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Romabama entries in English-Latin alphabetical order.

{rè:yo} Morinda citrifolia • Rubiaceae
{rè:yo (tau:)} / {ni-pa: hsé: ping} Morinda angustifolia • Rubiaceae
{ring-hkat ping} Gardenia coronaria • Rubiaceae

UKT: Romabama, the Burmese-Myanmar to Burmese-Latin transliteration.
    {rha:} -- The official spelling is which results in Romabama spelling {rha:}. Please note that Romabama is a transliteration and not a transcription. The pronunciation and the transcription is "sha". The alternative spelling {thhya:} is preferable for transliteration among various aksharas such as Devanagari for names in Hindi (Devanagari script), Bengali (Bengali-script), Tamil (Tamil-script), and Nepali (Nepali-scrip).
   The alternate spellings for:
{rha.ri.man} (pronunciation: "sha-ri-man")
  = {ththya.ri-man} ;
{rha:saung:lak-pap}  (pronunciation: "sha-saung-lak-pat")
  = {ththya:saung:lak-pap}

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Morinda citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia • Rubiaceae

Family: Rubiaceae

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts:
• Agri.Dept.2000 : NL
• FAO : NL
• LSR : NL
• KS-TMN 197: Nipa-se; Yeyo
• Nagathein : NL
• UHM : NL


Myanmar-Script Spelling :
Official Myanmar Dictionaries :
{ni-pa:} - - MMDict 163
{ni-pa: hsé:} - - MMDict 163
{ni-pa: thaim}- - MMDict 163
None of above listed in MEDict .
{rè-yo} -- - MMDict 270
{rè-yo} -- n. species of morinda, Morinda angustifolia.- MEDict 400

For more information, go to Morinda citrifolia

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{rè:yo (tau:)}

Morinda angustifolia

Family: Rubiaceae

{rè:yo (tau:)} / {ni-pa: hsé: ping}

UKT: Notice the small fruits and relatively large flowers in the photo given as M. angustifolia by http://home.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/shoyaku/photo/Thai/020307Morinda.jpg . The leaves in the photo do not resemble those of {rè-yo}.  The {rè-yo} leaves can be cooked with fish -- one of my favorite Myanmar dishes. The bitterness of the leaves brings out the flavour of the fish. Since I know the plant so well I do not believe that M. angustifolia as shown in the photo is the vegetable {rè-yo}, and Agri.Dept.2000, Lè-seik-shin, and Nagathein are all wrong in identifying {rè-yo} as M. angustifolia . See M. citrifolia .
   Furthermore, according to the Internet sources such as http://cmuj.chiangmai.ac.th/abs/2002/jan2002-5a.htm, which I have downloaded and given below, a red dye is obtained from M. angustifolia. See the downloaded Production of Red Pigment. Therefore, I am referring to M. angustifolia as {rè:yo (tau:)} / {ni-pa: hsé: ping}. Though I have given the drawing (on the right) from Nagathein as M. angustifolia (out my deep respect for Shin Nagathein), it should actually accompany M. citrifolia.

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts:
• Agri.Dept.2000 50-1338:  {rè-yo}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin 375: {rè-yo}
• Nagathein 3-096: {rè-yo-thi:}
• UHM : NL

UKT: Nagathein (3-096) mentions another species under a separate heading {rè-yo (tau:)}.
   He mentions {tau: rè:yo} (literal meaning: "jungle {rè:yo}") as the one known in traditional medicine as {ni-pa.hsé:}.
   and are the same: the word {tau:} meaning 'jungle' can be used either as an adjective, in parentheses, or as a prefix.

Myanmar-Script Spelling :
{ni-pa:} - - TravPo-M-Dict 163
{ni-pa: hsé:} - - TravPo-M-Dict 163
{ni-pa: thaim}- - TravPo-M-Dict 163
None of above listed in Myan-Engl-Dict .
{rè-yo} -- - TravPo-M-Dict 270
{rè-yo} -- n. species of morinda, Morinda angustifolia. - Myan-Engl-Dict 400

For more information, go to Morinda angustifolia

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Gardenia coronaria

Family : Rubiaceae

Ref. Burmese-Myanmar transcripts :
• Agri.Dept.2000 51-1340:  {ring-hkat-kri:}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin : NL
• KS-TMN 190: Yingat-gyi
• Nagathein 3-155: {ring-hkat-kri:}
• UHM : NL


Myanmar-Script Spelling :
Official Myanmar Dictionaries :
{ring-hkat-kri:} -- -- MMDict 273
-- NL in -- MEDict
{ring-hkat ping} -- MOrtho 226

For more information, go to Gardenia coronaria

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