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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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Orphan: धतोत्सेक dhatotseka [ dhrita‿utseka ]
= ध त ो त ् स े क -- a. haughty.

UKT notes :
Datura alba  aka {pa.deing:hpru}

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UKT: The 4 phonemes of row #4 of the akshara-matrix
   {ta.} (tenuis), {hta.} (voiceless), {da.} (voiced), {Da.} (deep-h)
are articulated with the tongue tip almost touching the roof of the mouth moving from the dental through alveolar to the retroflex positions.
   Westerners could not differentiate between {ta.} & {hta.} - they think they are the voiceless allophones of /t/ and dubbed the {hta.} as aspirate.
   {da.} & {Da.} are both voiced and are the allophones of /d/. The Western phoneticians dubbed {Da.} as "aspirate" with which I cannot agree. {Da.} has a deep-h element to it. In ordinary Bur-Myan speech {da.} & {Da.} are pronounced the same, but in Pal-Myan they are differentiated. This is my personal opinion with which other Bur-Myan phonetician may not agree. I wait for input from my peers. -- UKT120422



ध dh [ dha ]
-- a. (-- ) placing, putting; bestowing, granting.

धक् [dhak]
-- nm. of  -dah

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धगिति dhagiti [ dhag-it ]
-- ad. in a trice.


धट dhata [ dhata ]
-- m. [dhar-tra, weigher], scale of a balance; , f. loin-cloth.


धत्तूर dhattura [ dhattra ]
= ध त ् त ू र
-- m. white thorn-apple (Datura alba); n. its fruit; n. gold.

See my note on Datura alba  aka {pa.deing:hpru}

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-- dadhan-ti , set in motion, cause to run; cs. dhanya , id.; . run

धन dhana [ dh-na ]
-- n. [deposit: √dh], V.: prize of a contest; booty; stake or winnings in play; contest; V. C.: chattels, goods, property, wealth, treasure, money; reward, gift; -- , abundance in; --  a. possessing.


धनकोश dhanakosa [ dhana-kosa ]
-- m. treasury, store of wealth; -kshaya, m. loss of money or property; -garva, m. N. (Purse-proud); -gupta, pp. hoarding his money, penurious, miserly; -goptri, m. penurious man, miser: -t, f. penuriousness; -gta, n. pl. the genus property, goods of all kinds.


धनंजय dhananjaya [ dhanam-gay ]
-- a. winning booty; victorious in fight; m. fire; vital air that fattens; ep. of Arguna; N.: -vigaya, m. Victory of Arguna, T. of a play.


धनतृप्ति dhanatrpti [ dhana-tripti ]
-- f. sufficiency of money; -da, a. wealth-giving, liberal; m. Giver of wealth, ep. of Kubera; N.; -danda, m. fine; -datta, m. N. of various merchants; -dấ , a. bestowing wealth.
( end p129-2c1-b06 )

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धनदानुज dhanadanuja [ dhanada‿anuga ]
-- m. son of Kubera, ep. of Rvana.

-- m. N.

धनदेश्वर dhanadesvara [ dhanada‿svara ]
-- m. ep. of Kubera (wealth-bestowing god).


धननाश dhananasa [ dhana-nsa ]
-- m. loss of property; -pati, m. lord of wealth; rich man; ep. of Kubera; -para, a. intent on money; -mada, m. pride of wealth: -vat, a. purse-proud; -mitra, m. N. of a merchant; -mla, a. having its root in=arising from wealth; -yau vana-slin, a. endowed with wealth and youth; -raksha, a. money-saving, penurious; -rpa, n. particular kind of wealth; -lobha, m. avarice; -vat, a. wealthy; m. rich man; ocean: -, f. N.; -vargita, pp. destitute of wealth, poor; -viparyaya, m. loss of property; -vriddha, pp. rich in money; -vyaya, m. expenditure of money.


