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The Student's Pali English dictionary : Consonants

(Consonants: p061-175)

From Student's Pali-English Dictionary, by Maung Tin (U Pe Maung Tin), (UPMT-SPED) in TIL version in sections as found in Bur-Myan dictionaries. You need to check the diacritics with the PDF copies in TIL PDF libraries
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190811)
- with ref. to U Hoke Sein, Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan) (UHS-PMD), by U Hoke Sein, 1954
  Note: UHS generally gives meanings conforming to UMPT, however there are instances when the meanings do not agree. At present, I'm concerned with the diacritics and structure of the Myanmar glyph. I'll come to the meanings after consulting other dictionaries such as those on Nwari and Npali.

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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Note: Student's Pali-English Dictionary, by Maung Tin (U Pe Maung Tin), (UPMT-SPED) in TIL version in sections as found in Bur-Myan dictionaries is in the following sections:
Consonants, p061-175 - UPMT-PEDc.htm - The present file 
Approximants, p175-251 - UPMT-PEDa.htm
Vowels, p001-061 - UPMT-PEDv.htm

UKT 180401: Why is the r3c4 akshara, ढ (in Devanagari) and {a.} (in Myanmar script) so important? I suspect it represents the Third Eye - the seat of super intelligence - present in Gautama Buddha (human), and supposedly present in Siva-dva (celestial being or a spirit). See Wikipedia:
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland 180401

Refer to kaḍḍhati {k~a.ti.} , v. (√kaḍḍh) to draw, drag; ana, n. dragging, resigning, [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]
usage phrase: - "taking up the double-edged dagger"

{ka.} क 
  {kn~ {ka.sa. {ka.za.} {ki~}
  {ka.Ta.} {ka.HTa. {ka.a.}/ {ka.a.}/ {k~a.}  {ka.Na.}


UKT: Now that my TOC is in Akshara, I need not show the page numbers of the original book as given in PDF copy. Yet, for convenience I'm showing the links to page numbers:
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{ka.} क


kaṁsa, {kn-a.} , m. metal, bronze, a gong, bowl. [UHS-PMD0275c1]
kaṁsakūta, {kn-a.ku-ta.} , n. counterfeit metal. [UHS-PMD0275c1]

ka, {ka.} , m. brahma, fire, wind, mind; n. head, water, hair. [UHS-PMD0275c1]
kakaca, {ka.ka.sa.} , m. a saw. [UHS-PMD0275c1]
kakaṇṭaka, {ka.kN~Ta.ka.} , m. a chameleon. [UHS-PMD0275c1]
kaku, {ka.ku.} , m. the hump of a bull. [UHS-PMD0275c1]
kakuṭa, {ka.ku.Ta.} , m. a pigeon, dove. [UHS-PMD0275c2]
kakuda, {ka.ku.da.} , mn. the hump of a bull, a symbol of royalty. [UHS-PMD0275: {ka.ku.Da.}] 
kakundara, n. a lion's den.
kakeruka, m. a worm
kakka, {kak~ka.} , m. paste, soap, sediment ; adj. white. [UHS-PMD0275c2]
kakkaṭa, {kak~ka.Ta.} , m. a crab. [UHS-PMD0275c2]
kakkaṭī, {kak~ka.Ti} , f. a kind of cucumber, snake, pot. [UHS-PMD0275c2]
kakkara, {kak~ka.ra.} , adj. hard, strong ; m. a mirror. [UHS-PMD0275c2 ]
kakkarī, {kak~ka.ri} , f. a kettle. [UHS-PMD0275c2 - f. 'kind of cucumber']
kakkasa, {kak~ka.a.} , adj. rough, cruel, hard.  [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]


kakkārī, {kak~ka-ri} , f. red cucumber.
kakkāreti, {kak~ka-r-ti.} , v. (√kar) to express disgust. [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]
kakkoṭaka, m. the bael tree, sugar-cane.
kakkha, {kak~hka.} m. the armpit, dried grass, buffalo; f. a woman's girdle. [UHS-PMD0276c1 - m. kind of creeper with many branches]
kakkhaṭa, {kak~hka.Ta.} , adj. harsh, cruel; f. white chalk. [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]
kakkhaḷa, {kak~hka.La.} , adj. harsh, cruel. [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]

UKT 190819: Notice the apparent confusion in the shapes of look-alike aksharas
between {kak~hka.Ta.} and {kak~hka.La.}


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UKT 190819: Caution. We are meeting for the first time the semi-nasals not recognized by phoneticians.

I'm speculating the following to solve the mystery of Nya-major and Nya-minor. Note that Bur-Myan & Mon-Myan are the only two languages which recognize the existence of Nya-major which is stable under the virama {a.t}.

r1c5 - {gna.} / {ng} 
   of the series {gna.} {gna} {gna:} 
   &  {ng.} {ng} {ng:}

r2c5 - {a.} / {}
   of the series {a.} {a} {a:} 
   & {.} {} {:}

This has left me with 2 contenders, Nya-major and Nya-minor, for the cell r2c5. However, probably unrecognized by ancient Myanmar phoneticians, Nya-major can be placed by the side of {ya.}/ {y} under the rubric of Approximants. This leaves the Nya-minor as the sole occupant of r2c5.

kaṅka, {kn~ka.} , m. a heron,
  [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]
kaṅkaṭa, {kn~ka.Ta.}, m. a coat of mail,
  [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]
kaṅkaṇa, {kn~ka.Na.}, n. a bracelet,
  [UHS-PMD0276c1 ]
kaṅkaṇī, f. a small bell with a tongue,
kaṅkata, m. a tree,
kaṅkamukha, m. fire tongs,
kaṅkā, f. the scent of lotus,
kaṅku, m. a kind of paddy,
kaṅkoli, m. the amherstia tree,

kaṅkha, {kn~hka.}  m. the fruit pigeon; f. doubt,
kaṅkhati, {kn~hka.ti.} , v. (√kaṅkh) to doubt, [UHS-PMD0276c2 ]
kaṅgu, {kn~gu.} , f. a kind of paddy,  [UHS-PMD0276c2 ]
kaṅguli, m. the hand.

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UKT 190811: The English transliteration <ca> and <sa> must be checked with UHS Pali-Myan.
For the present, I've ignored the presence of Affricate-pronunciation in English and in Sanskrit. Thus, I'll take
  kaca, {ka.sa.} "hair", and not {ka.ca.} or {ka.cha.}

kaca, {ka.sa.} , m. the hair, cloud; f. a she-elephant, beauty, [UHS-PMD0276c2 ]
kacaṅgana, n. a market free from tax.
kacamāla, m. smoke,
kacavara, {ka.sa.wa.ra.} , m. sweepings, rubbish, [UHS-PMD0276c2 ]
kaccati, v. (√kac) to shine,
kaccara, adj. dirty, old.
kacci, {kic~si.} part, perhaps, surely (used in interrogation);
  *nu kho {nu. hkau:], particles for interrogation, [UHS-PMD0277c1 ]
kaccha, {kic~hsa.} , m. the armpit, a creeper, swamp; f. a girdle.
  Kacchaṁ bandhati , to gird up the loins,  [UHS-PMD0277c1 ]
kacchaka, {kic~hsa.ka.} , m. aloes wood, [UHS-PMD0277c1 ]
kacchantara, {kic~hsn-ta.ra.}, n. a private room, private parts, [UHS-PMD0277c1 ]
kacchapa, {kic~hsa.pa.} , m, a tortoise. [UHS-PMD0277c1 ]
kacchapī, f. a female tortoise, pimple, wart,
kacchabū, f. swampy ground,
kacchu, f. the scab,

