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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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निर्दंशिन् nirdaṃsin [ nir-damsin ]
--a. not biting; -danda, a. not punishing; -danta, a. toothless, tuskless; -daya, a. unmerciful, cruel, ruthless; vehement, ardent (embrace); deserving no mercy: -m, ad. mercilessly; excessively; ( end p142c3 ) ( p143c1-top )
ardently; -dayatva, n. hard-heartedness, cruelty; -darana, a. free from clefts or holes; -dari, cave; -dalana, n. splitting, cutting down; -dasa, a. more than ten days old; -dasana, a. toothless; -dkshinya, a. un courteous; -dtri, m. weeder (of a field); -dridrya, a. free from poverty, well to do.


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निर्दुःख nirduhkha [ nir-duhkha ]
-- a. free from pain; causing no pain: -tva, n. painlessness.


निर्देव nirdeva [ nr-deva ]
-- a. forsaken by the gods; without gods or images.

निर्देश nirdesa [ nir-desa ]
m. order, direction; description, designation; detail, particulars; -desya, fp. to be described, -determined; -dainya, a. cheerful; -dosha, a. faultless, free from blemish; infallible; innocent: -t, f. faultlessness.


निर्द्रव्य nirdravya [ nir-dravya ]
-- a. immaterial; poor; -droha, a. free from enmity, well-disposed; -dvandva, a. indifferent towards the opposites of cold and heat etc.; free from jealousy.


निर्धन nirdhana [ nir-dhana ]
-- a. poor; lacking i. e. unbacked by money (enterprise): -t, f., -tva, n. poverty; -dhan-bh, become poor; -dharma, a. unrighteous, sinful; -dhrana, n. singling out; determining; -dhrayitri, m. decider; -dhnana, n. waving; -dhma, a. smokeless.


निर्नमस्कार nirnamaskara [ nir-namaskra ]
-- a. receiving no salutation, despised by all; -ntha, a. having no protector: -t, f. widowhood; -nbhi, a. reaching below the navel; -nyaka, a. lacking a guide or leader; -nsana, a. banishing, dispelling; -nidra, a. sleepless: -t, f. sleeplessness; -nimitta, a. causeless; quite dis interested: -m or --. ad. without an ascertainable cause, -tva, n. lack of causation; -nime sha, a. unwinking; -nirodha, a. unimpeded.


निर्बन्ध nirbandha [ nir-bandha ]
-- m. objection; insistance on, persistence in (lc., --); pertinacity; accusation: -m kri, urge any one (g.); --, in., ab. persistently; -barha, a. lacking tail feathers (peacock); -bala, a. destitute of strength, weak; -bdha, a. untroubled, undisturbed; unobstructed; -buddhi, a. witless, senseless, stupid; -bodha, a. id.


निर्भय nirbhaya [ nir-bhaya ]
-- a. fearless; not afraid of (--); secure: -m, ad. fearlessly; m. N. of a warrior; n. security; -bhara, a. vehement, ardent; excessive; deep (sleep); full of (--): -m or --, ardently, excessively, soundly, fast; -bhartsana, n. menace, reproach; -bhas mita, pp. burned to ashes, annihilated; -bhgya, pp. to be excluded from his share (ab.); -bh-ka, a. fearless, not afraid of (ab.); -bhta, pp. id.; -bheda, m. cracking, bursting; splitting; blurting out, betrayal; -bhed in, a. cleaving, shattering; -bhedya, fp. free from chinks; missing its mark.


निर्मक्षिक nirmaksika [ nir-makshika ]
-- n. freedom from flies: -m kri, clear the premises (Pr.); -makana, n. purification; -mandka, a. destitute of frogs; -matsara, a. free from envy or jealousy; -matsya, a. fishless: -t, f. absence of fish: -m n, clear of fish; -math ana, n. friction, esp. of tinder-wood; churning; -mada, a. not in rut; not proud, humble; -manas-ka, a. destitute of intellect: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -manyu, a. free from wrath.


निर्मम nirmama [ nir-mama ]
-- a. [regardless of &open;mine&close;], not caring for (lc.); indifferent to mundane matters: -t, f. perfect indifference towards (lc.); -tva, n. id.; a. indifferent towards (lc.).


