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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{pa.ri} : long vowel
{pa.riik~Sa.} : compare with Pal-Myan sound: / {pa.raik~hka.}/ (short vowel)

UKT notes :


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परिमण्डल parimandala [ pari-mandala ]
-- n. circumference; a. circular; globular: -t, f. circularity, i-ta, pp. made round; -manthara, a. very slow: -t, f. sluggishness; -manda, a. very dim (eye); --, ad. very slightly: -t, f. exhaustion, ennui; -many, a. fierce; -marda, m. wearing out, consumption; destruction (of an enemy); -marsa, m. consideration, contemplation; -mala, m. fragrance; fragrant substance; sexual intercourse; -mna, n. measurement; measure, circumference, ex tent, size; weight; duration; number, a mount: -tas, ad. in weight, -ka, n. measure, quantity; -mthin, a. trying severely, wearing out; -mrga, m. searching around: -na, n. tracing, searching; -mrgitavya, fp. to be sought; -mrgana, n. wiping off, cleansing; removal; -mita-tva, n. limited nature; -miti, f. measure, quantity: -mat, a. limited; -milana, n. touch; -mugdha-t, ( p156c1-top )
( p155c3 end ) f. silliness; loveliness; -mdha-t, f. confusion; -meya, fp. measurable; limited in number; -moksha, m. deliverance, from (ab., g., --); divestment: -na, n. liberation; deliverance from (g.); -mosh, m. theft, robbery; -moshana, n. taking away; -mohana, n. in fatuation; -mohin, a. confused.


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परिरक्षण pariraksana [ pari-rakshana ]
-- n. protection; maintenance; preservation; keeping secret; -ya, fp. to be guarded or preserved; -rak sh, f. protection; preservation; -rakshitri, m. guardian; protector; -rambha, m. embrace: -na, n. embracing, embrace; -rambh in, a. embracing; girt by (--); -rodha, m. resistance.


परिलघु parilaghu [ pari-laghu ]
-- a. extremely light or small; very minute or thin; easily digested; trivial, senseless: -t, f. extreme minuteness or thinness; -lamba, m. dilatoriness, delay: -na, n. hesitating, delaying; -lekha, m. outline, sketch; -lopa, m. neglect, omission.

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परिवत्सर parivatsara [ pari-vatsar ]
-- m. complete year; &isharp;-na, a. relating to a full year; -vargana, n. avoidance of, abstention from (g. or --): -ya, fp. to be avoided; -varta, m. revolution; end of a period, esp. of a cycle (yuga); end; exchange, barter; change; moving to and fro, haste, bustle; abode, place; causing to come to an end: -ka, a. causing to flow back; -vrtana, a. () causing to turn; n. turning; tossing or rolling about on (--); revolution; periodic course; end of a period; exchange, barter; change; -vartanya, fp. to be exchanged for (in.); -vartin, a. turning, revolving; winding; circling, under going perpetual cycles, ever renewing itself; turning into, being exchanged for (--); abiding or being in, at, or near (lc., -tas, --); -vartula, a. quite round; -vardhaka, m. groom; -vardhana, n. augmentation, multiplication; -vardhita-ka, a. reared; -vas tr, f. curtain; -vaha, m. one of the seven winds; one of the seven tongues of fire.


परिवाद parivada [ pari-vd ] m. detraction, censure (of, g., lc., --): -kath, f. id.; -vdin, a. slandering, censuring: -, f. seven-stringed lute; -vp, m. parched grains of rice; -vra, m. cover; attendants, train, retinue (--, a. surrounded by); sheath: -t, f. condition of a retinue; -vrita, cs. pp. (√1. vri) encircled; -vsa, m. 1. sojourn; 2. perfume; -vha, m. overflow; drain for carrying off excess of water; -vhn, a. (n-) overflowing, with (--).


परिवित्ति parivitti [ pari-vitti ]
-- m. unmarried man whose younger brother is married: -t, f., -tva, n. allowing one's younger brother to marry first; -vinna, pp.=-vitti; -vivadi shu, des. a. intending to reside; (pri) vishti, f. service, attendance.


परिवृत parivrta [ pari-vrita ]
-- pp. surrounded.

परिवृढ parivrdha [ pari-vridha ]
-- pp. √brih; m. lord, master; -vritta, (pp.) n. rolling, weltering, moving to and fro; -vritti, f. exchange, barter: in. alternately; -vriddhi, f. increase.


