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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

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दा [D] III
-- dd , dad , give, grant anything (ac. or partitive g.) to (d., gl, lc.) ;  ( end p117c3 )  (p118c1-top )
resign (one's seat); give up (for, in. of price); sell; pay (fine, wages, or debt); deliver; return; offer (sacrifice); ...
























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दा [D] (V.) P. II. 
-- d-ti IV. dy-ti , cut off; mow; ...



दा [D] P. IV. 
-- dy-ti , bind. , tie up, bind. ni , id. : pp. ndita , bound; hidden. sam , tie together : ...



दा [D]
-- 4 (no present base) purify, cleanse. ava , pp. -dta , pure white; purified; pure. ...

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दाक्ष daksa [ dksha ] {daak~Sa.}
= द ा क ् ष 
-- a. southern, dwelling in the south; relating to Daksha

UKT note: checking a long vowel is not usual in Bur-Myan, but is allowed in words derived from Pali., e.g. {daat-hsi} 'petrol' aka 'gasoline' aka 'gas'.


दाक्षायण daksayana [ dkshyan ]
-- a. () descended from or relating to Daksha; , f. daughter of Daksha; m. n. sacrifice of the winter solstice; -yaga, m. a modification of the Darsapaur- namsa sacrifice lasting fifteen years instead of thirty.

दाक्षायणिन् daksayanin [ dkshyan-in ]
-- a. wearing gold ornaments.


दाक्षिण daksina [ dkshin ]
-- a. relating to the sacrificial fee (dakshin).

दाक्षिणात्य daksinatya [ dkshin-tya ]
-- a. coming from, belonging to, or living in, the South; m. pl. inhabitants of the Deccan.

दाक्षिण्य daksinya [ dkshin-ya ]
-- a. relating to the sacrificial fee; n. politeness, courtesy; kindness, reverence, towards (g., lc., --); south: -vat, a. courteous, kind, amiable.


दाक्ष्य daksya [ dksh-ya ]
-- n. activity; ability, skill.


दाडिम dadima [ ddima ]
-- m., , f. pomegranate tree; n. pomegranate.


दाढिका dadhika [ ddhik ]
-- f. beard or whisker.

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दातव्य datavya [ d-tavya ]
-- fp. to be given; -bestowed in marriage; -paid; -made good; -applied.

दातुकाम datukama [ dtu-kma ]
-- a. wishing to make a present.


दातृ [d-tri]
-- a. (with ac., or -tr with g.) giving; (father) giving (his daughter) in marriage; paying; imparting, teaching; granting; causing (g., --); liberal towards (lc.); m. giver, donor; creditor.

दातृता datrta [ dtri-t ]
-- f. liberality; -tva, n. id.


दात्यूह datyuha [ dtyha ]
-- m. kind of fowl.


दात्र datra [ 1. d-tr ]
-- n. share; property.

दात्र datra [ 2. d-tra ]
-- n. sickle, scythe.

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दाद dada [ dd-a ]
-- m. gift: -da, a. giving.

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दान dana [ 1. d‿an ]
-- n. [√1. d] giving, -away (a daughter), presenting, offering (a sacrifice), teaching (of, g., --, to, lc., --); abandonment of life (--); payment of debt; gift; charitable gift; bribery; addition; offering, oblation.

दान dana [ 2. d‿an ]
-- m. [√2. d] distribution, esp. of food, meal, sacrificial feast; liberality; share, property.

दान dana [ 3. d‿ana ]
-- n. [√2. d] fragrant secretion from the temples of elephants in rut, temple-juice.


दानधर्म danadharma [ dna-dharma ]
-- m. duty of alms giving or liberality; -pattaka, n. deed of gift; -pati, m. chief in liberality, very charitable man; -para, a. intent on liberality, generous, charitable: -t, f. generosity; -prami-t, f. acme of generosity; -yogya, fp. worthy of a gift.


दानव danava [ dnava ]
-- m., , f. demon; in C. represented as the offspring of Danu and Kasyapa and as irreconcilable foes of the gods; a. relating to the Dnavas.


दानवत् danavat [ dna-vat ]
-- a. abounding in gifts, liberal.

