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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

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लोमश lomasa[ loma-s ] a. hairy, woolly, shaggy.

लोभिन् lobhin [ lobh-in ] a. greedy of (--ree;); covetous, avaricious; alluring, charming (--ree;).

लोभोपहतचेतस् lobhopahatacetas [ lobha&half;upahata-ketas ] a. having a mind perverted by greed.

लोमन् loman [ l-man ] n. [later form of roman] hair of the body (of men and animals, gnly. ex cluding hair of the head, beard, mane, or tail).

लोमहर्ष lomaharsa [ loma-harsha ] m. bristling of the hair, horripilation; -harshana, a. causing a thrill (of joy or horror).

लोहितोद lohitoda [ lohita&half;uda ] a. having blood instead of water; m. a certain hell.

लोहिनी lohini [ lh-in ] f. of lhita.

लोभ lobha [ lobh-a ] m. [&root;lubh] desire of, longing for (g., lc., --ree;); impatience (rare); greed, cupidity, avarice; -ana, n. allurement, en ticement; -anya, fp. alluring, attractive, charming, by or to (--ree;).

लोभमञ्जरी lobhamanjari [ lobha-magar ] f. nickname of a courtesan; -mohita, pp. infatuated by cupidity; -viraha, m. freedom from greed; -&half;krishta, pp. allured by cupidity.

लोष्ट losta [ losh-t ] m. n. [&root;rug] lump of earth, clod; m. N.: -ka, m. clod; -gutik, f. pel let of clay; -ghta, m. blow with a clod: -m, abs. with han, kill with clods=stone to death; -dhara, m. N.; -maya, a. made of clay; -vat, ad. like a clod, as on a lump of clay.

लोह loha [ loh- ] a. [&root;luh=&root;1. rudh] reddish (rare); made of copper (Br.1), -iron (S.1); m. n. reddish metal, copper (V.); iron, metal (C.); m. red goat; iron fish-hook; object or vessel made of iron; -kra, m. blacksmith; -krna, n. iron rust; -ga, a. made of iron; -ga&ndot;gha, m. N. of a Brhman; -gla, n. iron net, coat of mail; -danda, m. rod of iron; -nagara, n. N. of a town; -psa, m. iron chain; -mya, a. made of copper or iron.

लोहरजस् loharajas [ loha-ragas ] n. iron file or rust; -vat, a. having a reddish tinge; -sa&ndot;ku, m. a certain hell; -sayana, n. iron bed; -sahasra, n. a thousand (sc. pounds) of iron; -stha, a. being in iron.

लोहाज lohaja [ loha&half;aga ] m. red goat; -&half;ayas-, n. coppery metal, copper.

लोहित lohita [ lh-ita [later form of rohita] ] a. (C. ; V., C. in) reddish, red; made of copper or metal (V., rare); m. a kind of gem (not ruby; very rare); planet Mars; n. red substance (V., rare); copper, metal (AV.1); blood (ord. mg.): -m kri, shed blood (V.).

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लोहितक lohitaka [ lohita-ka ] a. reddish, red; m. (?) ruby; -kshaya, m. loss of blood; -tva, n. redness; -darsana, n. (appearance=) flow of blood; -pmsu, a. having red earth; -ptra, a. holding a red vessel in the hand; -maya, a. blood-red; -&half;aksh, a. () red-eyed; -&half;a&ndot;ga, m. (red-bodied), planet Mars.

लोहिताय lohitaya [ lohit-ya ] den. grow red.

लोहितार्द्र lohitardra [ lohita&half;rdra ] a. dripping with blood; -&half;avabhsa, a. reddish; -&half;asoka, m. red Asoka.

लोहितिमन् lohitiman [ lohit-i-man ] m. redness.

लोल lola [ lola ] a. [&root;lul] moving to and fro, rolling, waving, tremulous, agitated; restless, unsteady; fickle, inconstant; longing, eager for, desirous of (lc., inf., --ree;): , f. lightning; fickle goddess of fortune.

लोलकर्ण lolakarna [ lola-karna ] a. () eager-eared, lis tening to every one; -kakshus, a. gazing wantonly upon (lc.); -t, f. eagerness for (lc.); wantonness; -tva, n. restlessness, unsteadi ness; wantonness; -lola, a. ever restless; -&half;ak shik, -&half;aksh, f. woman with restless eyes; -&half;ap&ndot;ga, a. having tremulous corners (eyes).

