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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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वटिका vatika [ vatik ] f. kind of perforated rice cake.

वठर vathara [ vathara ] a. stupid; m. blockhead; wretched fellow.

वक्षोजvaksoja [ vaksho-ga ] m. du. female breasts; -mani, m. breast-jewel; -ruh, m. female breast.

वचस् vacas [ vk-as ] n. speech; word; injunction, command; counsel; language; song (of birds): -kri, follow the advice of (g.); vak as mama, on my advice.

वचस्विन् vacasvin [ vakas-vin ] a. eloquent.

वचोहर vacohara [ vako-hara ] m. messenger, envoy.

वत्सक vatsaka [ vatsa-ka ] m. little calf; -tant, -tan tr, f. long rope for tying calves to by means of shorter ones; -tar, m., , f. weaned calf or young of an animal, young bull or heifer; -pati, m. king of the Vatsas (Udayana); -pla: -ka, m. keeper of calves; -prya, n. hymn composed by Vatsapr, RV. IX, 68; -bhmi, f. country of the Vatsas.

वत्सर vatsara [ vatsa-r ] m. fifth (sixth) year in the cycle of five (six) years; year (ord. mg.): also personified (sg. & pl.).

वत्सराज vatsaraja [ vatsa-rga ] m. king of the Vatsas; N.; -rgya, n. sovereignty of the Vatsas; -rpa, m. small calf.

वत्सल vatsala [ vatsa-la ] a. attached to her calf (cow); loving, fond, tender, affectionate, towards (g., lc., prati, --ree;); devoted to (--ree;); tender (sen timent in a poem): -t, f., -tva, n. fondness, tenderness towards (--ree;); delight in (lc., --ree;).

वत्सलय vatsalaya [ vatsala-ya ] den. P. make any one (ac.) tender or fond.

वत्सा vatsa [ vats ] f. female calf; little girl (vc. as a term of endearment=my dear).

वत्सिका vatsika [ vats-ik ] f. female calf, heifer; -n, a. having a calf; -i-man, m. childhood, early youth; -ya, a. watching the calves; -blaka, m. boy watching calves.

वत्सेश vatsesa [ vatsa½sa ] m. king of the Vatsas; -½svara, m. id.

वत्स्य vatsya [ vat-sya ] fut. base of &root;vas, dwell.

वडबा vadaba [ vdab ] f. mare; Vivasvat's wife, who in the form of a mare became the mother of the Asvins; female slave (rare); prostitute (rare); N.: -½agni, m. submarine fire (sup posed to be situated at the south pole); -½anala, m. id.; -bhartri, m. the mythical steed Ukkaihsravas; -mukha, n. mare's mouth=entrance of hell at the south pole; a. agni, m. the submarine fire; -vaktra, n.=-mukha; -hutabhug, m.=-½agni; -hrita, (pp.) m. kind of slave.

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वडवा vadava [ vadav ] f. later spelling of vadab.

वडिश vadisa [ vadisa ] n. fish-hook (less corr. than badisa).

वणिक्कटक vanikkataka [ vanik-kataka ] m. trading cara van; -karman, n. business of a merchant, trade; -tva, n. position of a merchant; -pa tha, m. pursuits of a merchant, trade; mer chant's shop; merchant; Libra (sign of the zodiac); -putra, m. merchant's son; -puru sha, m. merchant; -srtha, m. trading cara van; -suta, m. merchant's son; -sut, f. merchant's daughter; -snu, m. merchant's son.

वणिग्ग्राम vaniggrama [ vanig-grma ] m. merchants' gild; -gana, m. merchant: coll. merchants; -vth, f. market street, bazaar; -vritti, f. pl. trade, bargaining.

वणिज्य vanijya [ vanig-ya ] n. (?), &asharp;, f. trade, traffic.

वण्ट vanta [ vanta ] a. tailless (very rare).

वण्टन vantana [ vant-ana ] n. partition (of property).

वण्ठ vantha [ vantha ] m. servant (very rare).

वतंस vataṃsa [ [a]va-tamsa ] m. chaplet; ring-shaped ornament.

वतु vatu, वतू vatu vatu, vatu [ vat ] ij. hush (very rare).