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kaja, adj. watery; n. a lotus,
kajjala, {kiz~za.la.} , m. a cloud ; n. collyrium. [UHS-PMD0277c2 ]

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UKT 190811: Pali-Myan does not allow {a.t}. {ki~} has been borrowed from Skt-Myan. In Pali-Myan, {ki~} is written as a conjunct as in
{ki~sa.na.} - n. gold -  UKT from UHS-PMD0277

kacana, {ki~sa.na.} , n. gold, [UHS-PMD0277c2 ]
kacika, n. vinegar,
kacuka, {ki~su.ka.} , m. the slough of a snake, a jacket, sheath, envelope, [UHS-PMD0277c2 ]
kacukita, adj. having the hairs bristling with joy.


kacukī, {ki~su.ki } , f. an attendant on the women's apartments, snake, a kind of bean. [UHS-PMD0277c2 ]
kacūlikā, f. a short jacket, bodice,

UKT 190820: Here we notice a curious change from c1 {sa.} to c3 {za.} without going through the c2 {hsa.}. I'm presupposing for the present that this has a bearing on the difference in glyphs between Bur-Myan c4 as {Za.} and Mon-Myan c4 {Za.}. And also on occupant of the cell r2c5 - either by Nya'major or Nya'minor.

kajara, m. the sun, stomach, elephant,
kajiya, {ki~zi.ya.} , n. vinegar, [UHS-PMD0278c1 ]
  Note: UHS gives a spelled-alike with the same meaning:
  {ki~zi.ka.} , n. vinegar, [UHS-PMD0278c1 ]

UKT 190820: Though the glyph below looks like Nya'major, it is actually a horizontal conjunct of Nya'minor {~a.}. Nya'major {a.} is a syllable - i.e. pronounceable, and can be under virama {a.t} as {}, but the conjunct {~a.} is mute.

kaakacchala, n. kidnapping of girls,
kaasa, m. a younger brother; f. the small finger,
kaā, {k~a} , f. a girl, maid, virgin, the orchid plant, [UHS-PMD0278c1 ]
kaāggahaṇa, n. marriage
kaaṭa, m. the middle room of a house, ladies' room,
kaapati, m. a son-in-law.

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kaṭa, {ka.Ta.}, n. victory, female organs, a mat, season, grave, [UHS-PMD0278c1 ]
kaṭaka, {ka.Ta.ka.} - mn. a bracelet, mountain-side,  [UHS-PMD0278c1 ]
kaṭa-kaṭa, onomatopoetic.
kaṭaki, f. a mountain.
kaṭakola, m. a spittoon.
kaṭakhādaka, m. a glass, crow, jackal,
kaṭacchu, m. a spoon, ladle,
kaṭana, n. thatch.
kaṭambharā, f. black hellebore, she-elephant,
kaṭasāraka, f. a rush mat.
kaṭasī, f. a grave,
kaṭāha, n. a jar, vase, flower-pot,
kaṭi, {ka.Ti.} , f. the small of the back, hip, waist, [UHS-PMD0278c2 ]
kaṭu, {ka.Tu.} , f. black hellebore; adj. harsh, severe, [UHS-PMD0279c1 ]
kaṭuka, {ka.Tu.ka.} , adj. harsh, severe, pungent, acrid; m. camphor; f. black hellebore, [UHS-PMD0279c1 ]
kaṭukīṭa, m. a mosquito,
kaṭura, f. buttermilk,
kaṭurava, m. a frog,
kaṭola, m. an outcast.
kaṭṭhissa, n. a silk coverlet embroidered with gems,
kaṭṭha, {kT~HTa.} , adj. miserable, bad ; n. a piece of wood, stick, jungle. [UHS-PMD0279c1 ]

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kaṭhikā, f. white chalk,
kaṭhina, {ka.HTi.na.} , adj. hard, solid, severe, difficult, [UHS-PMD0280c1 ]

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{ka.a.} / {ka.a.} / {k~a.} 

kaḍḍhati, {k~a.ti.} , v. (√kaḍḍh) to draw, drag; ana, n. dragging, resigning, [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]

UKT 180401: Why is the r3c4 akshara, ढ (in Devanagari) and {a.} (in Myanmar script) so important? I suspect it represents the Third Eye - the seat of super intelligence - present in Gautama Buddha, and supposedly present in Siva-dva. See Wikipedia:
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineal_gland 180401


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kaṇa, {ka.Na.}, m. the fine red powder between the grain of rice and the husk, particle, bit, atom; adj. little, small, [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]
kaṇajira, n. the cummin seed,
kaṇati, v. (√kaṇ) to sound,
kaṇaya, {ka.Na.ya.} , m. a fork. [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]


kaṇikā, {ka.Ni.ka} , f. a kind of plant, ear-ornament. [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]
kaṇikāra, m. the bauhinia tree.
kaṇiṭṭha, adj. smallest, younger.
kaṇerā, f. a harlot.
kaṇeru, {ka.N-ru.} , mf. an elephant. [UHS-PMD0280c2 ]
kaṇṭaka, {kN~Ta.ka.} , m. a thorn, enemy, horripilation, obstacle, pest. [UHS-PMD0281c1 ]
kaṇṭakāgāra, m. the porcupine.
kaṇṭakaphala, m. the jack fruit, doorian.
kaṇṭha, {kN~HTa.} - m. the neck, throat. [UHS-PMD0281c1 ]
kaṇṭhaja, {kN~HTa.za.} , adj. guttural (letters). [UHS-PMD0281c1 ]

UKT 190822: Since kaṇṭhaja {kN~HTa.za.}, is a linguistic term, see Wikipedia:
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guttural 190822
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velar_consonant 190822

kaṇṭhabhūsā, f.  a necklace.
kaṇṭhamaṇi, m. the crop or craw of a bird, a jewel necklace.
kaṇṭhapāsaka, m. the bridle-reins.
kaṇṭhalatā, f. a coat-collar, bridle. 
kaṇḍa, {kN~a.} , mn. a stalk, arrow, section of a book, portion, season. [UHS-PMD0281c2 ]
kaṇḍarā, f. a blood-vessel,
kaṇḍu, {kN~u.} - f. the itch. [UHS-PMD0281c2 ]
kaṇḍuti, {kN~u.ti.}, f . kaṇḍuvana, n . kaṇḍuyā, f. itching, [UHS-PMD0281c2 ]
kaṇḍuvati, v . to scratch,
kaṇḍola, m. a basket, store-room,
kaṇṇa, {kN~Na.} , m. the ear, rudder, corner,  [UHS-PMD0282c1 ]
kaṇṇajapa, m. a tale-bearer,
kaṇṇajalūkā, f. a centipede,
kaṇṇadhāra, m. a steersman, pilot,
kaṇṇapūra, m. the black lily,
kaṇṇabhūsā, f. an ear-ring,
kaṇṇasukha, adj. pleasant to the ear.
kaṇnasūla, n. ear-ache,
kaṇṇika, m. a steersman; f. an ear-ornament, the pericarp of the lotus, the peak of a hut.
kaṇṇikāra, m. the pericarp.
kaṇha, {ka.Nha.}, adj. black, dark, evil ; m. Visnu, the evil one ; n. sin. [UHS-PMD0283c1]

