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TIL English Idiom Collection


Collected from various sources by U Kyaw Tun (UKT), M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ) for staff and students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale.

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• odd one • odds and ends • odds-on favorite • of course you can • of the lot • of two minds • off • off-beat • off color • off key • off kilter • off my back • off the bat • off the beaten track • off the cuff • off the deep end • off the hook • off the kitchen etc. • off the mark • off the record •


odd one

From Magnuson
odd one
-- off key (music) Internet link odd one

odd one -- (See the odd one)

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odds and ends

From Magnuson
odds and ends --
small pieces that are not used, tie up loose ends
When you build the fence, save the odds and ends to make toys.

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odds-on favorite

From Magnuson
odds-on favorite --
(See the odds-on favorite)

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of course you can

From Magnuson
of course you can --
you can do it; yes, you can
"I can't read this fat book." "Of course you can, Johnny."

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of the lot

From Magnuson
of the lot --
of the group, of the bunch
This rug is the best of the lot. It's nicer than the others.

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of two minds

From Magnuson
of two minds --
having two opinions, mixed feelings
Speaking of abortion, I'm of two minds: pro choice and pro life.

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From Magnuson
off --
sour, spoiled
The cream tastes a bit off. I think we should buy fresh cream.

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From Magnuson
off-beat --
different, unusual
His condo has an off-beat design. There's a shower in the kitchen.

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off color

From Magnuson
off color --
bad, dirty, impolite
His wife gets so embarrassed when he tells an off-color joke.

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off key

From Magnuson
off key (music) --
not at the right pitch, not in tune
He has a beautiful voice, but wasn't he singing a bit off key?

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off kilter

From Magnuson
off kilter
-- off the record Internet link off kilter

off kilter -- off balance, not straight, out of whack
One of the poles was off kilter. It was leaning toward the road.

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off my back

From Magnuson
off my back --
(See get off my back)

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off the bat

From Magnuson
off the bat --
(See right off the bat)

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off the beaten track

From Magnuson
off the beaten track --
not on the main road, out of the way
I like to explore places that are off the beaten track - wild places.

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off the cuff

From Magnuson
off the cuff --
quickly, without thinking
Off the cuff, I'd say there are 75 applicants. That's my guess.

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off the deep end

From Magnuson
off the deep end --
(See go off the deep end)

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off the hook

From Magnuson
off the hook --
not charged with a crime, not obligated, let off
The police found the murderer, which lets Louis off the hook.

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off the kitchen etc.

From Magnuson
off the kitchen etc. --
leading from the kitchen, attached to the kitchen
The laundry room is off the kitchen - very convenient.

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off the mark

From Magnuson
off the mark --
not correct, wrong
His answer is a bit off the mark. Canada Day is July 1, not July 4.

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off the record

From Magnuson
off the record --
not to be reported, not official
What the President said is not to be printed. It's off the record.

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O03. off the shelf -- off with you Internet link off the shelf

off the shelf -- from the store shelf, run of the mill
It isn't a special gift, just an off-the-shelf radio with batteries.

off the top of my head -- without thinking carefully, off the cuff
Off the top of my head, I believe the US has 50 states.

off the wagon -- drinking again, drunk again
He's off the wagon again. He started drinking last night.

off the wall -- unrelated, unusual, off topic
His idea of selling time is really off the wall - quite strange.

off to a bad start -- not a good start, a poor beginning
The class got off to a bad start because the teacher was sick.

off to a good start -- a successful beginning, away to the races
Jim's off to a good start in math. He has the basic skills.

off to the races -- moving quickly ahead, off to a good start
When we get our business loan, we'll be off to the races.

off topic -- not on the chosen topic, not related to the topic
If you're writing about dogs, flowers are off topic.

off with -- remove clothing or a covering
Off with your overcoat, Ben. Stay and visit awhile.

off with you -- leave, go, skidaddle
Off with you, girl, or you'll be late for school.

