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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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  यावद्गमम्   [yvad-gamam]
- ad. as fast as one can go; -grahanam, ad. till he has grasped or mastered it; -balam, ad. to the utmost of one's power; -rgyam, ad. for the whole reign; -vypti, ad. as far as anything extends.



यावन्   [y-van]
- m. foeman (RV.1); a. going (--).



यावन   [yvana]
- a. born in the land of the Yavanas or Greeks.



यावन्मात्र   [yvan-mtr]
- a. having which measure, as great or extensive as; moderate, trifling, insignificant: -m, ad. as long as (RV.); a little, somewhat.



यावयद्द्वेषस्   [yvay-d-dveshas]
- a. driving away enemies (RV.).



याष्टीक   [ysht-ka]
- a. armed with a staff or club.



- 2pl. subj. aor. ya.



यास्क   [ysk]
- m. pat. N. of the author of the Nirukta (flourished probably about 450 b. c.): pl. the descendants of Yaska.



यियक्ष   [yi-yak-shu]
- des. a. (√yag) being about to sacrifice.



यियासा   [yi-y-s]
- f. desire to go; -su, des. a. about or wishing to go, start, fly away, march, or attack (ac. prati or d.).



  यु   [yu]
- prn. base of the 2nd pers. in yuvaNm, yuvs, yym, yushmaNn, etc.



[YU] VI. yuva (V.), II. yauti, yute (V., rare), yoke, harness; bind, fasten, hold fast; gain possession of: pp. yuta (C.; rare in V.), fastened to (-); added; united, combined, joined, or provided with, accompanied by, possessed of (in. or -); consisting of (-); performing (sacrifices, in.); connected with, concerning (-); des. yuyusha, P. wish tgo hold fast. a, draw to oneself (reins, wings), grasp; draw (of draught animals); take possession of (the heart); mix, sir: pp. ayuta, joined, furnished, or endowed with, haunted by (-; always at end of a verse = yuta). abhia, soar up to (ac.). ud-a, stir up. paria, mix, stir. sam-a, pp. composed of (-); combined or endowed with (-). ud, pp. udyuta, excited (mind). upa, join on, use. ni, fasten; bestow. pra, stir, mingle; perform; destroy: pp. mingled with (in.); destroyed; confused (dream). vi, disjoin; deprive of (in.); separate; strew; beserved; be deprived of (in.); keep (ac.) away or at a distance (C.): pp. (V., C.) separated from, deprived of (in. or-). sam, (unite with oneself), consume; impart; unite, connect with (in.): pp. samyuta, bound; put together, joined, with (in saha or -) endowed with (in, or -); increased by, plus (-); composed of (in.), containing (-); connected with, relating to, implying (-); heaped, promiscuous.





[YU] III. P. (A. rare) yuyo, yayu (V.), VI. P. A. yuya (V.), I. A. yava (RV1), drive away, ward off, separate from (ab.); preserve from (ab.); withhold; keep aloof, from (ab.): pp. yuta, separated; cs. yavaya, P. = simple vb. spa, drive off, remove from (d., ab.). pra, remove: pp. prayuta, absent in mind, distraught, heedless.



  युक्त   [yuk-t]
- pp. (√yug) yoked, to (lc.), with (in.); employed, occupied, engaged in, devoted to, intent on (lc. or --); applied; equipped, prepared, for (d., --); busied or occupied with (in.); absorbed in (lc.); concentrated, intent, attentive (cpv. -tara, very much on one's guard against: lc.; spv. -tama, supremely concentrated or intent); skilled, experienced, in (lc.); joined, united, combined, following in regular succession; furnished or endowed with, accompanied by, possessed of (in., --); being in conjunction with a constellation (in.); making use of (an opportunity, klena); come into connexion with (in.); connected with, relating to (--); bound to, dependent on (--); fit, proper, becoming, for (g., lc.); right, correct; suitable to (--); auspicious, favourable (fate, moment); prosperous, thriving; faring or acting (thus, tath); primitive (opp. derivative: gr.): -- or -m, suitably, properly, duly, rightly; yuktam yad, it is suitable that --; na yuktam anayos tatra gantum, it is not suitable for them to go there; na yuktam bhavat, it is not seemly for you to (inf.); n. yoke, team; connexion, combination; fitness: in. yuktna, suitably; conformably to (reason, --).




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युक्तक   [yukta-ka]
- n. little pair; -karman, a. acting suitably, adapted to the purpose; -krin, -krit, a. doing what is fit, acting suitably; ()-grvan, a. having set the Soma stones in motion; -tva, n. employment (of, g.); occupation; fitness, appropriateness; -danda, a. inflicting punishment; punishing justly: -t, f. just infliction of punishment; ()-manas, a. attentive-minded; -rpa, a. suitable, fit, proper (w. g. or lc.): -m, ad.; -rpaka, n. appropriate metaphor; ()-vat, a. containing a form of the verb yug; -vdin, a. speaking suitably; -sena, a. having an army ready to march; -̮artha, a. (having an adequate sense), sensible, significant, rational.




