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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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वध्रिका vadhrika [ vadhr-ik ] f. thong, strap.

वध्रिमती vadhrimati [ vadhri-mat-&isharp; ] f. a. having an im potent husband (RV.).

वनसद् vanasad [ vana-sd ] a. sitting in the forest (Rudra); -samnivsin, m. forest-dweller; -stha, a. living in the forest; m. forest-dwell er, hermit; -sthal, f. forest region.

वध्या vadhya [ vadh-y ] f. (--ree;) slaughter, murder.

वध्र vadhra [ vadh-ra ] m., , f. leather thong or strap.

वध्रि vadhri [ vdh-ri ] a. castrated, emasculate (V.).

वन vana [ vn-a ] n. tree (V.); forest (V., C.); thicket (of reeds), cluster, group (of lotuses), quantity (C.); wood (RV.); (wooden) trough for Soma (RV.); (trough of the sky), cloud (V.); water (C., rare); abode (C., very rare).

वनकपि vanakapi [ vana-kapi ] m. wild monkey; -kar in, m. wild elephant; -kma, a. fond of living in the forest; -kshthik, f. dry twig lying in the forest; -kugara, m. wild elephant; -kusuma, n. flower of the forest; -khanda, n. group of trees, copse; -gaga, m. wild ele phant: -mada, m. temple-juice of forest elephants; -gahana, n. thicket; -gulma, n. forest or wild shrub; -gokara, a. dwelling in the forest; m. denizen of the forest (of men or animals); -grma-ka, m. forest ham let, wretched little forest village; -grhin, a. searching the forest; -kara, a. roaming in or haunting the forest; m. forest-dweller (of men or animals); -kary, f. roaming about in or residence in the forest; -krin, a., m. = -kara; -kkhid, m. wood-cutter; -ga, a. born in the forest, sylvan; m. forester; n. (produced in the water), blue lotus: -½aksha, a. () lotus-eyed; -gta, pp. produced or growing in the forest, wild; -dha, m. forest fire; -durga, a. inaccessible owing to forest; n. place --; -devat, f. sylvan goddess, dryad; -druma, m. forest tree; -dvipa, m. wild ele phant; -dhnya, n. pl. grains of wild corn; -dhr, f. avenue of trees.

वनना vanana [ van-n ] f. desire (RV.1).

वननीयvananiya  [ van-anya ] fp. desirable.

वनन्वत् vananvat [ vnan-vat ] a. (RV.) possessing; belonging to oneself, own.

वनपन्नग vanapannaga [ vana-pannaga ] m. forest snake; -parvan, n. Forest-section, T. of the third book of the Mahbhrata; -prsva, m. forest (side=) region; -pushpa-maya, a. made or consisting of wild flowers; -prva, m. N. of a village; -prastha, m. n. forest plateau, wooded table-land; N. of a locality; -barh ina, m. wild peacock: -tva, n. state of a wild peacock; -bidla, m. wild cat; -bh, -bhmi, f. forest region; -mta&ndot;ga, m. wild elephant; -mnushik, f. little forest woman; -mnush, f. female forester; -ml, f. gar land of wild flowers, esp. that worn by Krish- na; -mlin, a. wearing a garland of forest flowers, esp. ep. of Krishna; -muk, a. shower ing water; -mriga, m. forest antelope; -r- g&ibrevcirc; f. line of trees, far-extending forest.

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वनर्गु vanargu [ vanar-g ] a. roaming in the wood, forest, or wilds (V.).

वनलता vanalata [ vana-lat ] f. forest-creeper; -le kh, f. line of forest, far-extending forest; -vahni, m. forest fire; -vta, m. forest wind; -vsa, m. dwelling or residence in the forest; a. living in the forest; m. forest-dweller; -vsin, a., m. id.; -svan, m. (wild dog), jackal.

वनस् vanas [ vn-as ] n. loveliness (RV.1).

वद्य vadya [ vad-ya ] n. speech, discourse concerning (--ree;).

वध vadha [ vadh- ] m. vanquisher, slayer (V.); deadly weapon, esp. Indra's bolt (V.); slay ing, slaughter, murder, destruction (of or by, --ree;); capital or (more commonly) corporal punishment (in law-books); annihilation (of things); prevention (rare): -ka, m. murderer; executioner; -karma½adhikrin, m. execu tioner; -kma, a. desirous of killing; -km y, f. intention of striking or killing; -gvin, a. living by the killing of animals, butcher; hunter.

वधदण्डvadhadanda  [ vadha-danda ] m. corporal punish ment.

वधना vadhana [ vadh-n ] f. deadly weapon (RV.).

वधनिग्रह vadhanigraha [ vadha-nigraha ] m. capital pun ishment; -bhmi, f. place of execution.

वधर् vadhar [ vdh-ar ] n. missile, bolt, esp. of Indra (RV.).

वधर्य vadharya [ vadhar-ya ] den. only pr. pt. vadhar ynt, hurling the bolt = lightning cloud (RV.1).

वधु vadhu [ vadh-u ] f. woman (rare).

वधू vadhu [ vadh-&usharp; ] f. [&root;vadh=&root;vah: (to be) taken home], bride, young married woman, wife; woman; female of an animal; daugh ter-in-law, wife of a younger relative.

वधूजन vadhujana [ vadh-gana ] m. women-folk; -tik, f. young woman (rare); -t, f. id.; -tva, n. condition of a bride.

वधूमत् vadhumat [ vadh&usharp;-mat ] a. drawn by mares (RV.).

वधूयु vadhuyu [ vadh-y ] a. desiring women, wooing (RV.); -vara, n. sg. bride and bridegroom, newly-married couple; -vastra, n. bride's garment.

वधोपाय vadhopaya [ vadha½upya ] m. means of corporal punishment.

वध्य vadhya [ vdh-ya ] fp. to be slain or killed; de serving or liable to be killed; sentenced to death; to be chastised or corporally pun ished; to be destroyed: -t, f. penalty of death or corporal punishment; -pataha, m. drum beaten at executions; -bh, f. place of execution; -bhmi, f. id.; -ml, f. garland placed on the head of one sentenced to death; -sil, f. stone used for executing or slaughtering, block; -sthna, n. place of execution; -srag, f.=-ml.

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वद vada [ vad-a ] a. speaking, m. speaker (--ree;).

वदन vadana [ vd-ana ] n. speaking, talking; mouth; face; front, point (rare): -m kri, make a face (=grimace): -pa&ndot;kaga, n. lotus-face; -pav ana, m. breath; -mruta, m. (wind coming from the mouth: vadana), breath.

वदनोदर vadanodara [ vadana½udara ] n. jaws.

वदान्य vadanya [ [a]va-dn-ya ] a. liberal, generous; m. liberal man: -t, f. liberality.

वदितव्य vaditavya [ vad-itavya ] fp. to be spoken or said; -i-tri, m. speaker of (g.); a. speaking about (ac.).
























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