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The Student's Pali English dictionary : Vowels


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Diacritics are still to be checked:
ā ē ī  ō ū
ḍ ḥ ḷ ḹ ṁ ṃ ṅ ṇ ɴ ṛ ṝ ś ṣ ṭ
Root sign √


a, negative prefix an, before a vowel.
aṁsaṁsa, m. (√as) a portion of a part.
aṁsa, mn. (√aṁ) the shoulder.
aṁsa, m. (√as) a part, portion, share; a period of time. Aṁsena, inst. in part,
aṁsaka, m. a relative, heir; n. day.
aṁsa-kūta, m. the shoulder-blade, the hump of an ox
aṁsa-bhāga, m. (√bhaj) a share, portion, inheritance,
aṁsala, adj. strong, durable,
aṁsa-hara, hārī, mfn. (√har) a share-holder,
aṁsu, mn. a thread, ray, sunbeam, filament.,

aṁsuka, n. a leaf, cloth,
aṁsu-jāla, n. a net-work of rays.
aṁsu-dhara, m. the sun.
aṁsu-pati, m. the sun
aṁsumaphalā, f. the plantain,
aṁsu-mālā, f. a garland of rays,
aṁsu-mālī, m. the sun.
aṁsula, adj. radiant.
aṁsu-vāna, the sun. ,
aṁsu-hattha, m. the sun.
aṁhati, tī, f.. a present, disease, abandonment,

aka, m. one who walks crookedly, an evil action,
akaca, m. a banner,
a-kaṇṇa, adj. deaf, lit. earless.
a-kataū, adj. ( √kar), ungrateful, lit. not kowing what has been done.
akata-ū, adj. (√.ā) knowing nibbāna (lit.. the unmade).
akattana, mfn. a dwarf.
a-kaniṭṭha, adj. greatest, highest, an epithet of spirits inhabiting
the sixteenth or highest of the material brah- mā worlds.
a-karani, m. failure, deficiency.
a-kāla, m. (√kal) unseasonable time, wrong time.
akāla-jaladodaya, m. mist, fog.
akāla-saha, adj. (√sah) hasty, urgent.
a-kicana, n. freedom from cares.
a-kuppa, adj. (√kup) immovable; n. gold and silver.
a-kulīna, adj. (√kul) of low faṁily.


a-kusala, ad√. (*√kus) immoral, unskilful; -HZ. immorality.
akiipara, m. the sea, ocean ; a tortoise ; a rock, stone.
akota, w. the betel tree.
akka, m. the sun; the plant swallow-wort; copper; sunday.
ukka, f. the mother.
akkosa, m. "ana, n. (√kus) abused
akkha, m. (√akkh) the axle of a wheel; a die; a snake; a
law-suit; the plant tcrminalia bcllcrica; the tical
weight ; a born-blind ; the width of the earth ; n. a controlling
faculty; the salt of the sea; vitriol.
akkhaka, w. the collar-bone.
akkhakanna, n. astronomy.
akkhana, f.. lightning.
akkhata, n. fried grain ; a enuch.
akkhata-yoni, f.. a virgin.
akkha-dassa, aka, m. (√das) a √udge.
akkha-devi, m. (√ div) a dicer, gaṁbler.
akkha-dhutta, m. i√(dhur) a dicer, glaṁbler.
akkha-dhuttila, m. a beast of burden.
akkha-pata, m. a law-court; boxing, wrestling.
akkha-pataka, "tika, m. a √udge.
akkha-mala, f.. a rosary.
a-kkhara, n. the imperishable, nibbana; austerity; the
sky ; water.
akkhara-√anani, - lekhanl, f.. a pen-holder, pencil.
akkhara-mukha, m. a school-boy.
akkhara-saṁaya, m. letters, reading and writing.
akkha-sutta, n. a rosary.
akkhagga, n. a carriage-front.
akkhara-lavana, n. the sea-salt; a morning meal.
akkhi, n. (√akkh) the eye.
akkhi-kutaka, n. the eye-ball.
akkhi-ga, n. the eye-lashes.
akkhi-gata, -mfn. that which comes into the field of vision;
an enemy.
akkhi-gola, m. the eye-ball.
akkhi-tara, f.. the pupil of the eye.
akkhi-dala, -patala, n. the eyelid.
akkhiva, n. the sea-salt.
akkhi-vikusita, n. a side-glanceakkhota,
m. the walnut.
akkhobhini, f.. a complete army; a high numeral, i followed
by forty-two ciphers