लोलुप lolupa [ lo-lup-a ] intv. a. desirous, longing for, greedy of (lc., --ree;): , f. eagerness, ardent longing, for (lc.): (a)-t, f., -tva, n. eager ness, greed of (--ree;).

लोलुभ loleksana  [ lo-lubh-a ] intv. a. ardently longing for, eagerly desirous of (--ree;).

लोलेक्षण loleksana [ lola&half;kshana ] a. having restless eyes.

लोकेश lokesa [ loka&half;sa ] m. lord of the world; -&half;s vara, m. id.; -&half;eshan&asharp;, f. desire of heaven; -&half;ukti, f. common talk; popular saying, pro verb; -&half;uttara, a. going beyond the com mon, unusual, extraordinary; m. extraor dinary man.

लोक्य lokya [ lok-y ] a. bestowing worlds or free dom; pervading the world; customary, law ful; correct, real; usual, every-day.

लोग loga [ log- ] m. [&root;rug] clod of earth (V.).

लोचक locaka [ lok-aka ] m. pupil of the eye.

लोचन locana [ lok-ana ] a. illuminating; n. eye; -gokara, a. being within range of sight; -traya-patha, m. range of (Siva's) three eyes; -patha, m. sphere of vision; -parusha, a. gazing fiercely; -pta, m. glance; -maya, a. () consisting of eyes; -&half;akala, m. corner of the eye; -&half;pta, m. glance; -&half;uddraka, N. of a village; -&half;utsa, N. of a locality.

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लोठन lothana [ loth-ana ] m. N.; n. wagging of the head.

लोडन lodana [ lod-ana ] n. molestation.

लोध्र lodhra [ lodhra ] m. (=rodhra) a tree (Sym plocos racemosa): -prasava-ragas, n. pollen of Lodhra blossoms.

लोप lopa [ lop-a ] m. omission, dropping, elision (of a letter or suffix); loss, lack, failure, in terruption, disappearance (of, g., gnly. --ree;); deprivation; transgression, violation; -ana, n. violation (of a vow); -am, abs. robbing, plundering (ac.).

लोपाक lopaka [ lop-ka ] m. [plunderer: &root;lup] kind of jackal (rare).

लोपाश lopasa [ lop-s ] m. jackal, fox, or similar animal (V., very rare): i-k, f. (very rare) female jackal; fox.

लोपिन् lopin [ lop-in ] a. injuring, diminishing; subject to elision; -tri, m. injurer; -tra, n. stolen property, booty; -ya, fp. to be omitted or dropped (gr.).

लैङ्ग lainga [ lai&ndot;ga ] a. relating to grammatical gen der; i-ka, a. relating to or resulting from a characteristic mark or evidence, inferred; m. statuary.

लैङगोद्भव lainagodbhava [ lai&ndot;ga&half;udbhava ] n. history of the origin of the Li&ndot;ga.

लोक loka [ lok- ] m. [orig. probably ulok, which is almost invariably used in RV., and perh. =(a) va-lok: &root;ruk] (free) space, room, place (V.); tract, region, country; world, division of the universe (the two worlds=heaven and earth; the three --, = the same and the at mosphere or the lower regions; seven worlds are commonly spoken of); heaven; earth; (sg. & pl.) mankind, folks, people (sts. opp. king); men (pl.: opp. women); community, company (often --ree; to form collectives); ordin ary life, common usage, worldly affairs (opp. Veda); sight (only --ree; in kkshur-, seeing with the eye): (urm) lokm kri, make room for, grant freedom to (d.; V.); aym lokh, this world; asa or pro lokh, that or the other world; loke, in place of (g.; Br.); in ordin ary life, in popular speech; in the world, on earth; iha loke, here on earth; kritsne loke, in the whole world.