वत्कार vatkara [ vat-kra ] m. suffix vat.

वत्स vatsa [ vats- ] m. [vat(a)s-, yearling], calf: young of an animal; child (vc. often as a term of endearment=my dear); year (only in tri-vats); N.; N. of a country: pl. its inhabitants.

वचनीय vacaniya [ vak-anya ] fp. to be said or spoken; that may be uttered; to be called; censurable; n. blame, reproach: -t, f. liability to censure.

वज्र vajra [ vg-ra ] m. n. [mighty], thunderbolt, esp. Indra's (sts. also of other gods; also applied to mythical weapons, destructive spells etc.); adamant, diamond (gnly. n.); m. kind of military array; N.: -karshana, m. ep. of Indra; -kta, m. kind of insect (supposed to perforate wood and stone); -kla, m. thunderbolt: -ya, den. P. resemble a thunderbolt; -kta, n. N. of a mythical town; -ghosha, a. roaring like the thunderbolt; -gvalana, m. (flash of the thunderbolt), lightning; -tunda, a. having a beak as hard as adamant; -damsh- tra, a. having fangs as hard as adamant; m. N. of a prince of the fairies; N. of a lion; -datta, m. N.; -dhara, a. wielding the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra; N. of a king; -n bha, a. having a nave of adamant; m. N. of various kings; -pagara, m. cage of adamant=secure refuge for, protector of (g., --ree;); N. of a Dnava; -pni, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand; m. ep. of Indra; -pta, m. fall of the thunderbolt, thunder clap, stroke of lightning; a. descending like a thunderbolt; -prabha, m. N. of a fairy; (vgra)-bhu, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand (RV.); -bhrt, a. bearing the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra; -mani, m. adamant gem, diamond; -maya, a. () adamantine, hard as diamond; -mukuta, m. N.; -mushti, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand; m. ep. of Indra; N. of two warriors; -rtra, n. N. of a town; -lepa, m. diamond cement; -lepya, den. . adhere like adamant cement; -vriksha, m. kind of tree (Cactus Opuntia); -vega, m. N. of a fairy; -vyha, m. kind of military array; -sra, a. hard as adamant; made of diamond; m. n. diamond; m. N.: -maya, a. hard as diamond, adamantine; -sr-kri, make as hard as diamond; -sk&ibrevcirc;, f. diamond needle; (vgra)-hasta, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand (gnly. of Indra).

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वज्राकर vajrakara [ vagra½kara ] m. mine of diamonds; -½kriti, a. having the form (X) of a thunderbolt; -½ditya, m. N. of a king.

वज्राय vajraya [ vagr-ya ] den. . become a thun derbolt.

वज्रायुध vajrayudha [ vagra½yudha ] a. armed with the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra; N.

वज्रिन् vajrin [ vagr-n ] a. having the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra.

वज्रीभूत vajribhuta [ vagr-bhta ] pp. become a thun derbolt.

वञ्चक vancaka [ vak-aka ] a. deceitful, fraudulent; m. cheat, rogue; jackal.

वञ्चन vancana [ vak-ana ] n., , f. cheating, fraud, deception; delusion, waste of time: (a)-t, f. deceitfulness; ()-pandita, a. clever at cheating: -tva, n. abst. n.

वञ्चनीय vancaniya [ vak-anya ] fp. to be eluded; - deceived; -ayitavya, fp. to be deceived; n. imps. kim vakayitavyam asti, should one deceive (g.)?; -ita, cs. pp. (&root;vak) deceived, etc.: , f. kind of riddle.

वट vata [ vata ] m. Indian fig-tree (Ficus indica); cowrie (rare); pawn in chess (rare): , f. globule, pill (rare).

वटारक vataraka [ vatra-ka ] m. (?), , f. cord (rare): (a)-maya, a. made of cord (noose).

वक्षण vaksana [ vksh-ana ] a. () strengthening, invigorating (RV.1); n. invigoration (RV.1); -n, f. (V.) [nourisher], belly; cavity (of mountains or heaven); bed (of a river); -tha, m. invigoration, growth (RV.); (vksh)-as, n. sg. & pl. breast, chest.