a-khanclana, n. time; promise; entirety.
a-khanciaphulla, ad√. intact, unbroken.
akhanditutu, ad√. fertile in crops.
a-khata, inn. (√khan) a natural pond.
a-khila, ad√. all, entire.
aga, m. the sun; a tree; mountain, snake.
a-gaccha, m. (√gaṁ) a tree.
a-gati, f.. (√gaṁ) wrong course, misfortune.
a-gada, m. medicine; ad√. healthy.
agadari-kara, m. (√kar) a physician.
a-gaṁa, m. (√gaṁ) a tree, mountain.
again, inn. aloe wood.
a-gadha, n. a hole, chasm; ad√. deep, bottomless.
agadha-yoni, f.. a \voman lusting for sensuality.
agara, n. a house.
agina, w. the sun.
agira, 772. the sun, fire, evil spirif.
aguru, mn. aloe wood, teak tree.
aguta-gandha, n. (√gandh) asafoetida.
agga, ad√. first, chief, pre-eminent; n. top, summit ; height ;
goal ; sprout or bud of a plant; firstfruits. Aggato,
adv. prep, in front of.
agga-kara, m. th6 right hand,
agga-√a, m. (√√a) the eldest brother; a brahmin,
agga-√ana, -
√ati, m. (√√a) a brahmin,
agganna, ad√. noble, principal,
aggaṁahesi, f.. the chief queen,
agga-maṁsa, n. the heart-flesh.
agga-hara, 7??. (√har) arable field, or cultivated land,
aggala, 7f.7. a door, wave, tusk, outer layer,
aggi, m. fire, the god of lire, gold,
aggi-kattha, n. aloe wood, fire-wood,
aggi-kona. m. the east,
aggi-gabbha, m. crystal, pepper,
aggi-√ala, n. (>7√al) the flaṁe of fire,
aggi-√hapana, n. (√√ha) cremation,
aggittha, H. a pot, pan.
aggi-niyyasa, 7??. gold,
aggini, m. tire.
aggi-patthara, 7)2. a lucifer match,
aggi-bahu, m. smoke,
aggi-bi√a, >i. gold,
aggibha, ad√. (√bha) radiant like fire; m. gold.


aggibhu, n. water.
aggi-mukha, m. a brahmin.
aggi-ra√a, m. (√ra√) ink, soot.
aggi-ratha, m. a railway train.
aggi -vallabha, m, the wind.
aggi-vana, m, a rocket.
aggi-vaha, m. (√vah) smoke.
aggi-visappa, m. a boil.
aggi-sakha, m. the wind.
aggi-sahaya, m. a pigeon, the wind.
aggi-sala, f.. a fire-place, kitchen.
aggi-sikha, m. a laṁp, lantern, arrow, rocket, balloon.
aggha, 11. (√aggh) price, value, cost, offering of rice, etc.
agghati, v. (√aggh) to cost, be worth.
agghapaniya, m. ( √aggh) an appraiser, valuer.
agghiya, mfn. an oblation.
agyagara, m. a fire-place.
agha, n. evil.
a-ghaṁma-daṁa, m. the moon.
arika, m. (√ac) a mark, the flank or side, hip, place.
arika-palika, f.. a nurse.
anka-vi√√a, f.. (i√vid) arithmetic.
aiiki, f.. a long cask.
ankuta, m. a key.
aiikura, m. (√ac) a sprout, shoot.
aiikuraka, m. a bird's nest.
aiikusa, mn. (√ac) a hook to guide an elephant with.
arikusa-ggaha, m. (√gah) an elephant-driver, mahout.
arikola, m. naṁe of a plant.
anga, n. (√ang) a limb, member, body, division, quality,
anga-ggaha, m. (√gah) disease.
ariga-√a, n. (√√a) blood, love, hair, disease, offspring,
aiiga-√ata, n. (√√a) membrum virilearigana,
n. (√ang) a court-yard, house-floor, sin.
arigati, m. brahma, fire.
angada, n. a dress with close fitting sleeves,
angana, f.. a woman,
anganappiya, m. the aṁherstia treeaiigapaccariga,
n. limbs big and small,
aiiga-pali, m. embraceanga-
m-anga, n. limbs big and small,
ariga-madda, m. (√mad) a shaṁpooer.


ariga-rakkhini, f.. (√rakkh) a coal of mail, robe.
ariga-raga, m. (√ra√) besmearing tlie body with unguents.
auga-ruha, n. (-s'ruh) the hairs ot the body.
arigalota, m. green ginger.
arigava, m. a dried fruit.
ariga-vikati, f.. U'kar) a swoon, stupefaction, apoplexy.
anga-sariga, in. ( Nf.safi√) sexual intercourse.
anga-hara, m. (√har) deportment of the body.
arigarigi, n. boxing.
augadhipa, m. (-sf.pa) a king.
arigara, mn. live coal, charcoal.
arigara-dhanika, f.. a stove.
arigara-puppha, in. (√phus) the plant cannu indica.
ahgara-mau√arl, - vallarT, f.. a kind of tree.
arigarika, f.. sugarcane, a butea flower.
aiigarini, f.. a small stove.
angika, f.. a shirt, bodice, shorts.
angikarana. n. a promise, mutual consent, contract.
angirasa, in. naṁe of a buddha or a sage.
ariguttha, m. 'he thumb.
ahgula, mn. a finger, finger's breadth, inch.
ahgulitta, "tana, . gloves.
ahguli-pabba, n. a finger-√oint.
anguli-motana, n. the cracking of finger-√oints.
aiigulika, Tya, inn. a finger-ring.
anguli-saṁbhuta, m. the finger-nails.
arigulyabharana, n. a finger-ring.
angfisa, m. an arrow, elephant-goad.
a-canda, f.. a taṁe cow, gentle lady.
a-cala, ad√. (√cal) immovable; m. a mountain, pin.
a-cira, ad√. short, brief. Acircnn, inst. adv. before long,
acira-ppabha, f.. (s'bha) lightning,
a-o-'tanfia, n. (√cit) forgetfulness.
a-celaka, ad√. unclothed; m. a naked ascetic,
accana, f.. offering, worship.
accanta, ad√. exceeding, extreme. aṁ, adv. very, exceedingly.
accaya, in. (ati >√\ + a) lapse, death, offence, sin.
acci, mf.u. a ray of light, sunbeaṁ, flaṁe,
acci-ma, m. fire.
n-ivuti, f.. (N'CU), the deathless, nibbana.
accha, dd√. clear, transparent; >n. a bear, crystal.