UKT 190822: I opine that UPMT translation of kaṇha {ka.Nha.} as "Visnu, the evil one" is slightly off the mark. It is Krishna - the reincarnate of the Dva-god Visnu who was of black skin. Krishna as a human king and his hordes wielding iron weapons defeated King Kaṁsa, {kn-a.} and his allies defending their home-land with bronze weapons. It herald the coming of the Iron-Age into the Indian subcontinent. The defenders speaking Tib-Bur languages such as Magadhi (the ancestor of Pali} must have harboured eternal hatred towards the conquerors, so Krishna and Vishnu have been dubbed "the evil one". One of the defeated kings fled into northern-Myanmarpr. He was no other than King Abhiraza . His two sons were named Kanraza-the Elder and Kanraza-the Younger. Their names, Kan {kn}, reflects the "bronze - the alloy of copper and tin". They were "Bronze princes". Note the syllable {kn} does not have the ending sound of either /n/ or /m/. The letters <n> and <m> came in with English-transliteration. I can extend my conjecture further from the point of view of a chemist. The chemical-elements Sulphur S and Arsenic As (spelled {kn.} and Arsenic {sain}), usually occurs together in mineral ores. They make the bronze harder and better. But they are no match for iron-weapons.

kaṇhagotamaka, m. a cobra, [UHS-PMD0283c2 refers to a Naga-king.]
kaṇhajina, {ka.Nha-zi.na.} , n. the skin of a black leopard, [UHS-PMD0283c2 refers to "black goat" - the main diet of the leopard]
kaṇhavattanī, m. fire,

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kataka, {ka.ta.ka.} , m, the nut plant; adj. artificial, [UHS-PMD0283c2]
katajali, adj. saluting respectfully.
katau, adj. grateful; utā, f. gratitude,
katanta, m. the king of death,
katama, adj. what ? which ?
katamāla, m. a kind of tree,
katara, adj. what ? which ?


kaṭākaṭa, adj. done and not done.
kaṭi, {ka.ti.} , interr. pron. how many ? [UHS-PMD0285c2]
kaṭika, m. the kusa grass.
kaṭipaya, {ka.ti.pa.ya.} adj. a few, some, several. [UHS-PMD0285c2]
kaṭipāhaṁ, adv. a few days.

Diacritics checked with PDF copy to this point:
ā ē ī  ō ū / ḍ ḥ ḷ ḹ ṁ ṃ ṅ ṇ ɴ ṛ ṝ ś ṣ ṭ / Root sign √

kaṭu, m. a sacrifice, oblation.
kaṭtara, m. a weak or old man; *yatthi, f. the walking
stick of a mendicant.
kaṭtarika, f. scissors, a sailor.
kaṭlariya, n. scissors.
kaṭtareti, -y. to be loose, weak.
kaṭtika, f. name of a constellation.
kaṭtu, in. an agent, doer, nominative case, minister.
kaṭtha, adv. where? whither? *ci, adv. anywhere, somewhere.
kaṭthati, v. to praise, boast; ana, f.
kaṭharh, adv. how ?
kaṭharhkaṭha, f. doubt.
kaṭhanci, adv. scarcely, with difficulty.
kaṭha, f. speech, discourse, conversation, story, account,
kaṭhana, n. a high numeral..
kaṭharambha, m. a preface, introductory discourse.
kaṭhavatthu, n. a subject of discourse, one of the abhidhamma
kaṭhika, / talk, parley, agreement.
kaṭhina, adj. hard, solid, severe, difficult.
kaṭheti, r. (√kaṭh) to speak, say, relate, converse; kaṭhana,
kaṭhojja, n. quarrelling in words.
kada, m. a rain-cloud.
kadaki, f. a rain-protector, water-proof.
kad-anna, n. bad food.
kadamba, m. the coffee-wort, mustard.
kadara, m. the white mimosa, a saw.
kadariya, adj. stingy, miserly.
kadall, f. the plantain or banana tree, a flag, antelope.
kada, adv. when? at what time?
kadacana, kadaci, adv. sometimes, perhaps.
kaddama, r. mud.
kaṇaka, n. gold; *tthali, f. a gold itiinc.
kaṇakarasa, m. yellow orpiment.
kaṇakkhara, m. borax.
kaṇavira, m. the periwinkle tree-


kaṇittha, adj. smallest, youngest.
kaṇl, f. a young maiden.
kaṇlnika, f. the small finger, the pupil of the eye.
kaṇta, ppp. (√kam) charming, delightful; m. a husband;
f. a wife.
kaṇtati, V. to cut, spin; ana, n ; kaṇtita, ppp'
kaṇtara, m. a forest, wilderness; *khinna, adj. travel-worn,
kaṇti, f. beauty, wish, the bastard sandal tree,
kaṇda, m. a bulb,
kaṇdata, n. the white lily.
kaṇdati, v. (tjkaiid) to cry, wail, weep,
kaṇdamula, n. the radish plant,
kaṇdara, m. a cave, grotto,
kaṇdarakara, m. a mountain,
kaṇdarala, *ka, tit. the walnut,
kaṇdala, mjn. the temple, the inside of the cheek, an evil
omen : m- gold, warfare,
kaṇdali, f. see kadali.
kaṇdallkusuma, n. the mushroom,
kaṇdu, mjn. a large pan.
kaṇduka, m. a spinning top.
kaṇdota, m. the white liiy.
kaṇdhara, mf. the neck, rain-cloud,
kaṇdha, m. the sea, neck,

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kapata,, inn. fraud, deception,
kapana, adj. miserable, poor: nl, m. a pauper.
kapata, m/n. the leaf of a door,
kapala, m/n. the skull, a potsherd,
kapi, m. a monkey,
kapikacchu, f. a kind of plant,
kapikaṇduka, n. the skull,
kapittha, m. a kind of tree.
kapila, adj. reddish; m. a dog; f. the prickly-pear, a leech.
kapilavatthu, -y. the birth-place of Gotama Buddha,
kapiloha, n. brass,
kapisa, f. mixed black and yellow colours.
kapisi, *ka, f. spirituous drink,
kapisisa, in. the door-post,
kapitana, m. the betel tree.
kaponi, m. the elboxy.
kapota, m. a pigeon, dove,
kapotaka, n. antimony,
karjotari, vi. a hawk.


kapoia, m. the cheek.
kappa, adj. fit, suitable, worthy, resembling, like; m. time,
period, rule, usage, permission, chapter of a book,
kappaka, m. a barber,
kappata, m. torn cloth, rags.
kappati, v. to be fitting, permissible, right, proper,
kappana, m. the trappings of an elephant; f. preparing,
thought ; n. cutting, caparisoning an elephant or horse.
kappabindu, m. a black spot attached to a monk's new
robe to disfigure it.
kappara, m. the skull, the elbow,
kapparukkha, m. a wish-yielding tree.
kappasa, mn ; "si, f. cotton.
kappiya, //>/>. right, suitable, appropriate,
kappiira, mn. camphor.
kappeti, cans. (√kapp) to arrange, make, think, cut.
kapha, m. phlegm,
kaphani, mf. the elbow,
kaphari, m. ginger,
kabandha, mn. a headless body,
kaba-ra, adj. variegated, mixed ; *mani, mn. the masaragalla
kabala, m. a mouthful, morsel,
kabajikara, adj. made into balls or mouthfuls.
kabya, n. poetry; *kara, m. a poet,
karh, n. water, the head,
knma, m. order, succession, method. Kamena, instr. adv.
by degrees, in due course. Kamato, abl. adv. respectively.
kamattha, m. a tortoise, porcupine, bamboo,
kamandalu, mn. a waterpot used by ascetics,
kamandha, m. water,
kamala, n. a lotus.
kamalacchada, m. a heron, lotus-leaf,
kamalakara, m. a pond,
kamalasana, m. brahma.
kamaiottara, nH the safflower.
kamuka, m. the betel tree,
kampati, r. to shake, tremble; a, m; ann, n.
kampaka, m. wind,
kambala, mn. a blanket,
kambi, f. a spoon, bamboo shoot.


