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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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• धर्मिष्ठ dharmistha [ dharm-ishtha ]
-- spv. thoroughly versed in duty, very just or virtuous; completely harmonizing with the law or duty.


• धर्मेप्सुdharmepsu [ dharma‿îpsu ]
-- a. striving after moral merit.

• धर्मोत्तर dharmottara [ dharma‿uttara ]
-- a. devoted to justice, virtue, or duty; -‿upadesa, m. instruction or precepts regarding the sacred law or duty; body of law; -‿upadesanâ, f. instruction regarding the law; -‿upamâ, f. simile based on a common characteristic attribute.


• धर्म्य dharmya [ dharm-ya ]
-- a. lawful, legal, legitimate; permitted by the sacred tradition, customary; just, honest; befitting (g.).

• धर्षक dharsaka [ dharsh-aka ]
-- a. assailing (--° ); -ana, n., â, f. assault, ill-treatment, offence; -anîya, fp. easy to assail or conquer; -in, a. assailing, ill-treating, offending (--° ).

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• [DJAV]
-- dhavate , run (RV)

• धव dhava [ dhav-á ]
-- m. man; husband; lord; a shrub.


• धवल dhavala [ dhava-la ]
-- a. dazzling white; m. N.; n. N. of a city: -giri, m. Dolaghir, N. of a mountain (White Mountain); -griha, n. upper storey (so called because painted white); -tâ, f., -tva, n. whiteness; -paksha, m. (white-winged) goose: -vihamgama, m. swan; -mu kha, m. N.


• धवलय dhavalaya [ dhavala-ya ]
-- den. P. whiten; illumine: pp. dhavalita, whitened; illumined.

• धवलाय dhavalaya [ dhavalâ-ya ]
-- den. P. become or look dazzling white: pp. dhavalâyita.


• धवलिमन् dhavaliman [ dhaval-i-man ]
-- m. whiteness; brilliance; pureness.

• धवली dhavali [ dhavalî ]
-- f. white cow; white hair.

• धवित्र dhavitra [ dhav-í-tra ]
-- n. [√dhű] fan, (leather) flap or whisk.

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