युक्ति   [yuk-ti]
- f. union, connexion; combination of words, sentence (rare); preparation for (lc. or -- of vbl. n.); application, employment, use; means, expedient, contrivance, artifice, trick (w. d. or lc. of vbl. n., or yath and pot.); magical agency; reasoning, arguing; argument, proof; reason, motive (rare); suitableness, propriety, aptness, correctness; sensible reflexion, contemplation of the circumstances (dr.): -m kri, discover an expedient, employ or point out a device; --, in. sg. & pl., -tas, by means of (--); -- or in. pl. subtilely, artfully; by means of a cunning device, under some pretext; in. and -tas, suitably, properly, justly; -tas, ad. by means of an argument.




युक्तिकर   yukti-kara suitable, justifiable; -ga, a. skilled in proper expedients; -mat, a. joined with (--); skilled in (inf.); supported by arguments; suitable; -yukta, pp. experienced; suitable, justifiable; -sstra, n. doctrine of propriety.



युग   yug- yoke (exceptionally m.); pair, couple; double stanza (forming one sentence); race (of men); generation; period of life; period of five (sts. six) years; cosmic age (of which there are four: Krita or Satya, Tret, Dvpara, and Kali).



  युगक्षय   [yuga-kshaya]
- m. end of (an age=) the world; -drgha, a. long as a yoke (arm); -dhra, m. yoke-pin (attaching the yoke to the pole); -m-dhara, n. (?) (yoke-supporting), pole; m. N. of a people (pl.), of a prince, of a mountain, and of a forest; -pat-prpti, f. simultaneous arrival at; -pad, ad. [evenfootedly, side by side], ad. simultaneously, all at once, at the same time, together: -bhva, m. simultaneousness; -bhu, m. (yoke-like=) long arm; -bhaṅga, m. breaking of the yoke; -mtra, n. length of a yoke (=four hand-lengths): -dris, a. looking (a yoke-length=) on the ground (at one's feet).



युगल   [yuga-la]
- m. n. pair, couple: -ka, n. id.; double stanza (forming one sentence).


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  युगलाय   [yugal-ya]
- den. represent a pair: pp. i-ta, representing a pair of (--).



युगव्यायतबाहु   [yuga-vyyata-bhu]
- a. having arms as long as a yoke, long-armed; -sahasr-ya, den. . seem a thousand ages, appear infinitely long.



  युगादि   [yuga̮di]
- m. beginning of (an age=) the world; -̮adhyaksha, m. surveyor of a cosmic age, ep. of Pragpati; -̮anta, m. end of the yoke; end of a generation; end of an age or of the world; meridian: -m adhir- dhah savit, the sun has reached the meridian, it is noon; -̮antara, n. another or later generation; second half of the sun's arc divided by the meridian: -m rdhah savit, the sun has entered the second part of his course, it is past midday.



युगाय   [yug-ya]
- den. . seem an age= eternity.



- m. kind of array of troops.



युग्म   [yug-ma]
- a. even (not odd); n. pair, couple; twins; Gemini (sign of the zodiac); double stanza (forming one sentence); confluence; often incorr. for yugya: -ka, a. id.; n. pair, couple; double stanza; -krin, a. going about in pairs; -ganman, m. du. twins; -̮apaty, a. f. having twin offspring, being the mother of twins.




युग्य   [yug-ya]
- fp. n. (to be yoked), carriage; draught animal, chariot horse: -vha, m. charioteer, driver.



 [pr.base of 2. yu] VI. P. yukkha, vansih, depart from (ab.; RV.). pra, be absent (is mind manasu), be heedless.