लोककण्टक lokakantaka [ loka-kantaka ] m. thorn=curse of mankind, pernicious man; -kartri, m. creator of the world, ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, or Siva; -knta, pp. beloved of the world, dear to all mankind; -kma, a. desirous of a certain world; -kra, m. creator of the world, ep. of Siva; -krit, m. creator of the world; -kshit, a. inhabiting heaven; -g th, f. popular (traditional) verse; -guru, m. teacher of the world or people; -kakshus, n. pl. eyes of the people; -kritra, n. ways of the world; -gt, a. winning territory (Br.); gaining heaven; -ga, a. knowing the world or men: -t, f. knowledge of the world; -tattva, n. id.; -tantra, n. course of the world; -tas, ad. from people, from popular talk; in accordance with usage; -traya, n., , f. the three worlds (heaven, earth, air or lower regions); -dambhaka, a. cheating the people; -dvaya, n. the two worlds (heaven and earth); -dvra, n. gate of heaven; -n tha, m. lord of the worlds, ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, Siva, of the gods, and of the sun; protector of the people, king; N. of Avalo kitesvara; a. protected by mankind; -nind ita, pp. blamed by every one; -pa, m. regent of a world; world-guardian (of whom there are eight); -pati, m. lord of the world, ep. of Brahman or Siva; lord of the people, king; -patha, m. general or usual way; -paddhati, f. id.; -pl, m. world-guardian (of whom from Manuonwards four or eight are assumed according as four or eight quarters are counted; exceptionally five); guardian of the people, king; -pitmaha, m. great forefather of mankind, ep. of Brahman; -punya, N. of a locality; -pgita, pp. universally honoured; -pravda, m. common report, popular or current saying; -prasiddha, pp. generally known; -prasiddhi, f. general prevalence: in. according to prevailing usage; -bhartri, m. supporter of the people; -mahesvara, m. great lord of the world, ep. of Krishna, -m tri, f. mother of the world, ep. of Gaur

लोकंपृण lokamprna [ lokam-prina ] a. filling the world, all-pervading: &asharp;, f. N. of the ordinary bricks used in building the fire-altar (consecrated with the verse beginning lokm prina).

लोकयात्रा lokayatra [ loka-ytr ] f. worldly affairs, every-day life; daily bread, maintenance; -raksha, m. protector of the people, king; -ragana, n. pleasing the world; -rava, m. popular talk; -lokana, n. eye of the world, sun: pl. eyes of men; -vakana, n. popular talk or rumour; -vat, ad. as in ordinary life; -vartana, n. means by which the world exists; -vda, m. talk of the world, public rumour; -vrtt, f. public rumour; -vi krushta, pp. publicly decried; offensive to the world; -vigta, pp. generally known; -vidvishta, pp. universally disliked; -vidhi, m. creator of the world; order of things pre vailing in the world; -viruddha, pp. no toriously contradictory; -virodha, m. oppo sition to popular opinion; -visruta, pp. generally known; -vistara, m. general pre valence; -vritta, pp. n. general custom, ways prevailing among the people; -vrittnta, m. ways of the world; -vyavahra, m. id.; ordinary designation; -sruti, f. world-wide notoriety; -samvyavahra, m. business trans actions with men; -samkshaya, m. destruc tion of the world; -samgraha, m. experience gained through intercourse with the world; gaining influence over men, propitiation of mankind; aggregate of the worlds; -sam grhin, a. propitiating men; -sampanna, pp. experienced in life; -skshika, a. wit nessed by the world: -m, ad. before wit nesses; -skshin, m. witness of the world.

लोकाचार lokacara [ loka&half;kra ] m. ways of the world, general custom; -&half;tman, m. soul of the world; -&half;di, m. (beginning=) creator of the world; -&half;dhra, a. supported by or depen dent on the people; -&half;adhipa, m. lord of the world, god; -&half;anugraha, m. welfare of the world or people; -&half;anurga, m. love of man kind, universal love; -&half;anuvritta, n. obedi ence of the people; -&half;anuvritti, f. dependence on other people; -&half;antara, n. the other world: -m gam or y, go to the other world, die: -sukha, n. felicity in the next world; -&half;an tarika, a. () dwelling or situated between the worlds; -&half;antarita, pp. deceased; -&half;apa vda, m. censure of the world, public re proach; -&half;abhyudaya, m. welfare of the world; -&half;yata, pp. (restricted to the material world), materialistic; m. materialist; n. ma terialism, doctrine of Krvka: i-ka, m. materialist; man of the world, -kri, regard as materialistic; -&half;aloka, n. sg. & m. du. the world and the non-world; m. N. of the mythi cal mountainous belt (light on the one side and dark on the other) which separates the visible world from the world of darkness; -&half;lokin, a. surveying the worlds; -&half;aveksha- na, n. care of the people.