kambu, m. gold, conch, elephant, neck, vein.
kambugiva, f. a neck marked with three lines like a shell.
kamma, n. action, labour, business, deed, merit, karma.
kammakara, in. a workman, servant.
kammaja, adj. produced from karma.
kammanna, n. adaptability, wieldiness, workableness.
kammatthana, n. basis of action, station of religious exercise.
kammanta, m. business, work, occupation, profession.
kammapatha, m. a course of action.
kammavaca, /, an ecclesiastical vote or resolution.
kammavipaka, m. the result of action or karma.
kammasa, m. dirt, stain.
kammassaka, adj. owned by karma, having karma as one's
kammayatana, n. handicraft.
kammara, m. a blacksmith.
kammaruddhana, n. a smithy.
kammasa, adj. variegated, spotted.
kaya, m. purchase; *vikkaya, m. purchase and sale, barter,
kayirati, pass, (is/kar) to be made.
kara, m. the hand, an elephant's trunk, tax, a ray of light.
karaka, m. a kettle, the pomegranate tree; f. hail.
karakandaka, karaja, m. the finger-nail.
karakaraka, m. revenue secretary.
karaggaha, m. marriage.
karanga, m. the head, human bone.
karangana, n. a market.
karacchada, m. the teak tree.
karajala, n. a ray of light.
karaiija, m. a kind of tree.
karana, n. action, instrument, the body, an organ of sense.
karanisuta, f. an adopted daughter.
karanda, ran. a box, casket.
karantakiphala, m. the jack tree.
karatala, n. a cymbal.
karapatta, n. a saw.
karapalika, f. a wooden sword.
karaputa, m. the cavity formed by joining the bent palms
of the hands.
karabha, ra. a camel, the hand from the wrist to the root
of the fingers.


karabhatta, in. the betel tree.
karabhira, w. a lion.
karabhiisana, n. a bracelet or bangle.
karamadda, m. a kind of plant.
karamara, m. a prisoner.
karamala, w. smoke.
karavika, m. the cuckoo.
karavlra, in. oleander, graveyard.
karasakha, f. a finger.
karahaci, adv. sometimes.
karahata, n. a bulbous root.
kari, m. an elephant, jar.
karlsa, n. excrement.
karisangasa, f. a storm.
karuna, f. mercy.
karenu, mf. an elephant.
karota, mf. the skull.
karoti, v. (√kar) to act, do, cause, make, perform; kayira,
opt; kaṭurii, inf ; kaṭva, kariya, ger ; kayyati, kayirati,
pass; kaṭtabba, kicca, kayira, kariya, kayya, ipp ; kaṭa,
kala, adj. soft, indistinct.
kalakanda, m. a dove, pigeon, swan.
kalakujika, f. a courtezan, harlot.
kalarika, m. a spot, mark, blemish, rust, defamation.
kalankura, m. a whirpool, reflex current.
kalanja, f. tobacco.
kalatta, n. the hip, a wife.
kaladhuta, n. gold and silver, a soft sound.
kalandaka, m. a squirrel.
kalandara, m. a person of mixed birth.
kalabha, mfn. a young elephant.
kalama, m. a penholder, thief, a kind of paddy.
kalambaka, m. a kind of potherb.
kalambi, f. the back of the neck.
kalala, ran. the embryo immediately after conception, mud.
kalavirika, ra. a sparrow.
kalasa, /?; "si, f. a waterpot.
kalaha, mn. quarrel, strife, battle.
kalahala, in. clamour.
kala, f. a part, fraction, division of time, art.
kalapa, m. a bundle, bunch, peacock's tail, tuft, quiver.
kalapaka, m. a string or row.


kalapl, m. a peacock.
kalara, adj. tawny.
kalalapa, in. a bee.
kalaya, m. a chick pea.
kali, m. sin, demerit, defeat, a die; *yuga, m. an age of
the world.
kalika, f. a flower bud.
kaliriga, m. the fork-tailed shrike,
kalifigara, m. chaff,
kalinja, m. a rush mat.
kallra, m. the shoot of a plant,
kalukka, m. a cymbal; f. a restaurant,
kalusa, adj, polluted, impure; n. sin, impurity,
kalevara, n. a body, corpse.
kalyana, adj. auspicious, fortunate, beautiful, good.
kalla, adj. skilful, possible, ready, healthy; n. dawn,
kallati, v. to sound indistinctly,
kallahara, n. the white water-lily,
kalli, ad-v. tomorrow,
kallola, m'. a billow; mfn. an enemy,
kavaca, mn. a coat of mail, charm,
kavandha, mn. a headless trunk,
kavata, mn. a door, trap-door, window,
kavi, adj. wise; m. a wise man, poet, monkey,
kasaka, m. a ploughshare,
kasata, adj. sour, acid, insipid, tasteless,
kasati, v. (√kas) to plough, till the ground; kaṭtha, kasita,
kasambu, n. sweepings, rubbish,
kasa, / a whip,
kasaya, kasava, adj. astringent; mn. astringent taste, the
yellow colour, stain, impurity, sin.
kasi, f. ploughing, agriculture.
kasina, adj. all, entire; mn. a meditation-device or artifice.
kasipu, ni. food, dress,
kasima, m. a husbandman, cultivator,
kasira, adj. painful, grievous; n. trouble, distress. Kasirena,
instr. adv. with difficulty,
kaseru, mn. the rain tree,
kasmlra, m. Cashmere,
kasmlraja, n. saffron,
knssaka, m. a husbandman, cultivator, farmer.


kassapa, m. one ot" the 24 Bucklhis, a famous disciple of
the Buddha.
kaham, adv. where? whither?
kahapana, inn. a coin,
kaka, m. a crow.
kakacchada, tn. the magpie robin,
kakanika, f. a farthing,
kakaṭaliya, adj. accidental,
kakaṭittha, f. the ganja plant,
kakaṭinduka, m. a sort of ebony.
kakapakkha, m. a tuft of hair left on the shaved head,
kakapeyya, f. a river full with water so that a crow -may
drink from the bank,
kakapuccha, puttha, m. the cuckoo,
kakabhiru, in. the owl.
kakamaggu, m. water-fowl,
kakala, n. a necklace; f. a bird's song,
kakali, f. a soft sound in music.
kakavaiijha, f. a woman giving birth to an only child,
kakasiira, m. lit. "a crow-hero," a shameless fellow,
kakodumbarika, f. the opposite-leaved fig tree.
kakola, 7;;. a raven.
kakolukika, f. enemies like the crow and the owl.
kaca, m. soap, soda, glass, ophthalmia; n. wax.
kacana, n. a fence, enclosure,
kacakupl, f. a bottle,
kaja, kaca, m. a '
' or carrying pole, a pole placed
over one shoulder with a rope fastened to each end.
karhina, m. the date tree.
kana, adj. blind of one eye.
kadamba, r,i. the large horned owl.
kadambara, n. cream of milk ; f. wine,
kadambini, f. a cloud in the form of a flag,
kanana, n. a forest, grove.
kanina, mf. illegitimate offspring,
kamarh, adv. at pleasure, voluntarily, indeed,
kama, m. wish, desire, the god of love, sensual pleasure,
kama-keli, m. indulgence in sensual pleasure,
kama-guna, m. an object or constituent of sensual pleasure,
kania-cchanda, m. sensual desire,
kamajala, m. the. cuckoo,
kamattha, m. n tortoise,
kainana, adj. lustful


