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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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निःस्नेह nihsneha [ nih-sneha ]
-- a. not oily, not greasy, free from fat; lacking moisture (soil); devoid ( end p145 ) ( p146c1-top )
of affection for (prati); having no desire for, indifferent towards (--); not treated with affection (servants); abhorred, odious.


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निःस्पन्द nihspanda [ nih-spanda ] a., v. nishpanda; -spar- sa, a. hard; -spriha, a. free from desires; not desiring, indifferent to (lc., --); turning away from (ab.).


निःस्रव nihsrava [ nih-srava ]
-- m. surplus (of, ab.); -sr va, m. expenditure; -sva, a. deprived of one's property, poor: -t, f. poverty; -svana, m., v. nisvana; -svabhva, 1. m. destitution, poverty; 2. a. lacking peculiarity; -svdu, a. insipid, tasteless; -svdhyya-vashat kra, a. neither studying the scriptures nor offering sacrifices; -svmi-k, a. f. lacking a lord or husband.


-- deprive of one's property; -svi-bh , lose one's property

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निहतसेन nihatasena [ ni-hata-sena ]
-- a. having one's forces destroyed; -‿artha, a. of obsolete meaning: -t, f., -tva, n. use of an obsolete meaning; -‿ushtra, a. whose camels have been slain; -hantavya, fp. to be slain or destroyed; -hantri, m. slayer; destroyer; dispeller; preventer; -hava, m. summons, call; -hnava, m. denial; secrecy, conceal ment; contradiction; surpassing; expiation; excuse, craving pardon (a ceremony); -hnuti, f. denial; -hrda, m. sound, note.

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p146c1-b05 & p146c2-top

[N] I.
-- nya , conduct, guide; lead (also with gram and g.}; lead away; lead to ...


( end pp146c1 )

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नी ni [ n ]
-- a. leading, guiding (only --).

नीकार nikara [ n-kra ]
-- m. degradation, humiliation.


नीच nica [ nk-a ]
-- a. [weak base of ny-ak+a] low; short (hair, nails); deep (navel); lowered (tone); base, vile, mean: -ka, a. (ik) soft (tread); -ga, a. low-going (river); of low rank; belonging to a man of low rank; -gm in, a. following what is low or base; -gti, a. of low extraction: -t, f. low or humble position; inferiority; -patha, m. downward path; -rata, pp. delighting in what is base.


नीचा nica [ nk-ấ ]
-- ad. (in. of nyak) below; down.

नीचात् nicat [ nkất ]
-- (ab.) ad. from below.


नीचावगाह nicavagaha [ nka‿avagha ]
-- a. bathed in by low persons (lake).

नीचावयस् nicavayas [ nk-vayas ]
-- a. whose vigour is low, exhausted.


नीचीन nicina [ nk-&isharp;na ]
-- a. downward: -bra, a. having the aperture downward.


नीचैराख्य nicairakhya [ nkair-khya ]
-- a. named "Low" (mountain, i. e. nkair-giri).


नीचैस् nicais [ nkas ]
-- ad. (in. pl.) low; below; downward; humbly; gently, softly (blow, of the wind): nkair nkaistarm, lower and lower; nkair adrisyata, appeared small.


नीड nida [ nd- ]
-- m. n. [ni-s(a)d-a, sitting in], resting-place, abode; nest; inner space of a chariot: -ka, nest; -garbha, m. inside of a nest; -‿rambha, m. nest-building.


नीतार्थ nitartha [ nta‿artha ]
-- a. intelligible.


नीति niti [ n-ti ]
--f. guidance; worldly wisdom, practical morality, political and social ethics; discretion, prudent counsel; policy: -kusala, a. skilled in the conduct of human affairs, politic; -ga, a. prudent, politic; -dosha, m. error of conduct; -patala, n. treatise on policy; -mat, a. (-) acquainted with the rules of worldly wisdom, politic, prudent; -yukta, pp. versed in policy; -vid, m. politician; -vidy, f. science of policy; -vedin, a. knowing policy; -sataka, n. T. of Bhartri hari's century of verses on worldly wisdom; -sstra, n. science of political ethics; trea- ( end p146c2 ) ( p146c3-top )
tise on polity; -samdhi, m. quintessence of polity.


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नीथ nitha [ n-th ]
-- n. musical air, song; f. n&isharp;th, path; trick, artifice.

नीध्र nidhra [ ndhra ]
-- n. roof.


नीप nipa [ npa ]
-- a. [ni‿ap-a, having water flowing down, damp], low-lying; m. a tree (Nauclea cadamba); n. its flowers or fruit; m. pl. N. of a royal race.

UKT: See my note on Kadam tree


नीर nira [ nr ]
-- n. water; -ga, m. n. lotus: -‿aksh, a. f. lotus-eyed, fair.