लेखा lekha [ lkh- ] f. [&root;likh] streak, line, stroke, stripe, furrow; digit or crescent (of the moon); edge; delineation; figure, likeness; impres sion, mark.

लेखिका lekhika [ lekh-ik ] f. little streak; -in, a. touching (--ree;).

लेख्य lekhya [ lekh-ya ] fp. to be scarified; -written (down); -painted; depicted, painted; to be counted (--ree;); n. (art of) writing; tran scription; drawing, painting; written docu ment, letter; inscription; painted figure; --ree; (with ganan-)=catalogue, roll of (--ree;): -gata, pp. painted; -pattra, n. document, letter; -maya, a. painted; -rpa, a. id.

लेण्ड lenda [ lenda ] n. excrement.

लेप lepa [ lep-a ] m. [&root;lip] smearing, anointing; ointment, unguent, plaster; spot, stain, im purity, sp. grease adhering to dishes, hands, etc.; moral taint, sin; food: -ka, m. plas terer, white-washer, mason; -kara, m. id.

लेपन lepana [ lep-ana ] n. anointing, besmearing, plas tering, with (in., --ree;); ointment; plaster, mortar; --ree; a. besmeared, plastered with; -in, a. (--ree;) besmearing, covering with; besmeared, covered with; -ya, fp. moulded, modelled; to be defiled: -kra, m. moulder.

लेलिहान lelihana [ le-lih-na ] pr. pt. intv. &root;lih; m. serpent.

लेश lesa [ les-a ] m. [&root;lis=&root;ris] particle, atom, drop, little bit, small amount of (g., --ree;; very common --ree;=very little or slight, insignifi cant; ree;--, in., or -tas, very slightly or briefly); a rhetorical figure in which a statement is made indirectly (e. g. &open;the boast of the Pndavas on slaying Bhshma under the leader ship of Sikhandin will be ours&close;); a rhetori cal figure in which what is usually considered as an advantage is represented as a disadvan tage and vice vers.

लेशिक lesika [ les-ika ] m. mower of grass; -in, a. having particles of (--ree;).

लेश्य lesya [ les-ya ] m., , f. light.

लेष्टु lestu [ lesh-tu ] m. [&root;lis] lump of earth, clod.

लेह leha [ leh-a ] m. [&root;lih] licker, sipper; lambative, electuary; -ana, n. licking; -ya, fp. to be licked or lapped up, to be eaten by licking.

a. - taken by licking with the tongue.
n. a medicine taken by licking with the tongue, a lincture
-- http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Lambative 140820

लुण्ठ luntha [ lunth-a ] kind of grass; -aka, m. plun derer; -ana, n. plundering (--ree;); -ka, m. robber, plunderer (-t, f. robbery); -i, f. plun dering, pillage.

लुण्डिका lundika [ lund-ik ] f. round mass, ball.

लुप् lup [ lup ] n. dropping, elision (of a letter etc.); a. dropped.

लुप्तविसर्ग luptavisarga [ lupta-visarga ] a. lacking Visarga: -t, f. absence of Visarga; -&half;upama, a. lack ing the comparative particle (iva): , f. in complete or elliptical simile; -&half;upamna, n. incomplete comparison.

लुब्ध lubdha [ lub-dha ] pp. &root;lubh: -ka, m. hunter; the star Sirius; -gana, a. having covetous followers; -t, f. greed, covetousness; -tva, n. id.; eager longing for (--ree;).

लुलाप lulapa [ lulpa ] m. buffalo.

लुलाय lulaya [ lulya ] m. id.: -lakshman, m. ep. of Yama.

लुलित lulita [ lul-ita ] pp.; n. motion.

लूता luta [ lt ] f. spider; kind of skin disease.

लून luna [ lna ] pp. &root;l; n. tail (very rare): -vi sha, a. having poison in its tail.