kamabhava, m. existence in a world of sense.
kamayaU, v. (Wkam) to desire, love; ppp- kanta.
kamaloka, m. a world or realm of sense, sensuous realm.
kamasakha, m. the winter.
kamavacara, adj. frequenting a sensuous realm.
kami, adj. desirous; m. the moon, a sweetheart, sparrow.
kamuka, adj. desirous; m. a husband.
kaya, m. the body, multitude, group, house, city.
kayakamma, n. an act of the body, deed.
kayapasada, m. the sensitive body', the skin.
kayabandhana, n. a waist -band, girdle.
kayavinnatti, f. intimation "by means of the body.
kayavinneyya, n. the tangible body.
kara, m. action, a prison, song of praise, revenue.
karaka, . a grammatical case.
karana, n. a cause, destruction ; f. agony.
karana, adv. on account of, for the sake of.
karanika, adj. investigating, judging; m. a guardian of hell.
karandava, in. a sort of duck.
karamihika, f. camphor.
karavella, m. the momordica plant.
karagara, mfn. a prison.
karika, f. work, a memorial verse, metrical explanation.
kaieti, cans. (*/kar) to make, perform. Rajjam kareti, to
reign .
karu, *ka, m. an artisan,
karuja, m. machinery, an ant-hill,
karunna, n. compassion,
karundi, f. a water leech.
kala, m. time, season, death. Kalam karoti, to die.
kalaka, m. a water-snake,
kalakaiida, m. a water-fowl, sparrow, peacock,
kalakanni, f. misfortune, ill-luck,
kalakiriya, f. death,
kalaklla, w.'an uproar.
kalakuta, m. one of the Himalayan peaks, a kind of poison,
kalakhanda, "anjana, n. the liver.
kalakkhandha, m. the Chinese persimon*
kalakkhepa, m. wasting time,
kalacakka, m. a clockkalafina,
m. an astrologer, cock,
kalanemi, in. an evil spirit,
kalapakkha, m. I he dark half of a month.


kaiasutta, m. one of the eight hells.
kalaguru, kalaguru, w. aloes wood.
kalatipatti, f. the conditional tense.
kalanukalarh, adv. from time to timekalapa,
ra. the hood of a snake.
kalindaka, n. the water-melon.
kalusiya, n. pollution.
kaveyya, n. poetry.
kaven, mf. the Cauvery river, a courtezan.
kasa, m. cough.
kasati, v. to shine.
kasamadda, m. a kind of plant.
kasaya, ra. a pond.
kasaya, ava, n. the yellow robe.
kasi, m. the Kasi kingdom.
kaslsa, n. vitriol.
kasu, /- a hole, pit, multitude.
kalasiha, m. a bear.
kalahamsa, m. the large horned owl.
kala, f. the scammony plant.
kalanusan, m. the black sandal wood.
kalayasa, n. iron.
kajavaka, m. a kind of elephant.
kirn, adv. why? what?
kirn pana, adv. pray !
kirh-purisa, m. a harpy.
kirh-vadanti, f. report, rumour.
kirh va, adv. or else.
kimsaru, m. paddy-ear, an arrow.
kirn su, adv. how?
kimsuka, m. the butea tree.
kiki, /; *diva, m. the blue jay.
kiki, f. the pheasant, the Burmese lapwing.
kiiikara, kinkara, m. a servant.
kinkarana, adv. why? on account of what?
kinkinika, mn; ni, f. a small bell.
kicca, n. fpp. work, duty, service, need.
kicci, adv. how so?
kiccha, adj. difficult, laborious, painful.
kii'icana, . anxiety, attachment; adv. anything, something.
kincapi, adv. however much, although.
kind, adv. a little, rather.
kincikkha, n. a trifle.


kinjakkha, m. a filament, especially of the lotus.
kittha, n. growing corn.
kita, m. a primary derivative.
kitava, m. a gambler, rogue.
kittaka, adj. how much? how many?
kittana, n. mention, report.
kittavata, adv. how far? to what extent?
kitti, f. fame, report.
kittima, adj. artificial, false.
Mtteti, v. to proclaim, celebrate, publish, announce.
kintanu, ra. a small insect.
kin ti, adv. how ? pray !
kinnara, raf. a harpy, nymph.
kin nu, adv. how? what !
kibbisa, n. fault, sin.
kimanga, adv. far more.
kimattham, adv. for what purpose?
kimi, ra. a worm, insect. .
kimija, adj. silken.
kim iva, adv. the reason being, because.
kimu, *ta, adv. like this and like that; how much more?
kimpaka, adj. childish.
kira, adv. it is said, they say.
kirana, ra. a ray of light.
kirata, m. a wild hillman, aborigine.
kiri-kiri, onomatopoetic, the chirping of birds.
kirita, mn. a diadem, medal.
kiriya, fit. action, performance, work.
kila, another form of kira.
kilanja, m. a mat.
kilanta, ppp. (klam) wearied, exhausted.
kilamati, v. (√kiam) to be tired, exhausted, worried ; ana, n .
kilamatha, m. fatigue.
kilasa, m. ring-worm.
kili^tha, ppp. (√klis) afflicted, depraved, corrupted, soiled,
kilinna, adj. wet.
kilissati, v. (√klis) to be afflicted, corrupted, depraved,
kilesa, *. corruption, depravity, sin, lust,
kilomaka, n. a membranaceous tissue.
kisa, adj. thin, emaciated, poor, mean,
kisalaya, n. a sprout, shoot,
kisora, adj. young; m. a colt, child


klcaka, m. a reed, bamboo.
kfta, >n- an insect, worm; *ja, n. sirk.
kldisn, klrisa, adj. like what? of what Sort?
klra, m. a parrot.
kila, m. a pin, stake.
kilita, ppp' bound.
klva, adv. how ? ho\\ much ?
kilati, v. (√ki!) to play, sport; "ana, n; kila, f.
ku, a prefix meaning bad, inferior, wicked; f. the earth.
kukutthaka, m- the crow pheasant.
kukola, n. the jujube tree.
kukku, n. a cubit.
kukkucca, n. worry, remorse; Vayati, \. to be worriedkukkuta,
w. a cock.
kukkura, m. a dog.
kukkula, i. hot ashes, embers.
kukkuha, m. an osprey.
kuiikuma, n. saffron.
kuca, m. the female breast, the pomegranate.
kuccha, f. blame, contempt; n. the white lotus.
kucchi, ml. the belly, womb, cavity, interior.
kucchittha, m. wind in the stomach.
kucchita, adj. contemptible.
kuja, m. a tree.
kujjhati, v. (√kudh) to be angry; ppp. kuddha.
kuficanada, m. the trumpeting of an elephant.
kuncika, f. a key; *vivara, n. a keyhole.
kuiicita, ppp. bent, crooked.
kufija, mn. a place overgrown with creeping plants, mountain
bend, elephant's tusk,
kunjara, m. an elephant.
kuta, mn. a waterpot; *dharika, /, a maid-servant,
kutaru, n. a canvas-tent,
kutala, n. a roof,
kutika, f. a hut.
kutikara, m. a carpenter,
kutila, adj. crooked, deceitful,
kutilika, f. a smithy,
kuti, f. a house, hut, tent, shed,
kutira, n. a box, kennel.
kutunkaka, m. a bush,
kutumba, n. family, property, estates,
kutta, n. a wall* fence, enclosure.


