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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary

MCc-indx.htm : to be eventually deleted

by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.

Edited, with additions from other sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

I am turning this dictionary into a learning tool
for myself by comparing with entries from:
1. Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary by F. Edgerton, vol.2, 1885-1963 (FE-BHS),
2. A Dictionary of Pali Language by Childers
3. Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Burmese), by U Hoke Sein, Ministry of Religious Affairs, 1954, pp1180.

My approach has made Macdonell's Sanskrit English Dictionary very large, because of which I am splitting it into smaller parts.

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UKT 171202: With page-by-page reference of the original book coming into use, this present file, MCc-indx.htm , will become redundant and would be deleted. I've started to take out its contents one-by-one.
See MCc1pp-indx.htm , MCc2pp-indx.htm , MCc3pp-indx.htm
UKT170801: New method to transf. old files to new format beginning with p099.htm


Vol11: p060-3.htm to p080.htm, -- deleted 2017Apr
Vol13: p081-1.htm to p088-1.htm -- deleted 2017Jun
Vol14: p088-2.htm to p090-1.htm, -- deleted 2017Jul
Vol15:  non-nasal onset: No Skt-Dev & Pal-Myan - c {gna.} & ċ {gnn} whenever possible.

UKT 170710: I'm now including a dedicated file to {gna.} non-nasal onset in my new folder:
- MCc2pp-indx.htm > p090-1B.htm

Vol21: p090-2.htm to p104-1.htm
  vl palatal plosive-stop {sa.} च, {hsa.} छ, {za.} ज -- MC-c21-indx.htm - deleted 2017Aug 

UKT 180722: I'v recognized Bur-Myan Nyagyi 'big nya' as the palatal approximant, the neighbour of {ya.} the velar approximant. In Pal-Myan, Nyagyi 'big nya' is taken as the horizontal conjunct of {~a.} :  {a.} = {~a.}

Vol31:  p104-2.htm, p104-3.htm,
p104-4.htm, p104-5.htm, p104-6.htm     
  vl retroflex plosive-stop {Ta.} ट + others -- deleted 2017Aug

UKT 141022, 180722: Unless we remember that the modern Burmese speaker pronounce the retroflex sounds and their respective dental (aka dental-alveolar) sounds the same, we get confused in writing in English. However, if you follow the POA closely you will be able to articulate these sounds clearly. This is only possible when each is pronounced in isolation. In rapid speech they became the same. I am speaking this from my own experience.

Retroflex: (r3c3)  {a.}  ड ḍ; (r3c4)  {a.} ढ ḍha
Dental :    (r4c3)  {da.}  द d; (r4c4)  {Da.} ध dha

Keep in mind that c4 sounds are not aspirations as heard by the Western phoneticians, and IAST transliterations given in ... are not tenable.

Vol41: p105.htm to 148-1.htm {ta.} + others -- MC-c41-indx.htm - update 2017Nov
   to include p104-6.htm

Vol51: p148-2.htm to 237.htm  {pa.} + others -- MC-c51-indx.htm (link chk 170813)


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