t ]
- pp. made, done, performed; pre pared, ready; acquired; well done, all right; --, relating to: -m, done!=it shall be done at once; w. in. away with, enough of; n. deed, work, action; benefit (-m vid, be conscious of benefits received); stake (in play); booty; die or side of a die marked with 4; first or golden age.



कृतक [ krita-ka ]
- a. artificial, feigned, false; adopted (son): -m, feignedly, -tva, n. quality of being artificially produced; -kartavya, a. having fulfilled his task; -karman, n. an accomplished deed; a. having fulfilled one's duty; -krin, a. doing a thing; -krya, n. an attained object; a. having accomplished his object; satisfied: -tva, n. abst. n.; -kla, m. ap pointed time; -kritya, a. having done his duty; having attained his object, satisfied (as to, lc.): -t, f. satisfaction; -kriya, a. having performed a sacred rite; pious; -kshana, a. having an appointed time, i. e. waiting impatiently for (lc., ac. w. prati, inf., --); -ksho bha, a. shaken; -ghna, a. ignoring benefits, ungrateful: -t, f., -tva, n. ingratitude; -kda, a. having received the tonsure; -ganman, a. planted; -ga, a. recognising benefits, grateful: -t, f. gratitude.



कृततीर्थ [ krita-trtha ]
- a. to which a stair has been made; -tvara, a. hastening; -dra, a. married; -dsa, m. one who offers himself as a slave for a fixed time; -drgha-rosha, m. protracted wrath; -dh, a. clever; resolved on (inf.); -dhvag, a. furnished with banners; -nsaka, a. ungrateful; -nsana, a. id.; -niskaya, a. convinced; firmly resolved on (d., lc., inf., --); resolute; -niskayin, a. resolute.

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