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Romabama entries in English-Latin alphabetical order.

• {thhya:hpru} ; {hsi:hpru} ; • Emblica officinalis • Euphobiaceae
• {thi-hoL-tha.rak} • Anacardium occidentale • Anacardiaceae
• {thi-hoL-this-kran-po:} • Cinnamomum zeylanicum • Lauraceae
• {thin:bau:mè-za.li}   • Cassia alata • Leguminosae
• {this-hseim.} • Terminalia bellerica Roxb. • Combretaceae
• {this.ka.to:}   Cedrela toona • Meliaceae
• {this-krän-po:}   • Cinnamomum tamala • Lauraceae
  {this-krän-po:} • Cinnamomum spp
• {thi:thi:ping} • Limonia acidissima • Rutaceae

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UKT: {thhya:hpru} is the same as {hsi:hpru} , Emblica officinalis  (fam:) Euphobiaceae.
   My interest in this plant at this point is the orthography. The word initial pronunciation is /ʃæː/ similar to <ship> /ʃɪp/. How is /ʃæː/ to be written akshara: {thhya:hpru} or {rha:hpru} ? There was a controversy among Burmese-Myanmar scholars for some time until Myanmarsar Commission settled the matter by adopting {rha:} as the official spelling. However this results in Romabama spelling {rha:}. Please note that Romabama is a transliteration -- not transcription.  Since the pronunciation is "sha" ( /ʃæː/ in IPA ), the alternative spelling {thhya:} is preferable for transliteration among various aksharas such as Devanagari for Hindi names, Bengali-script, Tamil-script, and Nepali-script.

For more information go to: Emblica officinalis

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