वक्षःस्थल vakshsthala [ vakshah-sthala ] n., , f. region of the breast, chest.

वक्ष्य vaksya [ vak-shya ] ft. base of &root;vah & &root;vak: -mna-tva, n. subsequent mention (abst. n. fr. ft. pt. ps. of &root;vak).

वग्नु vagnu [ vag-n ] m. [&root;vak] call, cry, roar, sound (V.).

वङ्क vanka [ va&ndot;k-a ] m. vagabond.

वङ्का vanka [ va&ndot;k- ] f. [&root;vak] pommel.

वङ्कु vanku [ va&ndot;k- ] a. [&root;vak] swerving, swaying (RV.).

वङ्क्रि vankri [ v&ndot;k-ri (or ) ] f. [bent: &root;vak] rib.

वङ््क्षण vanksana [ va&ndot;kshana ] m. groin.

वङ्ग vanga [ va&ndot;ga ] m. Bengal (proper): pl. its inhabitants; a tree (v. r.): -ka, m. a tree; -lipi, f. Bengal writing.

वचःक्रम vachkrama [ vakah-krama ] m. pl. various dis courses.

वचन vacana [ vak-an ] a. eloquent (RV.); --ree;, ex pressing, meaning (-t, f. abst. n.); pro nounced by (in., --ree;); n. act of speaking; pronunciation; utterance, declaration; ex press mention; statement that something is (--ree;); speech, word; injunction of a teacher, rule (gr.); command, direction; advice; voice, note; grammatical number: -m kri, do any one's bidding, follow the advice of (g.); e sth, id.; vakanena (rare) or vakant, in the name of (g., --ree;); iti vakant, because it is so stated.

वचनकर vacanakara [ vakana-kara ] a. doing the bidding of (g.); obedient; -krin, a. id.; -krama, m. course of speech, discourse; -patu, a. skilled in speech, eloquent; -rakan, f. adroitness of speech, eloquence; -sahya, m. companion to converse with.

वंशागत vaṃsagata [ vamsa½gata ] pp. hereditary; -½ag ra, n. tip of a bamboo cane; -½anukrtana, n. enumeration of generations, genealogy; -½anukrama, m. family succession, genealogy; -½anuga, a. passing from one generation to the other.

वंशी vaṃsi [ vams- ] f. flute: -rava, m. sound of the flute.

वंशीय vaṃsiya [ vams-ya ] a. belonging to the family of (g.).

वंश्य vaṃsya [ vams-ya ] a. connected with the main beam (rare); belonging to the family; sprung from the family of (--ree;); m. member of the family; descendant; ancestor.

वंसग vaṃsaga [ vmsa-ga ] m. bull.

वकल vakala [ vkala ] m. inner bark (V.).

वकार vakara [ va-kra ] m. letter v.

वक्तव्य vaktavya [ vak-tvya (or y) ] fp. to be said, spoken; uttered, stated, or declared (w. g. or lc. of prs.); -spoken to or addressed (w. ac. of object); -blamed, reprehensible; responsible to, dependent on (g., --ree;): vaktavyasya klah, time to speak; n. blame, censure: -t, f. censure; responsibility.

वक्ति vakti [ vak-ti ] f. speech (very rare).

वक्तुकाम vaktukama [ vaktu-kma ] a. intending to speak.

वक्त्र vaktra [ vak-tra ] n. mouth; face; muzzle, snout; -kkhada, m. cloth covering the face (of an elephant); -dvra, n. mouth; -pata, m. (?) veil; -½ambuga, n. lotus-face; -½indu, m. moon-like face.

वक्त्व vaktva [ vk-tva ] a. to be said or uttered (RV.).

