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Speaking Mon-Myan Language


by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). 
from Learn Mon Yourself : pronouncing all 61 lessons (Spk-all):
Downloaded and set in HTML by UKT and staff of TIL . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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SpkAll group #05
Medial-conjunct formers : {yhi-by:}
Lesson 33 - {na.hsw:}
Lesson 34 - {ma.hsw:}
Lesson 35 - {ya.ping.} - the only medial
Lesson 36 - {ra.ric} - disyllabic and is not a medial as in Bur-Myan. It is similar to Skt-Myan
  {ra.hsw:}. However, since Mon-Myan r1c5, , is written as a {ra.hsw:} it is a point of confusion.
Lesson 37 - {la.hsw:}
Lesson 38 - {wa.hsw:}

UKT notes
Romabama transcription does not hold for for Mon-Myan. Just concentrate on what you hear.

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Medial-conjunct formers
or aka {yhi-by:}

- UKT 140528, 160818 

See NMT Chapter 4: Medial-conjunct formers or aka {yhi-by:} of
Fundamentals of Mon Speech & Script (in Bur-Myan), by Naing Maung Toe, www.monlibrary.com, Yangon, 2007 (Romabama may be applicable in NMT)
- MonMyan-NMgToe-Mon-Bur<> / bkp<> (link chk 160809)
(frequently need to refer to {nga.hsw:} on p047/pdf051)

There are 11 medial-conjuncts (Spk-all gives some) compared to 5 in Bur-Myan. Except for {ya.ping.} which is truly monosyllabic, the others sound disyllabic to my ears. When pronounced as a disyllable, the first syllable becomes very light, i.e. its nuclear becomes a schwa /ə/

I am finding some variations among different font-makers, and for the time being I am coming up with a compromise Lakkwak -- lakkwak.gif (link chk 160814). I hope it will be acceptable to all.

There are many fine examples of syllables in NMT-pdf. Unfortunately, there is no one yet to pronounce them -- however NMT gives Bur-Myan pronunciations which are no match for actual sound.

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Lesson 33

SN-SpkAll-les33-61<> / bkp33<> (link chk 160811), & lesson33-61<))

Conjunct-former {na.} / {na.hsw:} 
Note that the hand stroke of {na.hsw:} is clockwise.

- lesson33-61cap<))

{laik} - n. a book or writing of any kind -- Has114

s33c1 s33c2 s33c3 s33c4 lesson33-61txt<))

These have been translated from Mon to Burmese by Daw Mi Htay Kyi - MHK-na1hswei3.gif
and by U Nai San Thein - NST-na1hswei3.gif 

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Lesson 34

SN-SpkAll-les34-61<> / bkp34<> (link chk 160811), & lesson34-61<))

Conjunct-former {ma.} / {ma.hsw:}   
Note that the handstroke of {ma.hsw:} is anticlockwise.
Haswell - Has-008 - looks like a variation, but it could also be anticlockwise.


- lesson34-61cap<))

s34c1 s34c2 s34c3 s34c4 - lesson34-61txt<))

These have been translated from Mon to Burmese by NST-ma1hswei3.gif

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Lesson 35 <))

SN-SpkAll-les35-61<> / bkp35<> (link chk 160811), lesson35-61<))

sign-ya.ping. : same as in Bur-Myan. It is monosyllabic and therefore a true medial unlike the previous two. Yet, it is known in Mon-Myan as "{ya.hswei:}".

- lesson35-61cap<))

s35c1 s35c2 s35c3 s35c4  - lesson35-61txt<))


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Lesson 36 

SN-SpkAll-les36-61<> / bkp36<> (link chk 160811), & lesson36-61<)) 

UKT 130422: There is only sound for the caption, but none for exercise on the internet.
UKT 140519, 160815: NMT gives two examples with Bur-Myan pronunciations:
- Mon representation:   - Bur pronunciation: - gloss: 'being smooth'
- Mon representation: - Bur pronunciation: - gloss: 'female friend' (not girl-friend)
The hood of {ra.ric} has been shortened in Romabama for both Bur-Myan & Mon-Myan to differentiate from the highly rhotic Skt-Myan (equivalent of Skt-Dev) vowel. Remember, Romabama is intended for Bur-Eng-Pal-Skt speeches in Myanmar-IPA-Devanagari scripts. I am testing Romabama with Mon-Myan. So far, as Romabama transcription - not transliteration - is based on Bur-Myan phonology, it is not applicable to Mon-Myan. I need to come up with another transcription for Mon-Myan based on Mon-Myan phonology. At present since I can not speak Mon-Myan, I am in no position to accomplish what I would like to see.

sign-ra.ric : same as in Bur-Myan . However, it is disyllabic and is not a medial.
Note: the hood is shortened to differentiate from Skt-Dev highly rhotic vowel.

- lesson36-61<)) - this may be treated as cap



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Lesson 37

SN-SpkAll-les37-61<> / bkp37<> (link chk 160811), & lesson37-61<))


  - lesson37-61cap<))

s37c1s37c2 s37c3 - lesson37-61txt<))
s37c4 Only 2 entries of c4 have sound.


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Lesson 38 <))

SN-SpkAll-les38-61<> / bkp38<> (link chk 160811), & lesson38-61<)) 

Note: maybe the same as in Bur-Myan

- lesson38-61cap<))

Go vertical - lesson38-61txt<))


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UKT notes



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