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Speaking Mon-Myan Language


-- by U Kyaw Tun (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi,  and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, Yangon, MYANMAR. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

Based on Learn Mon Yourself : pronouncing all 61 lessons (Spk-all) in 10 groups. Downloaded and set in HTML by UKT and staff of TIL.

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UKT151018: Original Video & SND for each lesson in Lesson groups are in the TIL SD-Library, and you will not hear them unless you are on a TIL computer.

SpkAll group #09
Lesson 52
Lesson 53
Lesson 54
Lesson 55


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Lesson 52 <))

SN-SpkAll-les52-61<> / bkp52<> (link chk 160812)

UKT151002: Video & SND for Lesson52 TIL SD-Library
- les52-61<> & - les52-61<))

Go online and listen to:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aNVmEn3irA&list=PLEBEA3AE9E917F16D  1510416
Or, watch in TIL SD-Library les052-61<>

- les52-cap1<)) les52-cap2<)) 

   - les52-61<))

UKT 130425, 151017:

Just listen and concentrate on the pronunciations of the Mon-Myan syllables
and let your ear be your guide: - les52-61<))

{k} -->
{kaa} -->
{ku} -->
{k} -->
{kau} -->
{ko} --> 

Remember the Bur-Myan pitch-registers:

{k.} (1 blk), {k} (2 blk)
- Mon-Bur has no emphatic and Bur-Myan {k:} when used in Mon becomes confusing.

Compare them with the orthographically related English word <key> /kiː/ . Make a note that the IPA symbol /iː/ is the most front-open long vowel: do not confuse it with its counterpart short vowel /ɪ/.

I sympathise with the Western philologists trying to make sense of such "allophones" when they are equipped with just one English sound of <key> /kiː/. No wonder they make such a pretty confusion of transcription of Burmese into English!

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Lesson 53 <))

SN-SpkAll-les53-61<> / bkp53<> (link chk 160812)



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Lesson 54 <))

SN-SpkAll-les54-61<> / bkp54<> (link chk 160812)


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Lesson 55 <))

SN-SpkAll-les55-61<> / bkp55<> (les55-61 was absent in the original download)
Online sound poor quality. - UKT 160812


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