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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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वयस्य vayasya [ vayas-ya ] a. being of (an=) the same age; m. contemporary, friend (often as a term of address): , f. woman's female contemporary or friend, confidential atten dant: (a)-ka, m. contemporary, friend.

वयत् vayat [ vy-at ] pr. pt. &root;4. v.

वयम् vayam [ vay-m ] nm. pl. we.

वयःसंधि vayhsandhi [ vayah-samdhi ] m. (junction of ages), puberty; -sama, a. equal in age; -stha, a. grown up, full-grown; aged (rare); -sthna, n. youthful vigour; -sthpana, a. preserving the bloom of youth.

वया vaya [ vay-&asharp; ] f. 1. (V.) branch (also fig. of a family); 2. refreshment, invigoration (RV.1).

वयी vayi [ vay-&isharp; ] f. female weaver (RV.1).

वन्य vanya [ vn-ya ] a. produced, living or growing in the forest; m. wild animal; wild plant; n. forest-produce (roots and fruit of wild plants): -vritti, a. living on forest produce; -½asana, a. id.

वन्येतर vanyetara [ vanya½itara ] a. reverse of wild, tame: w. nivsh, m. dwellings the reverse of syl van; -½ibha, m. wild elephant.

वपन vapana [ vp-ana ] n. 1. shearing, shaving; 2. sowing; -anya, fp. n. one should sow; -&asharp;, f. 1. caul, omentum; fat (comm.); 2. mound, anthill (only --ree; with valmka-).

वपुःप्रकर्ष vapuhprakarsa [ vapuh-prakarsha ] m. excellence of form, personal beauty.

वपुर्धर vapurdhara [ vapur-dhara ] a. endowed with beauty; embodied; -mala-samkita, pp. covered with dirt on her body.

वपुष vapusa [ vpush-a ] a. very beautiful (RV.); n. marvellous beauty.

वपुष्मत् vapusmat [ vapush-mat ] a. having a beautiful form, handsome; embodied, incarnate; con taining the word vapus.

वपुस् vapus [ vp-us ] a. wondrous, marvellously beautiful (RV.); n. marvel, wondrous beauty (V.); beautiful appearance, beauty; form, appearance; nature, essence (rare); body (--ree; a., f. -ush-).

वपोद्धरण vapoddharana [ vap½uddharana ] n. aperture for extracting the caul (S.).

वप्तव्य vaptavya [ vap-tavya ] fp. to be sown; n. one should sow; 1. (vp)-tri (or -tr), shearer; 2. (vap)-tri, m. sower.

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वप्र vapra [ vap-ra ] m. n. [heap thrown up: &root;2. vap] mound; earthwork, rampart, mud wall; high river-bank (rare); slope of a hill, de clivity (rare): -kriy, -krd, f. playful butting (of an elephant or bull) against a bank or mound; -½abhighta, m. butting (of a bull) against a bank or mound.

वप्सस् vapsas [ vps-as ] n. beautiful appearance (comm.; RV.1).

वमथु vamathu [ vam-athu ] m. vomiting; water squirted from an elephant's trunk; -ana, n. vomit ing; emission; emetic.

वमि vami [ vam-i ] f. (also ) vomiting, nausea; -itavya, fp. to be vomited or spit out.

वम्र vamra [ vam-r ] m., &isharp;, f. ant.

वनुस् vanus [ van-s ] a. (RV.) eager, zealous; lov ing; eager to attack, assailing; m. assailant.

वनेचर vanecara  [ vane-kara ] a. () roaming about or dwelling in the forest; m. forest-dweller (of men or animals).

वनैकदेश vanaikadesa [ vana½eka-desa ] m. a spot in the forest.

वनोद्देश vanoddesa [ vana½uddesa ] m. forest region, place in the wood; -½udbhava, a. produced or ex isting in the forest, growing wild; -½upapla va, m. forest conflagration; -½upeta, pp. having retired to the forest; -½urv, f. forest region.

