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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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UKT: No scanned page is available for this file, and I doing what I could safely do at present: to group the entries according to their pronunciations.

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The following to be set in akshara order:
  {duur~wa.} : need to differentiate from {dur~wa.}

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[DUSH] IV. P. (E. also .)
-- dushya - (Br. etc.), be spoiled, impaired, or ruined; be defiled, sullied, or corrupted; be guilty, be in fault; commit a sin: pp. dushta , spoiled; tainted, vitiated; corrupt; de- ( end p122c3 )

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Note: No scanned page in PIX simply because there was none in
What I found on U.Chicago p122 was the entries of 3 pages, those from p122, p123, and p124 all jumbled together. I first sorted out those of p122 with the help of the scanned p122. Then moved the leftovers to p124 and sort out those from p124 with the help of scanned p124. Whatever was still left were moved to p123. They are given below. At present I have no way of sorting them out, except to group them together under various heads. -- UKT120413

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दूरग duraga [ dra-ga ]
-- a. extending far; distant; -gata, pp. gone far away; -gamana, n. going far away; -gmin, a. id.

दूरतर duratara [ dra-tara ]
-- cpv. in. at a great distance; lc. at some distance from (ab.).

दूरतस् duratas [ dra-ts ]
-- ad. from afar; far off or away, not at hand: -tyag (and verbs of cognate meaning), keep at a distance; cast altogether aside; -to bh, keep aloof.

दूरत्व duratva [ dra-tva ]
-- n. distance, remoteness.

दूरद durada [ d-rada ]
-- a. difficult to scratch, hard.

दूरदर्शन duradarsana [ dra-darsana ]
-- a. to be seen only at a distance by (g.); -darsin, a. far-seeing; -patha, m. long way: -m gata, being a long way off; -pta, m. distant flight; fall from a great height; -ptin, a. flying far; far-shooting.

दूरपार durapara [ dra-pra ]
-- a. whose other bank is distant; -prasrin, a. far-reaching; -ban dhu, a. far from one's kin; -bhva, m. distance; -vartin, a. being far away, distant; going far beyond; -samstha, a. being at a distance; far-removed; -srya, a. having the sun a long way off, remote from the sun; -stha, a. standing at a distance or aloof; being far off: -tva, n. distance; -sthita, pp. being far off, distant.

दूरागत duragata [ dra‿gata ]
-- pp. come from a distance; -‿apeta, pp. far removed=not to be thought of, out of the question: -tva, n. abst. n. ; -‿loka, m. distant view: e sthita, pp. to be seen only from afar.

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दूरेअन्त dureanta [ dr-anta ]
-- a. ending afar off.

दूरेचर durecara [ dre-kara ]
-- a. distant; ()-bh, a. shining afar; ()-heti, a. whose missile reaches far.

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दूरोदारचरित्र durodaracaritra [ dra‿udra-karitra ]
-- a. being a stranger to noble conduct.

दूरोह d-roha, -˚ण duroha du-roha, -na [ -n ]
-- a. hard to ascend.

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{duur~wa.} : UKT - I need to differentiate from {dur~wa.}

दूर्वा durva [ d&usharp;rv ]
-- f. kind of millet-grass (panicum dactylon).

दूर्वावत् durvavat [ drv-vat ]
-- a. joined with drv grass.

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दूषण dusana [ dsh-ana ]
-- a. () destructive, injurious; defiling, dishonouring (g. or --); m. N. of a Rkshasa; n. destroying, undoing, ruining; defiling, seducing; adulterating; slandering, detracting; refutation; blemish, fault; guilt, sin: -vdin, m. opponent (in an argument).

दूषय dusaya [ dsh-ya ]
-- den. P. (E. also .) spoil, destroy; falsify; defile, deflower, dishonour; pronounce to be wrong, blame; accuse; in timidate: pp. dshita, calumniated; exposed; blemished by (--). ud, calumniate. pra, spoil; defile; calumniate, abuse. prati-pra, pp. defiled. sam, spoil, defile; expose to shame, disgrace.

--  [ dsh-i ] a. destroying (--).

दूषिन् dusin [ dsh-in ]
-- a. polluting, deflowering (--).

दूषी dsh-, -˚का dusi dush-i, -ka [ -k ]
-- f. rheum of the eye.

दूष्य dusya [ 1. dsh-ya ]
-- fp. liable to be spoiled, ruined, or polluted; m. reprehensible person.

दूष्य dusya [ 2. dsh-ya ]
-- n. tent; cotton.

दूष dusa [ dsh-a ] a. defiling (--); -aka, a. (ik) destroying; disfiguring; sullying; falsifying; seducing, violating; corrupting, defiling; transgressing; -ik, f. rheum of the eyes.

दुःसंधान duhsandhana [ duh-samdhna ] a. hard to put to gether, unite, or reconcile; -sampda, a. hard to reach; -manage; -saha, a. hard to bear, unendurable; irresistible: -tara, cpv. more dangerous still (poison); -sdhya, fp. hard to accomplish; -get the better of; -restore.

दुःस्थ duhstha [ duh-stha ] a. faring ill, badly off, wretched, sad; -sthita, pp. id.; -sthiti, f. bad plight; -sparsa, a. hard or unpleasant to touch; -sprisa, a. id.; -smara, a. unpleasant to remember; -svapna, m. bad dream: -dars ana, n. bad vision in sleep.

दुह् duh, दुह duh duh, duha [ duh-a ] a. milking, yielding (--).

