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Grammatical notes & vocabulary
of the Peguan language to which are added a few pages of phrases, etc., 1874


-- by U Kyaw Tun (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, Yangon, MYANMAR. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

From: #1. Grammatical notes and Vocabulary of the Peguan Language, to which are added a few pages of phrases, etc., by Haswell, J.M., ABM Press (American Baptist Mission Press), Rangoon, 1874 

#1 Online: http://books.google.ca/books/reader?id=kqYTAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&source=gbs_atb_hover 130327

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CAUTION: I am learning the language, without a human guide on hand, and you should not take my observations as wholly correct. I haven't found a suitable one to join my research group in Yangon. -- UKT 130403



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osol^ Continually, gDSOosol^ he does continually.
oo^Soo^S Forcibly. gsoos^Soa^S He does it, forcibly, or by force, gDScrooSos^Soo^S He took it by force. 00S0S Harmoniously. ^toSooSoS they live harmoniously g^c^ Where, as, goC^ODD;|GGp where is his house t ojj Whether, as, OoEjJ , cqSc^J , GO^ofo^jJ , s|oq]5 W^DDoS^OO^DoS whether you eat, or drink, or work, remember God sees you. O^cSojcS Silently, secretly. SDDO^6o^5 go secretly, ojc8o5 0^6o^5 read your book silently. gtS Near, g6obq5oc{j>8| near my house there is a well. @ After @D3SOqoOS9DD^[SGGpS after he has eaten rice, he will go to the city. G30o8cO Sometimes, G30o5cOgOG30o8cCO^O0 some* times he eats, sometimes he does not eat. Cog Truly, certainly ^COgCSpS It is certainly so. >s C^C^sbcogCI He truly told me* ^GOgOOD Is it certainly so? opo Before, referring to time, as, Gg^gso^So&osooo before he comes, I mtist go. OO^DGCO Formerly, as, OgOGOOa^ofi^8oqjS 08 . formerly I lived in Amherst.
fjoSgloS Definitely, accurately, as, gSC^^o5[o5 He spoke definitely. [{p018begin}]


oo Only, D0g^33D only one can go. C^6j>|a0^ / have only one horse. so5 or s$o5c0 Wear to, C^o5cgD$c[_SftSoo6cd} J7tri3 t'< paddy land near the city of Maul' main. 0g?3^o8o^OOSb his house is near my father's house. CO ^8 Continually, gSCCO(So09^5 he is accustomed to- do it continually. Co5co|_Co6 Again and again. ^C^Co6oO^CO(S He said it again and again. \c%t Until. ^CDS[_6s>Ogg9D3 Until he arrive. I cannot go. ct6 Yet. gtOgt0aS he has not yet gone. S&0gg(3^[ 0^C(8 / have not yet built a house, obogasoaS I have not yet gone, or, I will not go yet. ooooSooooS Frequently. g8op|SooooSooooS He comes fre quently. ood5 How. ooo5j&030o^cep How can I got oooSgjt CO^CoS^WD^GGp How can he say sot Also, what kind, as, OCo58jGGp What kind of a man is het @ Quickly, 23Dj go quickly. 333 go very quickly or soon. To express great rapidity of motion cSOgCCoS is added, as, C^G5(gc8CgGCoS the horse runs very swiftly. Sometimes the ^8 precedes the adverb as, c8(yjCgCCo not a little quick. ^06|j Very quickly, K>D^OG]j go very quickly.
o^oSc^o5 Slowly, osoc^oSc^oS go slowly, e^cQo5o^o5 speak slowly. [{p018end}]

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