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• {gying:}  Zingiber officinale • Zingiberaceae
  Entered as {hkying:}

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Zingiber officinale

Family: Zingiberaceae

Burmese-Myanmar transcript names:
• Agri.Dept.2000 13-0317:  () {hkying: (gying:)}/
  () {hkying:seim: (gying: seim:)}
• FAO : NL
• Lè-seik-shin 117: () {hkying: (gying:)}
• Nagathein 1-290: {hkying:seim:}
• UHM 44: Gyin

Romabama note by UKT: The official spelling of the name of the plant is . It is a monosyllabic word, and the onset of the syllable in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is /ʧ/ pronounced similar to English [ch] in <church> /ʧɜːʧ/. In Burmese-Myanmar /ʧ/ is spelled with r1c2 {hka.} which is conjoined with r6c1 {ya.} resulting in the conjunct {hkya.}. The syllable is thus generically spelled in Romabama (a one-to-one transliteration) as {hkying:}. However, it is commonly transcribed as "chin". Please note that I am engaged in MMPDB because of my interest in the Myanmar akshara (which is based on phonetic principles), and I am following the Romabama rules of transliteration. The Burmese-Myanmar names are thus given according to the Burmese-Myanmar spellings.

Myanmar-Script Spelling :
• Official Myanmar Dictionaries
{hkying:} -  -- TravPo-M-Dict 053
{hkying:}- n. ginger - Myan-Engl-Dict 071
{hkying:seim:} - n. ginger - Myan-Engl-Dict 071
{hkying:thoap} - n. ginger salad- Myan-Engl-Dict 071
UKT: No matter what the Burmese-Myanmar spelling is the pronunciation according to the Official Myanmar Dictionary is {gying:}.

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