दूढी dudhi [ ddh ] a. [dur-dh] ill-disposed.

दूत duta [ d-t ] m. messenger, envoy: -ka, m. id.; -karman, n. condition or function of a mes senger or envoy; -tva, n. office of a mes senger or envoy; -mukha, a. having mes sengers as his mouthpiece.

दूतिका dutika [ dt-ik ] f. female messenger; go between: -vk, speech betraying (--).

दूती duti [ dt ] f. female messenger; go-between, procuress.

दूत्य dutya [ dty ] n., , f. office of an envoy, message.

दून duna  [ d-na ] pp. of √du.

दूर dura  [ d-r ] a. distant, remote; long; far (from, ab., g.); n. distance (of time and space): -and -m, far away; high up; deep; highly, very, altogether; -m kri, distance, surpass (ac.); -m tyag (and similar verbs)=avoid carefully; in. (e-na), far away; from afar; by far; ab. from afar; far from (ab.); remotely =thoroughly (examine); lc. in the distance, far, far away.

दूरआधी duradhi [ dr-dh ] a. with thoughts far away.

दूरक्ष्य duraksya  [ d-rakshya ] fp. hard to guard.

दुष्ट dusta [ dush-ta ] pp. √dush; m. bad man, rogue; n. transgression, guilt: -karitra, a. doing evil; m. evil-doer; -krin, a., m. id.; -ketas, a. malevolent; -t, f. wickedness; defile ment; -tva, n. wickedness; wrongness; -dur- gana, m. depraved rogue; -budhi, a. ill-af fected toward; -bhva, a. ill-disposed; -vk, a. defaming, libellous; -hridaya, a. wicked hearted.

दुष्टात्मन् dustatman [ dushta‿tman ] a. ill-disposed, ma levolent; -‿antartman, a. id.

दुष्टि dusti [ dush-ti ] f. corruptness.

दुष्परिग्रह dusparigraha [ dush-parigraha ] a. hard to re tain; -parihntu, a. hard to remove; -pari hara, a. hard to avoid; -pra, a. hard to cross; -perform; -prshni-graha, a. hav ing a bad enemy in the rear, -grha, a. id.; -pra, a. hard to fill; -satisfy; -prakriti, f. low nature; a. base; -prakriy, f. trifling dignity; -praga, a. stupid: -tva, n. stupidity; -pranta, pp. led astray; n. indis cretion; -pradharsha, a. hard to assail; -prabhagana, m. hurricane; -prayukta, pp. badly or wrongly employed; -pravda, m. slander; -pravritti, f. bad news; -pra vesa, a. hard to enter; -prasaha, a. hard to endure, irresistible; -prasda, a. hard to ap pease: -na, a. id.; -prasdhana, a. hard to manage (person); -prasdhya, fp. id.; -pr pa, a. hard to attain; -preksha, a., -preksha- nya, fp. hard to see; unpleasant to look at; -prekshya, fp. id.

दुष्मन्त dusmanta [ dushmanta ] m. incorr. form of Du shyanta.

दुःषम duhsama [ duh-shma ] n. bad year; -shtuta, n. wrong treatment of the stotra; -shvpnya, n. bad dream, uneasy sleep.

दुस्˚dus [ dus- ] px. (=dush-) bad; wrong; hard.

दुस्तर dustara [ dus-tara ] a. hard to cross, get over, or overcome, invincible; -tarana, a. () id.; -tarkya, fp. hard to guess; -tyaga, a. hard to abandon or renounce: -t, f. abst. n.

दुस्थ du-stha, -˚स्थित dustha du-stha, -sthita [ -sthita ] v. �ݣ duh-.

दुःसंलक्ष्य duhsaṃlaksya [ duh-samlakshya ] fp. hard to per ceive; -samskra, m. pl. bad habits; -saṅ ga, m. bad inclination; -samkra, a. hard to traverse, impervious; -samkintya, fp. hard to conceive.

दुष्˚ dus [ dush- ] indec. (=dus-) bad, ill, hard, un-, dis-.

दुष्कर duskara [ dush-kara ] a. hard to do, accom plish, or perform; -endure; difficult; un usual, extraordinary; hard to (inf.); -m yadi, (with ind. or pot.) hardly, scarcely; -m (kri yate) yad, it is no light thing if --: -kar man, a. doing what is hard, very clever; -karma-krin, a. id.; -sdhana, n. means of overcoming difficulties.

दुष्कर्मन् duskarman [ dush-karman ] n. misdeed; m. ill doer; -kyastha-kula, n. wretched caste of scribes; -kula, n. base family; a. sprung from a base family; -krt, a. doing ill-deeds; m. evil-doer; (dsh)-krita, pp. ill-done, wrong, wicked; n. () misdeed, sin, guilt.

दुष्कृतकर्मन् duskrtakarman [ dushkrita-karman ] m. evil doer; -krin, a. doing evil deeds; -‿tman, a. evil-minded, wicked.

दुष्कृति dushkriti, ˚न् duskrti dushkriti, n [ -n ] a. sinning; m. miscreant, sinner.


दुर्दम durdama [ dur-dama ] a. hard to control; -dam ya, fp. id.; -darsa, a. hard to be seen by (in., g.); unsightly, loathsome; -darsana, a. id.; -das, f. hard lot, misfortune; -dnta, pp. ill-tamed, untamed, unbridled; m. Hard-to tame, N. of a lion; -dina, n. dull or rainy day; clouded sky; rainy weather; rain, shower; a. cloudy, dull; -divasa, m. dull or rainy day.


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