नीरजस् nirajas [ n-ragas ]
-- a. free from dust; devoid of passions: -ka, a. id.; -tamas, f. freedom from passion and darkness.


नीरजात nirajata [ nra-gta ]
-- pp. produced from water.

-- free from dust


-- 1. m. (water-giver), cloud; 2. a. (n-rada), toothless

नीरदिन् niradin [ nrad-in ]
-- a. covered with clouds.

नीरधि niradhi [ nra-dhi ]
-- m. ocean; -nidhi, m. id.


नीरन्ध्र nirandhra [ n-randhra ]
-- a. having no interstice or aperture; dense, continuous: -ad. constantly: -t, f. close connexion or cohesion; -randhrita, pp. thickly beset with (--); continuous.


नीरपतत्रिन् nirapatatrin [ nra-patatrin ]
-- m. aquatic bird; -rsi, m. ocean; -ruha, n. lotus.


नीरव nirava [ n-rava ]
-- a. noiseless, mute; -rasa, a. sapless, withered, dry; tasteless, insipid; devoid of charm, tedious; having no taste for or sense of; feelingless; -rga, a. colour less; devoid of passions; -rgana, n., , f. royal lustration of an army (including domestic priest, retainers, horses, elephants, etc.: a military and religious ceremony); -ruk, a. lustreless; bereft of beauty; -rug, a. pain less; healthy, well; -ruga, a. id.; -rpa, a. formless; -renu-ka, a. dustless; -roga, a. healthy, well: -t, f. health, -durbhiksha, a. not afflicted with disease or famine.

lustrate  v. tr. lustrated lustrating lustrates 1. To purify by means of ceremony. [Latin lūstrāre lūstrāt-to purify, make bright; See luster ] -- AHTD
   UKT: The word n-rjan> f. royal lustration of an army, the meaning includes the domestic priest - the pundit. He is always learned in the language. So I conjecture, when King Abiraja came to northern Myanmar to found the city of Tagaung before the time of the Gautama Buddha, there would have been pundits with him. They were the people to introduce the Vedic akshara - whatever it might have been. Surely the akshara, the speech and the script, must have been in Myanmar centuries before the Myazdi inscriptions of the 11th century. -- 120609

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[NL] I. P.
-- nla , appear dark.


नील nila [ n&isharp;la ]
-- a. swarthy, black; esp. dark blue; m. sapphire; Indian fig-tree; N.; n. indigo; -kantha, a. blue-necked; m. peacock; ep. of Siva; N., esp. of a comme125tor on the Mah bhrata; -giri, m. Blue Mountain, N. of a mountain-range (Nlgiri); -g, f. ep. of the river Vitast; -t, f. blueness; dark-blue colour; -nikolin, a. wearing a dark cloak; -nraga, n. blue lotus; -pakshman, n. fea thered with black eyelashes; -pata, m. dark garment; -patala, n. dark film (on a blind eye); -pura, n. N. of a town; -purna, n. T. of a Purna; -bhnda-svmin, m. indigo vat proprietor; -bh, f. N. of a river; -mani, m. sapphire; -ratna, n. id.; -rgi, f. dark streak, darkness; -lohit, a. dark-blue and red, dark red; -vat, a. blackish, dark; -varna, a. blue-coloured: -srigla vat, ad. like the blue jackal; -vasana, n. blue cloth; -vrisha, m. dark-coloured bull; -sam dhna-bhnda, n. vat for preparing indigo; -saroruha, n. blue lotus; -‿amsuka, n. blue garment; -‿aṅga, a. dark-bodied; -‿abga, n. blue lotus; -abhra-samvrita, pp. obscured by dark clouds; -‿ambhoga, n. blue lotus.


नीलाय nilaya [ nl-ya ]
-- den. . begin to be dark or blue.

नीलाश्मन् nilasman [ nla‿asman ]
-- n. sapphire; -‿asva, N. of a locality.


नीलिनी nilini [ nl-in- ]
-- f. indigo plant; -i-man, m. blackness, darkness, dark colour.

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UKT notes

Kadam tree

1. Botanical Names of Myanmar Plants of Importance ,  http://www.tuninst.net/MyanMedPlants/Agri-Dept-2000/r5c5ma/r5c5.htm#Cont-this-pg 120609
2. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neolamarckia_cadamba 120609

entry-no: 43-1144. {ma.u-lak-tan-rh} , Kadam, Anthoeephalus cdamba   fam. Rubiaceae

UKT: We had this tree in the backyard of the second house we moved to in Kungyangon in 1942. We lived in that house until we fled to Yangon on 1945 May 6 - four days after the British 14th Army occupied the city.

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