kuttana, n. grinding, thrashing.
kuttima, mn. a mine of precious stones.
kuttira, m. a mountain.
kuttha> n. leprosy.
kutthaku, m. a woodpeckerkuduba,
m. a measure of capacity.
kudumala, m. an opening bud.
kudda, n. a wall.
kunapa, mn. a corpse.
kunala, m. a cuckoo.
kuni, adj. crooked in a limb.
kuntha, adj. slow, lazy.
kunda, m. an iguana ; n. a waterpot, well.
kundaka, m. the red powder between the grain of rice and
the husk.
kundala, n. a ring, earring,
kundika, f. the waterpot of an ascetic,
kutuhala, n. tumult, vehemence.
kuto, adv. whence? how? much less; *ci, from any place,
kutta, m. behaviour, conduct,
kuttaka, n. a large carpet,
kuttima, adj. artificial,
kuttha, adv. where?
kutha, mn. a woollen blanket, howdah.
kuda, adv. when; *canam, adv. ever, sometimes,
kudara, m. a bad wife.
kudari, mfn. an axe, hatchet,
kuddala, mn. a spade,
kudrusa, m. a sort of grain,
kunati, f. red tourmaline, the coriander seed,
kunabhi, m. a whirl-wind,
kunta, mf. a lance, insect,
kuntani, f. a curlew,
kuntala, m. hair, a waterpot.
kuntha, m. a sort of ant.
kunda, n. the many-flowered jasmine,
kunnadl, f. a very small stream,
kupini, f. a fish-net, snare,
kuppa, n. any metal except gold or silver,
kuppati, v. (Wkup) to be angry, disturbed, ruffled; ana, n;
kupita, ppp.
kumara, m. a child, youth, the god of war; adj. young,
kumarabhacca, f. midwifery, nursing.


kumasa, m. barley bread.
kumina, n. a funnel-shaped basket fish-net.
kumuda, . the white water-lily, a high numeral.
kumudabandhava, m. the moon.
kumbha, m. a waterpot, elephant's forehead, a measure of
kumbhaka, n. the mast of a ship.
kumbhanda, i. a class of demons, water-melon,
kumbhathuna, n. a kettle-drum,
kumbhi, f. a pot.
kumbhila, m. a crocodile, alligator,
kumma, ra. a tortoise;
kapala, mn. a tortoise-shell,
kummala, ra. a bud.
kurandaka, ra. a sort of amaranth,
kurara, m. an eagle,
kuravika, ra. the Indian cuckoo,
kuruiiga, m. an antelope,
kuruvinda, m. a ruby.
kurQra, ad/, cruel, severe, formidable,
kula, n. a flock, herd, family, species, house, lineage,
kulata, f. an unchaste woman,
kulabhacca, f. a mid-wife, nursekulala,
m. a kite, falcon,
kulala, m. a potter, jungle-fowl,
kulavaka, n. a nest.
kulahaka, m. a chameleon,
kuliya, m. a flying squirrel,
kulisa, ran. Indra's thunderbolt,
kulina, adj. of good family,
kulira, ra. a crab, prawn,
kulupaka, m. a family friend,
kulla, ran. a winnowing basket, raft,
kuvarh, adv. where ?
kuvalaya, n. the water-lily,
kuvenl, f. a funnel-shaped basket fish-net,
kuvera, m. Vessavana.
kusa, m. a blade of grass, sacrificial grass; f. a rope,
kusala, adj. skilful, happy, meritorious, good,
kusi, n. one of the four cross seams of a Buddhist robe..
kusinara, f. a town in India; where the Buddha died,
kusida, Ita, adj. lazy, slothful,
kusuma, n. a flower,
kusumbha, n. safflower.


kusiila, m. a granary.
kussubbha, n. a small pond, puddle.
kuharii, adv. when? whither?
kuhaka, kuhana, adj. deceitful ; kuhana, / deceit, hypocrisy.
kuhara, kuhira, n. a hole, cavity.
kuhirh, adv. where? whither?
kuhificana, ci, adv. anywhere, somewhere.
kuheti, i'. to deceive.
kuhelika, f. fumigation.
kujana, n. the singing of birds.
kuta, mn. top, peak, mass, sledge-hammer, trap, deception,
fraud; adj. deceitful, false, having a peak.
kiitatta, m. a false law-suit.
kiitagara, n. a gabled house, attic.
kiipa, *ka, m. a well, pit, mast of a ship.
kiira, n. boiled rice.
kiila, n. a bank, slope.
kuvara, adj. beautiful, charming.
keka, m. the chaste tree.
kekara, adj. squinting.
keka, f. the cry of the peacock.
keki, m. a peacock.
keja, n. a water-lily.
ketubha, n. the art of prosody.
ketaka, in ;ki, f. the screw-pine.
ketana, n. a sign on a flag, banner, house.
ketava, n. gambling, fraud.
ketu, m. a banner.
ketumala, f. a halo, ray of glory.
kedara, m. a field, mountain.
kenipata, m. a rudder.
key ura, . a bracelet or bangle for the arm.
kerava, n. the white water-lily.
keratika, adj. miserly.
kelayana, n. play, sport.
kelasa, adj. white; m. name of a mountain.
keli, / amusement, sport.
kelika, 'adj. sporting; f. a lute, violin.
kelikuncika, f. a sister-in-law.
kevatta, m. a fisherman.
kevala, adj. only, mere, alone, all, entire, whole; n. adv. only,
kevalakappa, adj. all, whole, entire.


kevali, m. a saint who has mastered all, all-accomplished.
kesa, m. hair.
kesamajjaka, m. a comb.
kesara, m. the filament of a lotus or other plant, the inane
of a lion or horse ; n. asafoetida.
kesarl, m. a maned lion, horse,
kesava, m. Vishnu,
koka, m. a wolf, frog, lizard,
kokadeva, tn a pigeon.
kokanada, n. the red lotus; *bandhu, m. the sun.
kokasaka, m. the red lotus,
kokila, m. the Indian cuckoo,
koci, pron. any, some,
koccha, n. a comb, grand couch,
kojava, m. a coverlet made of goat's hair,
konca, m. a heron, crane,
kota, m. a fort, strong-hold,
kotara, mn. the hollow of a tree,
koti, f. point, tip, summit, ten millions; *ppakoti, f. a high
kotiya, m. a mongoose,
kotilla, n. crookedness, deceitfulness.
kottima, mn. a pavement made of pounded stone,
kotteti, -y. (√kutt) to strike, break, pound, cut ; kottaka, ddj ;
kottana, n.
kottha, mn. a granary, room,
kotthaka, m. a store-room,
kotthagara, n. a store-room, treasury,
kotthasa, m. a portion, lot, destiny,
kotthu, m. a jackal,
kona, m. a corner, angle, bow for a musical instrument, the
blade of a sword.
kotuka, n. a wonder, wedding-ring,
kotuhala, .. clamour, noisy confusion,
kodanda, . a bow.
kodha, m. (√kudh) anger, wrath,
kodhana, adj. angry, passionate,
kontika, m. a lancer,
kopa, m. (√kup) anger, ill-temper,
kopina, n the private parts,
komala, adj. soft,
kotnudl, f. rnoonlight*


koraka, mn. a flower bud.
kola, mn. the jujube fruit, a pig, raft.
kolaka, n. pepper.
kolamba, ra. a pot.
kolavalll, f. a sort of pepper.
kolahala, mn. uproar, tumult
kolitthij f. a married woman.
koll, f. the jujube tre^-
koleyya, adj. of noble family ; m. a house-dog.
kovida, adj. skilled, wise.
kovilara, m. a sort of ebony.
kosa, mn. a sheath, bud, treasure, testicle, shout, call, a
measure of 500 bow-lengths,
kosajja, n. laziness, sloth,
kosaphala, n. bdellium,
kosambi, f. capital of Kosamba.
kosala, adj. belonging to Kosala.
kosalla, n. skill, proficiency, knowledge,
kosataki, m. a merchant; f. a sort of vegetable plant,
kosi, f. the sheath of a sword,
kosika, m. the chebula tree, bdellium,
kosiya, m. Indra, an owl; adj. silken,
kosi, m. the mango tree; mfii. a shoe,
koseyya, adj. silken ; n. silk,
kriya, f. action, the verb,
kva, adv. where ?
kvaci, adv. sometimes, in some cases.