वक्र vakra [ vak-r ] a. bent, curved, crooked; cir cuitous, tortuous; curly (hair); retrograde (of the motion of planets); ambiguous; de ceitful, fraudulent, dishonest; adverse (for tune); m. planet Mars: -gati, a. having a tortuous course, winding; -gmin, a. id.; -t, f. crookedness; -tunda, a. crooked mouthed; m. ep. of Ganesa; -tva, n. crooked ness; ambiguity; deceitfulness; -dh, f. deceitfulness, dishonesty; a. deceitful, dis honest; -nsa, a. having a curved nose or beak; m. N. of an owl; -pda, a. crooked legged; -pura, n. N. of a town; -pluta, pp. leaping in curves; -buddhi, a. deceitful; -bhanita, n. ambiguous speech; -bhva, m. crookedness; deceitfulness; -vkya, n. am biguous speech; -½a&ndot;ga, n. (--ree; a. ) crooked limb; -½a&ndot;ghri, m. crooked foot: -samgr ma, m. (oblique-footed or tripping up=) fraudulent fight.

वक्रित vakrita [ vakr-ita ] den. pp. curved, crooked, bent; retrograde (planet); -ima (?), a. curved; -i-man, m. crookedness; equivocation, ambiguity.

लौकायतिक laukayatika [ laukyat-ika ] m. follower of Krvka, materialist.

लौकिक laukika [ lauk-ika ] a. () relating or belonging to or occurring in every-day life, common, usual, ordinary, current (opp. Vedic or learned); belonging to the world of (--ree;); m. pl. ordinary people (opp. scholars, adepts); men of the world; people; n. affairs of the world, general custom: -ga, a. knowing the ways of the world; -tva, n. usualness, ordinariness.

लौक्य laukya [ lauk-y ] a. belonging to the world, mundane; common, ordinary.

लौल्य laulya [ laul-ya ] n. restlessness; unsteadiness, fickleness, inconstancy; excessive passion, ardent longing, greediness, for (lc., --ree;): -vat, a. greedy, avaricious.

लौह lauha [ lauha ] a. () made of copper or metal; red; n. metal, iron: -kra, m. blacksmith; -sstra, n. treatise on metals; -½krya, m. teacher of metallurgy; -½ayasa, a. made of reddish metal or copper (loha½ayasa).

लौहित्य lauhitya [ lauhit-ya ] m. pat. (fr. lohita), N. of a river, Brahmaputra; n. redness.

ल्यप् lyap [ l-ya-p ] suffix ya of the indeclinable participle.

वंश vaṃsa [ vams ] m. V., C.: cane, esp. bamboo; cross-beam; family-tree (the knots of the bamboo representing generations), stock, lineage, race, family; C.: reed-pipe, flute; assemblage of similar things (--ree;); a certain musical note; pride, arrogance (rare).

वंशकर vaṃsakara [ vamsa-kara ] a. perpetuating a race; m. continuer of a family; N.; -karma-krit, m. worker in bamboo, basket-maker; -krit ya, n. function of a flute, flute-playing; -krama½gata, pp. come down by family succession, lineally descended, hereditary; -krama½hita-gaurava, a. highly esteemed by successive generations of the family; -gop tri, m. preserver of the family; -kintaka, m. genealogist; -kkhettri, m. (cutter off=) last of a family; -ga, a. made of bamboo; born in or belonging to the family of, sprung from a -family (--ree;); belonging to the same family: with prktanh=ancestors; -dhara, a. perpetuating a family; m. continuer of a family; m. descendant; -ndik, -nd, f. pipe of bamboo; -ntha, m. chief of a race; -pattra, n. bamboo leaf; -pota, m. shoot of a cane and child of good family; -bhya, a. re pudiated by the family; -brhmana, n. list of ancient teachers; T.; -bhrit, m. perpetuator of a race; -bhogya, fp. to be enjoyed by successive generations, hereditary; -maya, a. () made of bamboo; -rgya-dhara, a. perpetuating race and dominion; -lna, pp. deprived of one's family, alone in the world; -vardh ana, a. increasing or perpetuating a race; m. son; -vardhin, a. id.; -visuddha, pp. unblemished or sound in the cane; of pure lineage; -vistara, m. complete genealogy; -sthiti, f. perpetuation of a family.

वक्रेतर vakretara [ vakra½itara ] a. reverse of curly, straight (hair); -½ukti, f. indirect mode of expression; equivocal remark, pun.

वक्व vk-va, ˚न् vakva vak-va, &degree;n[ -n ] a. rolling, rushing, bubbling (RV.).




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