निर्मर्याद nirmaryada [ nir-maryda ]
-- a. boundless; know ing no bounds, impious, wicked; -mala, a. spotless, unsullied, pure, clear, limpid: -t, ( end p143c1 )
( p143c2-top )
f., -tva, n. purity, -svdu-salila, n. clear and sweet water; -mmsa, a. fleshless; lean; -mna, n. measuring; measure; fashioning, forming, creating; composition, work.


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-- m., -tri , f. creator, author; builder; -mthin , a. stamping to pieces; -mna , a. free from pride; -mnusha , a deserted; lc. in a solitary place; -mrga , a. pathless; -mlya , a. (separated from a garland) disarranged; useless; a. remains of an offering, esp. flowers.


निर्मित nirmita [ nir-mita ]
-- pp. of √m.

निर्मिति nirmiti [ nir-miti ]
-- f. formation, creation; addition (of a word).

निर्मिथ्य  nirmithya [ nir-mithya ]
-- a. true.


निर्मुक्ति nirmukti [ nir-mukti ]
-- f. deliverance, from (ab., --); -munda, m. eunuch.


निर्मूल  nirmula [ nir-mla ]
-- a. deprived of its roots; void of foundation, unfounded: -na, n. up rooting.

निर्मूलय nirmulaya [ nir-mla-ya ]
-- den. P. uproot, exterminate, destroy.

निर्मूषक  nirmusaka [ nir-msha-ka ]
-- a. free from mice.


निर्मेघ nirmegha [ nir-megha ]
-- a. cloudless; -moka, m. hide; serpent's slough: -patta, m. strip of slough; -moksha, m. deliverance, from (g.,--).


निर्यत्न niryatna [ nir-yatna ]
-- a. inactive; -yantrana, a. unlimited; necessitating no constraint (--): -m, ad. without obstruction, unimpededly; -yna, n. setting out; vanishing; decease, death; outer corner of an elephant's eye; rope for tying a calf's feet; -ytaka, a. removing (--); -ytana, n. restoration, repayment; requital; -ypana, n. expulsion, from (ab.); -ys, m. exudation of trees, gum, resin; -yha, n. turret; -yoga-kshema, a. destitute of possessions.


निर्लक्षण nirlaksana [ nir-lakshana ]
-- a. bearing no distinguishing marks, insignificant, good for no thing; -lakshya, fp. imperceptible; avoiding notice; -lagga, a. shameless, immodest, brazen; -lavana, a. lacking grace; -lepa, a. free from greasy matter; spotless; -lobha, a. free from avarice.

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In comparing the following entries to Pal-Myan, we must keep in the mind the possibility of Skt-Dev speakers mispronouncing the sound of {ba.} /b/ (bilabial plosive-stop) as {va.} /v/ (labio-dental fricative), and finally confusing with the approximant {wa.} /w/.
   This problem of mispronunciation depends on the question of whether the labio-dental sounds were present in Vedic. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was only in Panini's work were the labio-dental sounds found. It is definite that the labio-dental sounds are absent in Bur-Myan, and possibly absent also in Pal-Myan. See Base Consonants in MC-indx.htm
-- UKT120606


निर्वंश nirvaṃsa [ nir-vamsa ]
-- a. having no family, childless, alone in the world; -vakana, n. explanation, etymology; a. speechless: -m, ad. without saying a word; -vatsala, a. not tenderly attached to, esp. children (lc.); -vp ana, n. (funeral) offering; -vartaka, a. performing; -vartana, n. performance; -vart anya, fp. to be accomplished; -varti, a. wickless; -vartitavya, fp. to be performed (Pr.); -vartin, a. ill-behaved (--); performing, doing (--); -vartya, fp. to be accomplished; -produced; -uttered; -vasa, a. possessing no will of one's own, dependent: -t, f. dependence; -vashatkra-maṅgala, a. lacking sacrifices and festivities; -vasu, a. poor; -vastr kri, deprive of one's clothes; -vahana, n. conclusion, issue; final act, catastrophe (dr.)