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p080 cont for {hka.}

kha, n. the air, sky, zero.
khaga, m. a bird, arrow, sun, wind.
khagga, m. a sword, rhinoceros.
khacara, m. cloud, wind, sun, bird.
khacita, ppp. inlaid.
khaja, m. a spoon, ladlekhajapa, n. butter.
khajala, >/f. hoar-frost, rain-water.
khajja, n. fpp. (is/khad) eatable, food.
khajju, f. itching.
khajjura, n; rl, f. silver, the date palm.
khajjopanaka, m. a fire-fly.
khanja, adj. lame.


khanjakhota, khanjana, khanjarita, m. the wagtail, robin,
khataka, m. the fist.
khatakhadaka, m. a glass tumbler, jackal, crow.
khatika, f. white chalk.
khattana, adj. short in height.
khattasa, mf. the spotted civet.
khana, m. a moment, leisure, opportunity.
khanati, v. (√khan) to dig; ana, n.
khanika, adj. momentary.
khanda, adj. broken, fragmentary; mn. a fragment, lump,
khandakanna, m. sweet potato root.
k handed, v. to break, divide; "ana, n.
khatamala, m. smoke, cloud.
khatta, mn. a prince, nobleman.
kliatta, m. a door-keeper, charioteer.
khattiya, m. a prince, nobleman.
khadira, in. the cutch tree, moon.
khadhupa, m. a rocket.
khanati, v. (√khan) to dig; khata, ppp.
khanti, f. patience, forbearance, endurance.
khandha, m. the shoulder, trunk of a tree, multitude, aggregate
of being.
khandhavara, m. a stockade, fortified camp,
khappa, m. the tear.
khama, ad], patient, enduring, forgiving, favourable, titting;
f. the earth,
khamati, v. (√kham) to endure, have patience, forgive;
khanta, ppp ; ana, adj. and n.
khaya, m. a dwelling, loss, diminution, end, destruction,
khayakasa, m. consumption.
khara, adj. solid, sharp, hoarse; m. an ass, saw.
kharakhanda, n. a water-lily,
kharati, v. to flow,
kharattaca, m. the pine-apple,
kharadala, f. the prickly-pear,
kharu, m. a horse, tooth; adj. white.
khaU, adj. mischievous, vile; mn. a threshing-floor, oilcake,
khalati, r. to stumble, fall,
khalapu, mf. a sweeper,
khalamutti, in. mercury,
khalita, n. stumbling, fall, error, fault, failing.


khalina, inn. the bit of a bridle.
khalu, adv. Ineed, truly.
khaluiika, w. a rough horse.
khalopi, f. a pot.
khalla, m. a runnel, dress made of skin ; adj. cracked,
khallata, adj. bald,
khallika, f. a frying-pan,
khavassa, ra. hoar-frost,
khavari, wn. rain-water,
khati, f. a scar, coffin,
khanu, khanu, ntn. the stump of a tree,
khata, n. (√khan) a pond,
khattahu, n. a moat, canal,
khadati, v. (√khad) to eat, chew; "aniya, n. fpp. eatable,
ana, n; aka, m. eater,
khara, adj. salty, alkaline,
kharaka, ra. potash, soda, a bud.
khari f. a measure of about three bushels,
khijjati, i;. to be afflicted, distressed; khinna, pfip.
khidda, f. play, sport ; *dasaka, m. ten years of age characterized
by play.
khita> ppp- exhausted,
khidira, m. the moon, a penitent.
khipati, v. (√khip) to throw, shoot; ana, n; khitta, ppp.
khippa, adj. quick, speedy; arh, adv. quickly,
khila, mfn. waste land, obstinacy, sulkiness.
khma, ppp- (√khi) come to an end, ceased,
khinasava, m. one in whom the poison-drugs have been
purged, saint.
khira, n. milk; *dhari, m. the breast; *sara, m. butter,
khlrika, f. a kind of date tree,
khumsana, n. abuse,
khujja, adj. hump-backed, crooked,
khudda, adj. small, vile, miserable ; n. bee's wax ; f. a harlot, bee.
khuddajantu, m. an insect, worm,
khuddanukhuddaka, adj. small and trifling, minor and
khudha, f. hunger,
khuppipasa, f. hunger and thirst,
khura, m, a razor, sharp blade, hoof,
khurakkhepa, m. the kick of a horse or such animal.


khuragga, n. a shaving room for monks.
Uhurati, v. to cut, scratch.
khuranasa, adj. snub-nosed.
khurappa, m. an arrow with a horse-shoe head.
khuramaddl, mjn. a barber.
khulla, adj. small, vile.
khullatata, m. an uncle.
khullama, m- a road.
kheta, m; *ka, n. a shield.
khetitala, m. a wandering musician.
khetta, n. a fie'd, region, wife, body.
khettajiva, ra. a cultivator, farmer, husbandman.
kheda, m; "ana, n. affliction, suffering.
khepeti, cans. (√khip) to throw, spend, pass; pa, m. throw
ing, abuse, blame; pana, n; paka, m. an archer,
khema, adj. safe, secure, prosperous; n. safety,
khe.ja, m. saliva, phlegm,
khelamallaka, m. a spittoon,
kho, adv. indeed; *pana, adv. verily,
khonda, adj. lame.
khobheti, cans. (√khubh) to stir, agitate, shake; "bha, m.
khoma, adj. flaxen,
khora, khola, adj. lame,
kholaka, m. an helmet, tray, ant-hill,
khyata, ppp. (√kha) known, famous.

p083 cont for {ga.}

gagana, n. the sky.
gaggara, onomatopoetic, a gurgling sound.
gaggarl, f. a churn, bellows.
gangeyya. adj. relating to the Ganges; m. a sort of elephant.
gaccha, m. a shrub, plant.
gacchati, 7'. (√gam) to go, depart, proceed; ganta, ppp.
gaja, m. an elephant; *ta, / a herd of elephants.
gajamacala, gajari, gajamotana, m. a lion.
gajjati, i). to roar, thunder ; ana, n; jita, m. a must elephant,
n. thunder.
ganja, mjn. a mine of precious stones.
gana, m, a multitude, number, herd, troop, chapter of
ganaka, m. (.Jgan) an accountant, treasurer, astrologer,