लेख lekha [ lekh-a ] m. [&root;likh] stroke, line; writ ten document, letter (sg. & pl.); god, deity (very rare): pl. a certain class of gods (E., rare): -ka, m. writer, secretary, copyist; calculation: -m kri, make a calculation, reckon.

लेखन lekhana [ lekh-ana ] a. () scratching, scarify ing, lacerating; exciting, stimulating; at tenuating; n. writing down, transcribing: , f. writing reed, reed-pen; -anya, fp. to be drawn or painted; to be written.

लेखपत्‍त्र lekhapattra [ lekha-pattra ] n. letter; -pattrik, f. id.; -sl, f. writing school; -samdesa hrin, a. delivering a written message; -hra: -ka, m. letter-carrier; -hr-in, a. delivering letters with (--ree;): (-i)-tva, n. delivery of letters with (--ree;); -&half;adhikrin, m. secretary of a king.

लिप्सा lipsa [ lip-s ] f. (fr. des. of &root;labh) wish to obtain, desire, longing, for (lc., --ree;); -s-i tavya, fp. desirable; -su, des. a. wishing to obtain, desiring, longing for (ac., --ree;).

लिबुजा libuja [ lbug ] f. creeping plant, creeper (V.).

लिम्पि limpi [ limp-i ] f. [&root;lip] writing.

लिह् lih  [ lih ] a. (--ree;) licking; reading (in the eyes): -a, a. (only --ree;) licking, touching.

लीन lina  [ l-na ] pp. &root;1. l: -t, f. clasping (lc.); concealment in (--ree;); complete seclusion; -tva, n. concealment in anything.

लीप्सितव्य lipsitavya [ lp-s-i-tavya ] fp. (fr. des. of &root;labh) desirable (Br.).

लीला lila [ ll ] f. play, sport, pastime, diver sion, amusement; playful imitation of a lover; mere sport, child's play (=action easily performed); mere appearance, sem blance (--ree;); dissimulation, disguise, pre tence; charm, grace: ree;-and in. a-y, sportively, to amuse oneself; in sport=with the greatest ease; for mere appearance, feignedly: -kamala, n. toy-lotus, lotus for playing with; -kalaha, m. playful or feigned quarrel; -khela, a. playfully sportive; -&half; gra, n., -griha, n., -geha, n. pleasure house; -tmarasa, n. toy-lotus, lotus for playing with; -nritya, n. playful dance; -padma, n. lotus for playing with; -&half;abga, n. id.; -&half;bharana, n. sham ornament (e. g. a brace let of lotus fibres); -manushya, m. man in appearance only, man in disguise; -mand ira, n. pleasure house; -&half;ambuga, n. toy lotus.

लीलाय lilaya [ ll-ya ] den. play, sport, amuse oneself: pp. i-ta, sporting, rejoicing; n. sport, amusement; exploit easily accom plished.

लीलारति lilarati [ ll-rati ] f. amusement with (lc.); -&half;aravinda, n. lotus for playing with; -vag ra, n. instrument resembling a thunderbolt; -&half;avatra, m. Vishnu's descent to earth for amusement; -&half;avadhta, pp. playfully shaken.

लीलावत् lilavat [ ll-vat ] a. charming: -, f. charm ing woman; ep. of Durg; N.; -vp, f. pleasure tank; -vesman, n. pleasure house; -&half;udyna, n. pleasure garden.

लुक् luk [ luk ] n. dropping or disappearance (of an affix); a. dropped (affix: gr.).

लुञ्चन luncana [ luk-ana ] a. (--ree;) pulling out (the hair).

लुठन luthana [ luth-ana ] n. wallowing.

लुण्टाक luntaka [ lunt-ka ] m. thief, robber.

लिपि lipi [ lip-i ] f. besmearing, anointing; writing, handwriting; written line or letter; inscription; outward appearance: -m p, assume the appearance of (g.); kitrm lipim n, garnish beautifully.

लिपिकर lipikara [ lipi-kara ] m. plasterer, white-washer; writer, scribe; -karman, n. painting; -karma-nirmita, pp. painted; -nysa, m. act of writing; -phalaka, n. writing tablet; -sl, f. writing school; -sstra, n. art of writing.

लिप्ति lipti [ lip-ti ] f. ointment.



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