acchara, f.. a celestial nymph, the snapping of a finger.
acchariya, ad√. wonderful.
acchadana, n. (√ehad) a covering, lid, clothes.
acchadeti, v. (a √ehad) to wear (clothes), dress, cover, hide.
ppp> Acchanna.
acchi, f.. the eye.
acchindati, v. (a √chid) to take away, rob, plunder, daka,
m. a robber.
a√a, m. (√a√) a goal, raṁ.
a√a-kanna, m. a goat's ear, chilli leaf,
a√aga, m. fire.
a√agara, w. a boa constrictor,
a√a-√lvaka, 7??. (√√iv) a goat-herd,
a√anna, n. an evil omen; ad√. socially unbefitting,
a√atakasa, m. the open space,
a-√anani, f.. (√√an) a step-mother,
a√apa, m. (√pa) a goat-herd,
a√apala, m. the goat-herds' banyan tree,
a√aṁoda, f.. the radish plant,
a√aṁbha, m. a frog,
a√aya, m. (sf.√i) defeat, fire; ad√. unconquerable; f.. the flax
a√ara, f.. (√√ar, √lr) a spirit, the aloe plant,
a√alaṁbana, n. antimony,
a√a√l, f.. cummin seeds or plant,
a√ina, n. the hide of the black antelope,
a√inapatta, f.. a bat.
a√inayoni, m. a wild goat, large kind of deer,
a√imhaga, m. (√gaṁ) an arrow,
a√ira, n. a court-yard, frog, wind,
a-√ivha, m. a frog.
a-√iva, ad√. (√√iv) lifeless; m. a corpse.
a√√a, adv. today.
a√√atagge, adv. from today, henceforward,
a√√atana, ad√. of today, contemporary, modern. nl, f. ;he
aorist tense,
a√√uka, f.. a courtezan.
a√√hakkha, m. a village head-man, superintendent,
a√√hatta, "tika, n. sub√ective, personal, internal,
a√√hacarati, v. (adhi+a √car) to practise, en√oin. cara, man
a√√hapeti, v. (adhi +a + apa√i) to teach, instruct,
a√√hapatti, f.. (√pad) an offence, transgression.


a√√haya, m. the chapter of a book.
a√√haropeti, cans. (√rtih) to raise, transfer, apply ; "riilha,
a√√havasati, v. (√vas) to chvell, inhabit.
a√√havasatha, in. ( √vas) a covered place, house, dwelling.
a√√havahanika, n. (-√vah) a dowry.
a√√hasaya, (adhi +a √si) intention, inclination, wish, vote.
a√√haseti, v. (√si) to lie or rest upon.
a√√hena, n. vedic learning.
a√√hesati, r. (√is) to request, invite.
a√√hokasa, m. (√kas) the open sky, space.
a√√hogalha, ppp. (√gah) plunged, sunk, immersed.
a√√hottharati, v. (sf.thar) to strew about, scatter; thata,
a√√hosita, ppp- (√si) bent upon; sana, n. being bent upon,
a√√hoharati, v. (√har) to swallow, eat; hata, PPPancati,
y. (√ane), to honour.
ancala, m . the fringe of a garment.
an√ati, v. (√an√) to anoint, smear.
an√ana, m. a tuktoo ; f.. a chaṁeleon; n. a collyrium, night.
an√anika, f.. a white-bellied mouse.
an√ali, m. the hollow of the √oined hands, a respectful saluation
performed by raising the √oined hands to the forehead.
Afi√alini karoti, pagganhdti or patydmcti, to
salute respectfully so.
an√asa, n. a road.
an√ittha, m. the sun.
an√ira, n. the fig tree or fruit.
aniia, ad√. other, another, a second; *tara, ad√. a certain,
some, one; attha, adv. elsewhere; *d-atthu, adv. surely,
certainly; *da, adv. at another time; *m-anria, adv.
each other, mutually, reciprocally.
aiiha, f.. (√na) knowledge, fruition of arahantship.
a-nnana, n. (isf.na) ignorance.
annadisa, ad√. different.
aiinoniia, ad√. mutualatata,
n. a very high numeral.
a^ati, v. (√at) to roaṁ.
atani, f.. the fraṁe of a bedstead, the notch of a bow to
catch the bow-string.
atavi, f.. (√at) a forest.