ganana, fn. counting, arithmetic.
gam, adj. having a number of disciples; m. a wiicl cattle.
ganeti, v. (√gan) to count, reckon, value, regard.
ganeru, f. a harlot, she-elephant.
ganthi, m. a joint, knot, tie, bond; *paya, m. a snare.
ganda, m. the cheek, elephant's temples, boil.
gandaka, m. a rhinoceros, sort of fish.
gandakupa, m. a dimplegandagatta,
n. the custard apple.
gandi, m. the swelling of the neck, the stalk of a tree.
gandu, m. a pillow.
gandula, adj. humpbacked.
gandu, f. a knot, joint.
gandupada, ;ganduppada, m. an earth worm.
gati. f. going, journey, course, refuge, issue, destiny, prudence.
gatta, n. the body, limb.
gada, m. disease.
gadati, v. to speak.
gada, f. a club.
gaddabhanda, m. a species of banyan tree.
gaddha, m. a vulture.
gadrabha, m. an ass, donkey.
gadhita, adj. clinging, desiring.
gantha, m. a bond, tie, literary composition, book ; *kara,
m. a writer, author.
ganthati, gantheti, v. to tie, bind, connect, compose.
gandha, m. smell, odour, perfume, fragance.
gandhakaṭtha, n. the sandal wood, aloes wood.
gandhakuti, f. the fragrant chamber occupied by the Buddha.
gandhanna, f. the nose.
gandhapasana, m. brimstone, sulphur.
gandhabba, m. a celestial musician.
gandhamadana, m. name of a mountain, a beetle.
gandhalolupa, f. a fly.
gandhavaha, m. wind; f. the nose.
gandhasoma, n. the white land lily.
gabba, m. pride; bita, adj. proud.
gabbha, m. the womb, interior, embryo, sprout, bedroom,
calyx of a flower; bhinl, f. a pregnant woman. Gabbharii
gayhdti, to conceive, become pregnant.
gabbhaparissava, in. the secundines.


gabbhara, n. a cavern.
gabbhilika, w. a round pillow.
gabbhuppalti, f. conception, pregnancy.
gama, m. journey, inarch; adj. going.
gamatha, m. a way, road.
gamaniya, adj. transient, fleeting.
gamika, mfn. a traveller.
gambttira, gabhlra, adj. deep, profound, abstruse, weighty.
gayhupaga, adj. useful, serviceable.
gara, mn. poison, antidote against poison.
garala, n. the venom of a snake.
garahati, v. to blame, disparage; ha, /; ana, n.
garu, adj. heavy, weighty, important, venerable; m. a
parent, teacher, religious preceptor, a bird's wing.
Garukaroti, to respect, revere,
garuka, adj. heavy, severe, important,
garu | a, m. a fabulous bird,
gala, m. the throat, debt, rope,
galacinita, n. throttling.
galati, v. to swallow, vanish, flow away; "ana, n.
galantatthi, n. the collar-bone,
galla, m. the inside of the cheek,
gavakkha, m. a round window, air-hole, bull's eye.
gavaja, gavaya, m. a species of ox, gayal.
gavampati, m. owner of cattle, the bull of the herd,
gavala, m. wild buffalo,
gavi, m. butter.
gavesati, v. to seek, search ; aka, adj ; "ana, /; si, adj.
gavya, adj. bovine,
gaha, mn. a house, taking, holding,
gahattha, m. a householder, layman,
gahana, n. holding, grasping, learning, desire, clinging,
gahani, f. the belly, internal fire promoting digestion,
gahati, gaheti, v. to dive, enter, wade.
gahana, adj. impenetrable, impervious; n. a jungle, forest.
gahapati, m. a householder, master of a house, layman,
gatha, f. a verse, stanza,
gadha, adj. fairly deep, fathomable,
gadhati, v. to stand fast, to take a firm footing,
gama, m. a village, multitude.
gamanl, adj. chief; m. a village headman ; /; a harlot*
gamaniya, m. an elephant or horse trainer.


gamata, f. a collection of villages.
gamamukha, m. a bazaar, market.
gayati, v. (-Jga) to sing: ,ika, m. a singer;ana, n; gita,
gayatti, f. name of a met re, the cutch tree.
garayha, adj. contemptible, base, blameworthy.
garava, m. respect, reverence, authority, importance.
gavuta, . a league distance.
gaha, m. taking, seizure, a demon, crocodile, idea, attachment.
gal ha, adj. tight, firm.
gijjha, m. a vulture.
gijjhati, -y. (√gidh) to be greedy.
ginjaka, f. a brick, tile.
giddha, adj. greedy.
gini, m. fire.
gimha, m; gimhana, n. the hot season, summer.
gira, f. voice, speech.
.giri, m. a mountain.
girikaridaka, m. a thunder-bolt.
girikannika, f. the earth
giridhhatu, ra. red earth, sandstone.
gila, m. devouring, citron.
gilati, i). (√gla) to swallow, devour; "ana, n.
gilana, adj. sick, ill; n. illness; m. a sick person.
gilanasala, f. a hospital.
gihl, m. a householder, layman.
gita, n. a song, hymn.
giva, f. the neck, throat, debt ; "vatthi, n. the collar-bone.
guggulu, n. bdellium.
guccha, m. a bunch, tuft.
guiija, m. a branch with flowers; f. a seed used as the
smallest jeweller's weight.
guna, m. a string, bow-string, quality, characteristic, property, virtue.
gunita, ppp- multiplied.
guntheti, v. to ensnare, cover.
gutta,'ppp. (√gup) protected, hidden, preserved; f. a prison.
gutti, f. keeping, guarding.
guda, n. the anus ; *kila, m. the piles.
gunda, f. a kind of creeper.
gumba, m. a bush, thicket, multitude, troop.
guyha, w. a secret, pudendum ; "anga, m. a tortoise


guyhapurisa, ra. a spy.
guyhamethuna, ra. a crow.
guru, adj. heavy; ra. a teacher; n. topaz.
guruvara, ra. Thursday.
gurusara, f. orchid.
gula, f. a pimple, pock.
guha, f. a cave, the heart.
gulaka, m. a ball.
guheti, v. to hide, conceal ; gulha, ppp. ra. a secret.
gendu, *ka, ra. a ball, spinning-top.
gedha, ra. greed, desire.
geyya, n. mixed prose and verse, one of the 9 divisions of
the three Pitakas.
gerika, n. red chalk,
gel anna, n. sickness, illness,
geha, mn. a house,
gehamani, ra. a lantern.
go, ra. a bull ; f. cow, the earth, speech.
gokantaka, ra. the hoof of an ox, a kind of bramble.
gokanna, m. the elk, span, snake.
gokila, ra. a plough, pestle.
gokula, n. a cattle-shed.
gocara, ra. pasture, sphere, resort, prey, object of sense.
gocariya, adj. brown, reddish.
gocchaka, ra. a bunch, cluster.
gottha, n. a cattle-shed.
gona, rn. a bullock, ox.
gonaka, ra. a woollen coverlet with a long fleece.
goni, f. rags, house-corner.
gotta, n. family, lineage.
gotrabhu, ra. one who is fit to be '
' as a saint.
godha, / an iguana.
godhuma, ra. wheat, gram.
gonangula, m. the black-faced monkey.
gonasa, m. a kind of venomous snake, buffalo.
gopa, m. a cowherd, herdsman.
gopati, m. a bull.
gopati, gopeti, gopayati, gopayati, v. ( Jgup) to guard, protect
; aka, tw; ana, n; gutta, gopita, ppp.
gopartasi, f. the rafters of a roof.
gopura, a. a town gate, watch-tower, battlements.
gopphaka, ra. the ankle.
gorriayaj ?nu. cowdung; *cchatta> >. mushroom.


gomika, m. a cattle owner,
gora, adj. white,
gorakkha, m. a cowherd.
gorasa, m. produce of the cow, as milk, curds, ghee, buttermilk,
golomi, f. name oi a plant; a luuiol.
govinda, m. a cattle owner.
gosagga. in. dawn, ; time for releasing cattle),
gosala, f. a cow-stable.
gosiriga, m. the champak tree; n. cow's horn,
gosisa, n. yellow sandal wood,
gohira, n. the heel,
gol.a, *ka, m. a ball or lump,
gojika, adj. prepared with molasses; . a sugar seller.