[YUG] VIII. (V., C.) uynakti, yuntke, VI. yuuga. (E., rare), II. yug. (almost invariably A.; RV., common), VI. A. yuga (RV., rare), harness, yoke (horses) to (in., lc.), (car) with (in.); fig.= prepare, equip ( an army), perform (sacrifice), ofter (prayer), employ, use, apply; fix (arrows) on the bowstring, against (lc.); fix (affections) on any one (lc.); appoint to, entrust with (d.,lc.); fix (affections) on any one (lc.); P.A. concentrate oneself, meditate deeply ( yogam); recollect, recall (anything; E.) join, unite, connect, with (in.); A. unite oneself with (in.) in marriage; associate oneself with (in.); connect any one with anything = associate, furnish, endow with (in.); bestow anything (ac.) on any one (g., lc.), on oneself (atmani) = use for oneself (A.); ps. yuyate. prepare oneself for (d.); attach oneself (also in marriage); be bound by (duty: in.); be joined with = become possessed of, gain, receive, attain anything (in. saha); accrue to any one (g.); be adapted to fit anything (in.), be fitted for (lc.); be applicable to or suitable for any one (lc.); be applicable to or suitable for any one (lc.); be right; be appropriate or becoming; be fit or deserve to be (nm.); properly belong to or suit any one (g., lc.); be logically correct: w. na, not be suitable, proper, becoming, appropriate, or advisable for (in., g.) to (inf.); ought not to be (inf. w. ps. mg.); cs. yogaya, P. (A. metr.) yoke, to (lc.), with (in.); equip (an army), draw up (troops); employ, use; carry on (conversation); undertake, begin; appoint to, entrust with (lc.); urge, instigate to (d.); assist any one to (lc.); set (snares, nets); fix (esp. arrows), on (lc.), aim (arrow) at (lc.); attach, adjust (late-strings, etc.), to (lc.); place in, put into (lc.); concentrate (the mind) on (lc.); be logically correct: w. na, not be suitable for (in., g.) to (inf.); ought not to be (inf. w. ps.mg.); cs. yogaya, P. (A. metr.) yoke, to (lc.), with (in.); equip (an army), draw up (troope); employ, use; carry on (conversation); undertake, begin; appoint to, entrust with (lc.); urge, instigate to (d.); assist any one to (lc.); set (snamrs, nets); fix (esp. arrows), on (lc.), aim (arrows) at (lc.); attach, adjust (late-strings, etc.), to (lc.); place in, put into (lc.); concentrate (the mind) on (lc.); join, unite, bring together, with (in.); put together, compose; arrange; embrace with (in.); finish;; provide, furnish, endow, with (in.); mix (food) with (in.); bestow anything (ac.) or (lc.): pp. yogita, provided with (in. or -); des. yuyukasha, P. wish to appoint; wish to aim (arrows) at (d.). anu, seek to come up with, pursue (Br.); ask or quiestion (ac.), about (ac.); examine (a witness); instruct; attach oneself to, take service with (ac.): pp. instructed; accompanied by (-); devoted to, intent on (ac.). paraanu, ply with questions (only gd. & pp.). abhi, A. march against, attack (ac.). operate; set about anything (ac.); prepare to (inf.) treat (medically) with (in.); P. charge or entrust any one (ac.); with (lc.); ps. be accused of or charged with (an offence: ac.): pp. abhi-yukta, attacked ; accused, prosecuted; concentrated; careful of, devoted to, intention on (lc. or -); well-versed or proficient in (lc. or -); well-versed or proficient in (lc. or-); claimed, demanded; cs. provide (ac.) with anything (in.). prati rbhi, A. make a counter attack on (ac.): pp. attacked by (in.). cs. bring a counter charge against (ac.). a, yoke, to (lc.); A. put on, adjust (an ornanent); bestow anything (ac.) on (lc.): pp. yoked to (lc.); concentrated, intent; appointed to, commissioned with (g., lc.); possessed of (-); cs. pp. placed upon, attached to (lc.); composed or fashioned of (-). upaa, P. yoke (RV.). sam-upa a, pp. filled with (in.) sam-a, prepare, equip; entrust anything (ac.) to (lc.); come into conflict with (in.): pp. sam-a-yukta, come into contact with (in.); connected, united, furnished, or endowed with (in., -); cs. provide with (in.). ud, get ready or prepare, set to work, to (inf.); depart (Br.): pp. prepared, ready, zealous, assiduous, strenous (w. d., lc., prati+ ac., -); cs. excite, instigate, to (d.). upa, A. (P.) yoke (V.); associate oneself with (ac.; RV.); attach oneself to, enter the service of (ac.); appropriate; trouble oneself about (lc.); use, employ; enjoy; eat, consume; ps. be employed, be applicable, suitable, useful, requisite (w. g. of prs. d. of object, lc. of sphere): pp. upayukta, eaten up, consumed; applicable to, suitable, necessary, or requisite, for any one (g.), appropriate, for (lc. or -); worthy, deserving (person); cs. come into contact with (ac.); employ: cause to be consumed by sthg. (2 ac.). pariupa, pp. consumed. viupa, trouble about (lc.). sam-upa, consume; cs. id. ni, gnly. A. tie up, blind, to (lc.): sp. of the sacrificial animal to the post; yoke to the pole (dhuri), also= place at the head, impose the heaviest burden