-- man who marries before his elder brother; -vedaka , m. id.; -vedana , n. marrying before one's elder brother; -vepin , a. trembling; ( pri ) -vesas , m. neighbour; ...




परिव्यय parivyaya [ pari-vyaya ]
-- m. condiment; -vrag- ( p156ci end ) ( p156c2-top )
f. strolling, wandering from place to place; sp. religious mendicancy; -vrg, m. (nm. t) wandering ascetic, religious mendi cant: -aka, m., -ik, f. mendicant devotee (man or woman of the fourth or last religious order).


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परिशङ्कनीय parisankaniya [ pari-saṅkanya ]
-- fp. to be distrusted; n. imps. distrust should be shown; -saṅkin, a. (--) fearing; fearful on account of; -sishta, (pp.) n. supplement, appendix; -sl ana, n. frequent contact, intercourse; study; -suddhi, f. complete purification (also fig.); exoneration; -m kri, prove one's innocence; -sushka, a. perfectly dry or dried up; -s nya, a. quite empty; quite free from (--); -sesha, a. remaining, left; m. n. remainder; supplement: in. completely; ab. consequently; -sodhana, n. purification; payment; -sosha, m. dryness: -na, a. drying up (--); -soshin, a. drying up, withering.


परिश्रम parisrama [ pari-srama ]
= प र ि श ् र म
-- m. fatigue, weariness, exhaustion; exertion; continual study of (--); -srnta, pp. (√sram) greatly exhausted; -srt, f. (encloser), one of the small stones surrounding the sacrificial altar: -srita, (pp.) n. sacrificial shed; -slatha, a. quite slack.

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परिषत्त्व parisattva [ pari-shat-tva ]
-- n. legal assembly; -shd, a. encompassing, besetting; f. assembly; audience; council; -sheka, m. sprinkling, dousing with water, shower-bath; bathing appliances, such as water-can, etc.; -shoda- sa, a. pl. full sixteen; -shkand, m. servant, esp. one running beside a carriage; temple; -shkra, m. adornment; ornament; -shkri ta, pp. (√kri) embellished, adorned, highly finished; -shkriy, f. adornment; attendance on the sacred fire (--).


परिष्टि paristi [ pri-shti ]
-- f. hindrance; distress; -shtuti, f. praise.


परिष्यन्द parisyanda [ pari-shyand ]
-- m. stream, flow (of words); -shvaṅga, m. embrace; touch, contact with (--).

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परिसंवत्सर parisaṃvatsara [ pari-samvatsara ]
-- m. full year; a. a full year old; waiting a full year; -sakhya, n. true friendship; -samkhy, f. complete tale or enumeration; full number, totality, sum, number; exhaustive statement (i. e. excluding everything not specified): -na, n. complete enumeration, full number; exhaustive statement; just examination or estimate; -samghushta, pp. resonant on all sides; -sampti, f. conclusion, completion, end; extension to (lc. or ad. with prati); -sara, a. adjacent; bordering on (--); m. neighbourhood, region, proximity; -sarpana, n. creeping about; walking about; running to and fro, continual change from place to place; -sarpin, a. moving about; -sdhana, n. accomplishment; settlement, exaction (of debts); -sntvana, n. consoling: pl. blandish ments; -sraka, n. N. of a place on the Sarasvat.


परिस्कन्द pariskanda  [ pari-skanda ]
-- m. servant, esp. one running beside a carriage; -skhalita, (pp.) n. staggering; -stara, m. layer of sacrificial grass; -strana, n. strewing about; -stoma, m. cover, bolster; -spanda, m. motion; -spand ita, (pp.) n. quivering; flaming up; manifestation; -spardhin, a. vying with (--); -sphu- ta, a. quite evident; -m, ad.; -syanda, m. flow, stream (fig.); -srava, m. flow, effusion; overflow; river; birth (of a child); -srt, a. overflowing, foaming; f. kind of intoxicant.

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परिहर parihara [ pari-hara ]
-- m. concealment; -hara- nya, fp. to be shunned or avoided: -t, f. avoidance; -hartavya, fp. to be given up or delivered; to be avoided, shunned, or re moved; -concealed or kept to oneself; ( p156c2 end ) ( p156c3-top )
-refuted; -hni or -hni, f. diminution; -hpanya, fp. to be discontinued; -hra, m. avoidance; abandonment, desertion (of a person); escaping from (--); concealment; refutation; exemption, privilege, immunity; common grazing ground round a village or town; -hấram, abs. moving around; -hrin, a. avoiding (--); -hrya, fp. to be avoided or let alone, avoidable; to be separated; to be exempted from (in.).