वनौकस् vanaukas [ vana½okas ] a. dwelling in the forest; m. forest-dweller, anchorite; forest animal; boar; -½ogha, m. mass of water; -½oshadhi, f. forest or wild herb.

वन्दन vandana [ 1. vnd-ana ] m. N. of a protg of the Asvins; n. praise (RV.); respectful saluta tion, obeisance, homage.

वन्दन vandana [ 2. vnd-ana ] n. parasitic plant (AV.1); rash (attacking the limbs; also personified as a demon; RV.).

वन्दनमाला vandanamala [ vandana-ml ] f. festoon of wel come (suspended over gateways): i-k, f. id.

वन्दनीय vandaniya [ vand-anya ] fp. to be respectfully greeted, to be paid homage to; -&asharp;ru, a. prais ing, extolling (V.); respectful, towards (--ree;; C.); n. praise (RV.); -itavya, fp. to be praised; to be respectfully greeted; -i-tr, m. praiser (V.); -in, a. adoring (--ree;); (vnd) ya, fp. laudable, praiseworthy; to be re spectfully saluted; adorable, venerable: , f. N. of a Yaksh: (a)-t, f. adorableness.

वन्धुर vandhura [ vandhra ] n. driver's seat; seat of a chariot.

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वन्ध्य vandhya [ vandhya ] a. barren (female), unproductive (plant); fruitless, useless; destitute of (in., --ree;): -t, f. fruitlessness, useless ness; lack of (lc., --ree;); -tva, n. fruitlessness, uselessness; -phala, a. fruitless, useless: -tva, -ness.

वन्ध्याvandhya  [ vandhy ] f. barren woman: -tva, n. barrenness; -suta, m. son of a barren woman (=an impossibility).

वनस्पति vanaspati [ vnas-pti ] m. (lord of the wood), forest tree; tree; large forest tree bearing fruit apparently without blossoms (C.); trunk, beam, post, timber (V.); lord of plants, Soma plant (V., P.); sacrificial post (V., P.).

वनहरि vanahari [ vana-hari ] m. lion (?); -hutsana, m. forest conflagration.

वना vana [ van- ] f. fire-stick (personified; RV.1).

वनाग्नि vanagni [ vana½agni ] m. forest-fire; -½atana, n. roaming about in the forest; -½adhivsin, a. dwelling in the forest; -½anta, m. forest region, forest: -bh, f. forest region; -½an tara, n. interior of a forest (pl. forests: lc. in forests of, --ree;); ab. out of the forest; lc. in the forest; -m pra-vis, or pra½p, enter or reach a forest: -kara, -krin, a. roaming about in the forest; -½anta-sthal, f. forest region; -½abgin, f. lotus growing in the forest.

वनायु vanayu [ vanyu ] m. pl. N. of a people: -ga, -desya, a. w. haya, m. horse from the Vanyu country.

वनाली vanali [ vana½l ] f.= -rg; -½srama, m. abode in the forest, third stage in the reli gious life of a Brhman; -½sramin, m. an chorite, Brhman in the third stage; -½sraya, a. living in the forest; m. forest-dweller.

वनिका vanika [ van-ik ] f. little wood (--ree;): -vsa, m. N. of a village.

वनिता vanita [ van-it ] pp. (&root;van) f. beloved, wife; girl; woman; female (of an animal or bird).

वनिन् vanin [ 1. van-n ] a. (RV.) desiring; bestowing.

वनिन् vanin [ 2. vn-in ] m. (belonging to the forest), tree (RV.); anchorite, Brhman in the third stage (C.).

वनिष्ठु vanisthu [ vanishth ] m. entrail (V.).

वनी vani [ van- ] f. forest, thicket.

वनीयक vaniyaka [ van-ya-ka ] m. beggar, petitioner: -gana, m. id.

वनीयस् vaniyas [ vn-yas ] cpv. a. obtaining more (RV.).

वनु vanu [ van- ] m. assailant (RV.).

वनुष्य vanusya [ vanush-y ] den. P. assail (RV.).


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