निर्वाच्य nirvacya [ nir-vkya ]
-- fp. to be explained, determined; -v-na, pp. of √v; -v‿ana, n. extinction; extinction of the vital flame, dissolution, final emancipation, union with the absolute; absorption in (--); individual extinction (B.); complete satisfaction, bliss: -pra na, n. funeral sacrifice.


निर्वात nirvata [ nir-vta ]
-- a. windless, sheltered; m.(?) sheltered spot; -vda, m. blame; -vpa, m. strewing; offering. esp. of the Manes; alms; -vp-ana, 1. n. [√vap] scattering, sowing.


-- 2. a. [cs. of √v] cooling; n. extinguishing; cooling; delighting; -v-p-ay-i-tri , m. cooler, allayer

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निर्वाप्य nirvapya [ nir -vpya ]
-- fp. [√vap] to be offered.

निर्वायस nirvayasa [ nir-vyasa ]
-- a. free from crows.


निर्वास nirvasa [ nir-vsa ]
-- m. leaving one's home, dwelling abroad, banishment; -vsana, n. expulsion, banishment; taking to another place; killing; -vsanya, fp. to be expelled or banished, from (ab.); -vsya, fp. id.; -vha, m. carrying out, accomplishment, completion; maintenance, subsistence: -ka, a. (ik) accomplishing, executing (--); -vhin, a. id.; -vhya, fp. to be accomplished, completed.


निर्विकल्प nirvikalpa [ nir-vikalpa ]
-- a. admitting of no alternative, changeless, free from distinctions, undifferentiated; unhesitating: -m, ad. without hesitation; -ka, a. undifferentiated; -vi kra, a. unchanged; -vighna, a. unobstructed, unimpeded: -m or in., without obstacles; -vikra, a. unreflecting: -m, with out long reflexion; -vikikitsa, a. subject to no doubt: -m, ad. without long reflexion; -vikeshta, a. motionless, unresisting.


निर्विद् nirvid [ nir-vid ]
-- f. despair, faintheartedness; -vidya, a. unlearned, uneducated; -vinoda, a. destitute of diversion; -vindhy, f. (coming from the Vindhyas), N. of a river; -vi bandha, a. offering no obstacle to (g.); harmless; -vimarsa, a. devoid of reflexion; unconsidered; -vivara, a. having no aperture or interstice: -t, f. close contiguity; harmony; -vivda, a. free from strife, concordant; subject to no dispute; -viveka, a. devoid of discrimination: -t, f., -tva, n. lack of judgment.


निर्विशङ्क nirvisanka [ nir-visaṅka ]
-- a. unhesitating, fearless: -m or in., fearlessly; -visesha, a. devoid of distinction, like, equal; not differing from (--); unqualified, absolute: -m, without a difference; n. lack of distinction, like appearance: in. in the same way as (--), -vise sha, m. difference without a distinction=not the slightest difference, -‿kriti, a. having an appearance not differing from the rest, looking precisely alike; -visha, a. not poisonous; deprived of poison; -vishaya, a. driven from one's abode; banished, from (--); not relating to an object; unattached to the objects of sense; -vishay-kri, banish, remove from (--); -vish-kri, free from poison; -vrya, a. feeble, tame, spiritless.


निर्वृक्ष nirvrksa [ nir-vriksha ]
-- a. treeless.


निर्वृति nirvrti [ nir-vriti ]
-- f. inward tranquillity; satisfaction, joy, pleasure; happiness, bliss; extinction (of a lamp): -mat, a. tranquil; happy; -vritti, f. accomplishment, performance, completion; impropriety, unseemly behaviour.

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निर्वेग nirvega [ nir-vega ]
-- a. unagitated, calm; -ve tana, a. wageless; -veda, m. disgust (of, g., lc., or --); mundane indifference; desperation, faintheartedness: -vat, a. indifferent to all things; -vesa, m. requital, recompense, payment; expiation, atonement; -vesanya, fp. to be enjoyed; -veshtavya, fp. to be requited; enjoyable; -vaira, n. peaceableness; a. free from hostility, peaceable, concordant; -vairina, n. concord, harmony; -vodhr, a. carrying out, accomplishing; nm. used as finite verb=will carry away.

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