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परिहास parihasa [ pari-hsa ]
-- m. joke, jest, pleasantry, sport; derision, mockery: -pura, n. N. of a city, -vastu, n. laughing-stock (-t, f. abst. ɴ.), -sla, a. fond of jesting; fond of mocking (-t, f. abst. ɴ.), -hari, m. N. of a temple of Vishnu; -hna, pp. (√h) destitute of (ab.); -hriti, f. avoidance; -hritya, fp. to be delivered or committed.

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Note the vowel length: long vowel {pa.ri}


UKT 120704: Do not confuse the short and the long vowels: {pa.ri.} (short) & (long), and words derived from them: {pa.raik~hka.ka.} & {pa.riik~Sa.ka.}
   I am still not satisfied with Romabama transcription: notice the change in vowel indicated by the red coloration.
Pal: {pa.raik~hka.ka.} : note the vowel used: short vowel {pa.ri.}
- - UHS-PMD-0619

UKT from UHS: mfn. introspection, enquiry



परीक्षक pariksaka [ pari‿ksh-aka ] {pa.riik~Sa.ka.}
= प र ी क ् ष क
-- m. examiner or knower of a thing; -ana, n. (rarely , f.) testing, investigation, examination; -anya, fp. to be investigated; -, f. inspection, examination, trial, test: -kshama, a. standing the test, valid.


परीक्षित् pariksit [ par-kshit ]
-- m. (dwelling around), N. of several kings (=pari-).

परीक्षित pariksita [ pari‿kshita ]
-- pp. (√ksh) tried, examined; m.=Parkshit; -‿kshitavya, fp. to be tested or examined.


परीक्षिति pariksiti [ parkshiti ]
-- m. Parkshit.

परीक्षिन् pariksin [ pari‿kshin ]
-- a. examining, testing (g.); m. examiner, tester; -‿kshya, fp. to be examined or tested; -‿kiksh-i-shu, des. a. desirous of testing or examining.

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परीत parita [ pari‿ita ]
-- pp. (√i) affected or overcome by (--).

परीताप paritapa [ par-tpa ]
-- m. heat; -tosha, m. satisfaction; -tta, pp. √d; -pka, m. development; ripeness; consequences, result.


परीप्सा paripsa [ pari‿ps ]
-- f. wish to obtain, maintain, or preserve; haste; -‿psu, des. a. wishing to preserve (ac.).


परीमाण parimana [ par-mna ]
-- n.=parimna; -ram- bha, m. embrace; -varta, m. exchange, barter; change; -vda, m. detraction; -vra, m. retinue; -vha, m. drain or channel for carrying off the overflow of a pond, waste pipe; -sesha, m. remnant.


परीष्टि paristi  [ pari‿ishti ]
-- f. investigation.

परीसार parisara [ par-sra ]
-- m. environment.


परीहास parihasa [ par-hsa ]
-- m. jest; ridicule: -ke- sava, m. N. of a temple of Vishnu; -ksha ma, a. calculated to ridicule=to surpass.

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परु paru [ par-u ]
= प र ु
-- m. limb, joint (--).

परुच्छेप parucchepa [ pruk-khepa ]
-- m. N. of a Rishi (cp. parud-vra).


परुत्क parutka [ parut-ka ]
-- a. having joints.

परुद्वार parudvara [ *parud-vra ]
-- m. horse.


परुष parusa  [ par-ush- ]
-- a. (, V. prushn) knotty (reed); spotted, variegated; dirty; rough, rugged; dishevelled, shaggy; rough (wind), scorching (fire, sun); harsh (tone); severe, hard, rude, abusive (speech, person); n. sg., pl. contumelious speech, abuse: -vakana, n. harsh or contumelious speech; a. speaking harshly or rudely; -vdin, a. id.; -‿akshara, a. rough, harsh (of speeches or persons): -m, ad. rudely, harshly.


परुषित parusita  [ parush-ita ]
-- pp. harshly addressed, used roughly; -iman, m. shagginess.

-- soil; use roughly.
( p156c3 end )

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