धनसंचय dhanasancaya [ dhana-sakaya ]
-- m.: -na, n. accumulation of riches; -sakayin, a. rich; m. rich man; -sampatti, f. riches; -sdhana, n. acquisition of riches; -sthna, n. treasury: -‿adhikrin, m. treasurer; -svmin, m. monied man, capitalist; -hna, pp. destitute of wealth, poor: -t, f. poverty.

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धनागम dhanagama [ dhana‿gama ]
-- m. acquisition of wealth, income; -‿dhya, a. rich: -t, f. wealth; -‿adhika, a. rich; -‿adhipa, -‿adhipati, m. ep. of Kubera; -‿adhyaksha, m. treasurer: -‿anvita, pp. wealthy; -‿pti, f. acquisition of treasure.

धनाय dhanaya [ dhan-ya ]
-- den. P. . long for (d., g.); . value.
( end p129-2c2 )

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धनार्थिन् dhanarthin [ dhana‿arthin ]
-- a. eager for money, avaricious; -‿s, f. hope of making money.


धनिक dhanika [ dhan-ika ]
-- a. rich; m. rich man; creditor; N.; -n, a. wealthy; m. rich man; creditor; -ishtha, spv. extremely rich: , f. sg. & pl. N. of a lunar mansion (Sravishth).

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धनु dhanu [ 1. dhanu ]
-- m. bow.

धनु dhanu [ 2. dhnu ]
-- f. sandbank; shore; island (also of clouds).


धनुर्ग्रह dhanurgraha [ dhanur-graha ]
-- m. bowman, archer; -grha, -grhin, m. id.; -gy, f. bowstring; -durga, a. inaccessible because of a desert; n. fortress protected by a desert; -dhara, a. bearing a bow; m. archer; -dhrin, -bhrit, a. m. id.; -yantra, n. bow; -yashti, f. id.; -yogy, f. practice in archery; -lat, f. bow; -vidy, f. archery; -veda, m. id.


-- -- a. = 1. dhanus

धनुष्काण्ड dhanuskanda [ dhanush-knda ]
-- n. sg. bow and arrow; -kấ ra, -krt, m. bow-maker; -koti (or ), notched end of a bow; -khanda, n. piece of a bow; -pni, a. bow in hand, armed with a bow; -mat, a. (-) armed with a bow; m. bowman: -t, f. archery.


धनुस् dhanus [ 1. dhn-us ]
-- n. bow; a measure of length (=4 hastas).

धनुस् dhanus [ 2. dhan-us ]
-- n. desert.

UKT: The hasta (Skt: हस्त hsta; Chinese-Pinyin: 肘 zhǒu) is a traditional Indian unit of length, measured from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. It equals 24 aṅgulas orᅠ about 18 inches, [1] about 45 centimetres. 400 hastas make one nalva. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasta-unit 120423

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-- f. = 2. dhnu

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UKT notes

 Datura alba  aka {pa.deing:hpru}

From Myanmar Medicinal Plants of Myanmar
http://www.tuninst.net/MyanMedPlants/TIL/famS/Solanaceae.htm#Datura-alba 120423

English common name used in Myanmar :
Agri.Dept.2000 34-0903: White datura; Thorn apple
Chklist - Smithsonian:
LSR {l-seik-rhing:} : NL (not listed)
KS-TMN (Dr. Kyaw Soe & Daw Tin Myo Ngw) : NL
Nagathein (Shin Nagathein) {pn:teing:thi: (a.hpru)} - 2-268: NG
UHM (U Hla Maw) 21: White Datura


Left from www.nutritionfocus.com/nutrition_supplementation/herbs/jimsonweed.html#3
Right from www.himalyahealthcare.com/aboutayurveda/cahd.htm

Part used and uses: Dried leaves. Used as relax bronchial muscles in the bronchial spasm of asthma, intoxicatic, emetic, digestive. Scopolamine is used as hypnotic drug. -- UHM

UKT: More in the original article.

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