दानवपति danavapati [ dnava-pati ]
-- m. lord of the Dnavas, Rhu.

-- bribe with gifts


दानवार् danavar [ dna-vr ]
-- n. offering of water; -vra, m. a perfect hero in liberality; a pat tern of generosity; -sla, a. liberal, charitable; -sra, m. model of liberality. (end p118c2 )

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दानाप्नस् danapnas [ dn‿apnas ]
-- a. abounding in gifts.


दानु danu [ 1. dnu ]
-- m. f. kind of demon.

दानु danu [ 2. dnu ]
-- f. n. drop; dew.


दान्त danta [ 1. dn-ta ]
-- pp. √dam; m. N. of a brother of Damayant.

दान्त danta [ 2. dnta ]
-- a. made of ivory (danta).

दान्त danta [ 3. d‿anta ]
-- a. ending in -d.

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दापनीय dapaniya [ d-p-anya ]
-- fp. who must be urged to pay (ac.); to be procured; -ayi-tavya, fp. id.; -ya, fp. id.

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दाम dama [ d-ma ]
-- n. cord, band; garland; , f. id.; (a)-ka, n. id.

-- 1. n. gift; 2. m. cord, band, rope; bond; garland.

-- n., , f. N. of a town


दामोदर damodara [ dma‿udara ]
-- m. ep. of Vishnu or Krishna (having a rope round his belly), so called because his foster-mother tried to tie him thus; N.: -gupta, m. N. of a poet; -‿aranya, n. N. of a forest.


दामोदरीय damodariya [ dmodar-ya ]
-- a. belonging to (king) Dmodara.

दांपत्य dampatya [ dmpatya ]
-- n. wedlock (fr. dampati).

दाम्भिक dambhika [ dmbh-ika ]
-- a. deceitful, hypocritical, fraudulent; m. cheat, hypocrite.

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दाय daya [ 1. d-ya ]
-- a. giving (--); m. gift; delivery.

दाय daya [ 2. d-y ]
-- m. share, inheritance: dyd upgata, acquired by inheritance.


दायक dayaka [ 1. dya-ka ]
-- a. (ik) giving; granting; producing, causing (gnly. --): -t, f. giving.

दायक dayaka [ 2. dya-ka ]
-- m. heir, relative.


दायकाल dayakala [ dya-kla ]
-- m. time of dividing the heritage; -bhga, m. division of the heritage; -hara, m. heir, relative.

दायाद dayada [ dya‿d ]
-- m. heir (*of, g., lc., or --); descendant; kinsman (within seven degrees).

दायाद्य dayadya [ dyd-ya ]
-- n. inheritance.


दायिन् dayin [ dy-in ]
-- a. (--) giving, bestowing; causing.

-- make a present to (ac.).

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दार dara [ 1. dr-a ]
-- m., , f. crack, rent, hole.

दार dara [ 2. dr ]
-- m. (gnly.) pl. wife: drn pra kri, marry a wife.


[dra-ka], 1. a. splitting, cleaving (--); 2. m. boy, son; young of animals; du. two boys; a boy and girl

दारकर्मन् darakarman [ dra-karman ]
-- n. taking a wife, marriage; -kriy, f. id.


दारण darana [ dr-ana ]
-- a. rending, cleaving (-- or g.); n. rending, bursting open.

दारपरिग्रह daraparigraha [ dra-parigraha ]
-- m. taking a wife, marriage.


दारव darava [ drava ]
-- a. () wooden; -ya, a. id.; produced from wood.

दारसंग्रह darasangraha [ dra-samgraha ]
-- m. marriage; -su ta, n. sg. wife and child; -‿adhigamana, n. taking a wife, marriage.


दारिका darika [ dr-ik ]
-- f. 1. crack, chap; 2. girl, daughter.

दारिद्र्य daridrya [ dridr-ya ]
-- n. poverty, indigence.

दारिन् darin [ dr-in ]
-- a. splitting, destroying (-- or g.).


दारु daru [ 1. dr- ]
-- a. breaking.

दारु daru [ 2. dr-u ]
-- n. [splitting: √dr] log, (piece of) wood, stick; species of pine (pinus deodora).

दारु daru [ 3. d-ru ]
-- a. liberal, generous.

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