on; join (the hands); attach to or make dependent on any one (d., lc.); constrain, urge to (lc.); appoint any one as (2 ac.); enjoin (ac.) on (lc.); call to account (only fp.); place in (lc.), lead into (a path: lc.); direct the mind or gace) to (d., lc.); apply: pp. niyukta, bound, ordered, directed, authorized, commissioned, appointed (ord. mg.), to (d., lc., inf,. -, artham); directed towards (lc.); placed; prescribed: -m, ad. necessarily; cs. yoke, to (lc.); attach or fasten to (lc.); direct, urge,  call upon to (d., prati+ac., or artham); appoint to (an office), employ in (an occupation: lc.); appoint as, make (2 ac., in order to, inf.); confer (an office) on (lc.); set, lay (snares), place upon, bring to (lc.); fix (the mind) on; reduce to (servitude), bring to or into (sorrow, danger: lc.); bestow (ac.) on (lc.), devote (oneself) to (d.); set about, perform (a rite); apply (intellect); endow or provide (ac.) with (in.); punish with (in.). anu-ni, attach to, make dependent on (lc.). vi-ni, A. (P.) loose, detach; discharge (arrows). at, (lc.); appoint to, entrust with, destine for (d., lc., artham); direct (the mind) to; use, employ, apply; eat; ps. fall to pieces, decay (house, body); cs. appoint or direct to, entrust with (lc., artham, arthaya); entrust (ac.) to (lc.); present or offer (ac.) to (d.); use, employ; perform. sam-ni, bring into (distress,lc.); order, direct any one (ac.): pp. ordered; joined with (-); cs. bring into (lc.); appoint to, entrust with (lc., artham, arthaya); allot: pp. directed, urged; allotted. nis, pp. niryukta, erected, built. pra, A. yoke, to (lc.); set in motion, throw, level, discharge (missiles), at (d., lc.); utter or address (words, etc.), pronounce ( a blessing), recite (a verse); display, exhibit (anger contempt), towards (lc.); fix (the mind, thoughts) on (lc.); direct, order, urge (to, d., lc.); choose as (2 ac.); lead or bring to or into (ac.); place upon (lc.); use, employ (ord. mg.); perform, do, accomplish, contrive, execute; represent on the stage, act; undertake; cause, produce; lend (for use or interest); ps. be in use; be suitable or appropriate, conduce to (d.): pp. prayukta, yoked; stirred (by the wind); employed, used; done; lent; suitable, appropriate; resulting form; n. imps. behaved or acted towards (lc, or prati ac.); cs, throw, discharge (missiles), at (lc.); pronounce (blessings); concentrate ( the mind); show, exhibit (a feeling), towards (d., lc.); entrust (ac.) to (d.); undertake; represent on the stage; cause to be represented or exhibited by (in.); use, employ; take (interest, vriddhim); invest (capital, prayogam); be applicable; aim at, have in view; des. wish to use, require. anu-pra, A. affix, to (ab.); pursue (V.) follow (V.). prati-pra, P. attach in place of sthg., substitute (Br.); A. discharge (a debt). vi-pra, separate from, deprive of (in.); ps. be separated from: pp. vi-pra-yukta, separated or far from, free from, lacking (in. or -); cs. separate form, deprive of (in.); free from (in.). sam-pra, ps. be joined, with (in.); have acrnal connexion with (in.) be involved in or guilty of (in.): pp. joined, united, connected, mingled, or provided with (in., -); come into contact with (in.); come to blows (du.); engaged in (-); dependent on (lc.); urged; concentrated, intent; cs. make ready; connect, with (in.); broach (a question); use, employ. prati, yoke or attach to (ac.; RV.); discharge (a debt); cs. adjust (an arrow). vi, P. disconnect, separate; P. A. free from, deprive of (in., rarely ab.); A. forsake or leave any one (ac.); abate, leave off; ps. be separated, from (in.); be freed from or deprived of lose (in.); break ( a vow: in.); relax, cease, depart: pp. viyukta, separated; disunited; separated from, free from, destitute of, lacking (in., -); cs. separate; free from (ab.); deprive of (in.); take away (life): pp. viyogita, separated form (in., -); deprived of (in., -) sam, P. bring together, connect, unite; blind; provide, furnish, endow, with (in.); league oneself together (du.; RV.); fix (the mind) on (lc.); ps. have carnal (gramyadharmatya) connexion; be joined with (in.);  be united with in marriage; meet or fall in with (in.); become possessed of (in.): pp. samyukta, joined, united, combined, all together ( pl.) ; conjunct (comsanants); connected, related; provided, endowed,filled, or accompanied with, possessed of (in., -); connected with, relating to (-); placed in (lc.); cs. yoke; equip (an army); restrain (the senses); adjust or discharge (a missile); fix (the mind or gaze) on (lc.); attach to (lc.); appoint, deliver anything (ac.) to (g.); join, unite, bring together, with (in.); provide, supply, present, or endow, with (in.); institute, perform; A. concentrate one's mind. vi-sam, pp. separated from, destitute of, lacking; keeping away from , neglecting (in.).

























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