O04. off your high horse -- Old Boys' Club Internet link off your high horse

off your high horse -- (See get off your high horse)

off your rocker -- crazy, not rational, around the bend
You gave away your piano? You're off your rocker!

offer I couldn't refuse -- (See an offer I couldn't refuse)

offhand -- casual, without much thought, off the cuff
I didn't think before I spoke. It was an offhand remark.

offside (hockey) -- going into the opponent's zone ahead of the puck
Wayne scored a beautiful goal, but Kurri was offside on the play.

oh my gosh -- oh no, oh dear, darn, rats
Oh my gosh! I've lost my keys!

oilpatch -- the local oil industry, the oil business
Calgary's oilpatch does not control the price of oil and gas.

okay, OK -- fine, good, cool
It's okay with me if your friends come to play.

okay, OK -- yes, alright
"Can I borrow your sweater?" "OK - if I can use your cell phone."

Old Boys' Club -- a group of wealthy old men with political power
For City approval, talk to Craig. He's in the Old Boys' Club.

O05. old coot -- on a pedestal Internet link old coot

old coot -- an old man, geezer
That old coot, as you call him, is a person with feelings.

old flame -- a former lover, an old sweetheart
In Toronto, I met an old flame. We were lovers many years ago.

old goat -- an old man, a cranky man
Henry Wilson - that old goat - told the kids to get off his lawn.

old hat -- an old idea or fashion, passé
Sunday picnics are old hat. They're not popular now.

old man -- (See my old man)

old money -- an inheritance, money that has been in the family for decades
She bought that property with old money - money that her great-grandfather saved.

old wives' tale -- a myth, an old story that contains little truth
One old wives' tale says that goose fat will cure a cold.

on a full stomach -- with a stomach full of food, soon after eating a meal, on an empty stomach
I've heard that it's not a good idea to run or do strenuous exercise on a full stomach.

on a lark -- carefree, happy in a natural way
It's fun to be with him when he's on a lark - when he's carefree.

on a pedestal -- in the position of a hero, in a high place
If you put your girlfriend on a pedestal, she won't respect you.

O06. on a roll -- on cloud nine Internet link on a roll

on a roll -- having good luck, lucky streak
I'm gonna play bingo all night. I'm lucky - I'm on a roll!

on a silver platter -- like a beautiful gift, served in style
Success won't come on a silver platter. You have to work for it.

on a string -- controlled by a person, wrapped around his finger
He's got you on a string, Bonny. Are you thinking for yourself?

on about -- (See go on about)

on all fours -- on your hands and knees, crawling around
There was Julie, on all fours, looking for her contact lens.

on an empty stomach -- without food in your stomach, on a full stomach
He never has a drink on an empty stomach. He says it affects his appetite.

on approval -- taking a purchase home to decide if you want it
I buy clothes on approval so I can return them if they don't fit.

on behalf of -- representing a group, acting for a group
He presented the award to me on behalf of the community club.

on board -- loaded on a vehicle, riding on a boat etc.
Two thousand passengers were on board the ship to Canada.

on cloud nine -- very happy, riding high
When Bev received her diploma, she was on cloud nine.

O07. on deck -- on loan Internet link on deck

on deck -- next in order, next to bat
Gary's at bat; Tim's on deck.

on drugs -- using drugs, do drugs
"Do you know he's on drugs?" "Yes. His eyes look blank."

on edge -- not relaxed, nervous, anxious, edgy
Gina's a little on edge. She gets her test results back today.

on even terms -- having equal skills, having the same ability
When we play chess, we're on even terms. We're both average.

on fire -- ager, energetic, all fired up, gung ho
When he began working here, he was on fire - very enthusiastic.

on good terms -- in a good relationship, able to talk and work with
Steve is on good terms with all his co-workers. They like him.

on his last legs -- very tired or old, at the end of his career
Gordie was on his last legs, but he could still shoot hard.

on his tail -- following him closely, chasing him
The thief knew the police would follow him. They'd be on his tail.

on in years -- (See get on in years)

on loan -- borrowed, signed out
The book you want is on loan to someone else until May 12.

O08. on moral grounds -- on our last legs Internet link on moral grounds

on moral grounds -- based on what is right and wrong
We refuse to accept money from drug dealers - on moral grounds.

on my back -- criticizing me, on my case, ride me
The coach is on my back about missing the game last week.

on my best behavior -- being polite to everyone, behaving in an appropriate manner
I promised my mother that I will be on my best behavior at her wedding. I will be a very good boy.

on my case -- looking for my mistakes, criticizing me
The coach is on my case again, yelling at me to play harder.

on my deathbed -- nearly dead, very ill, at death's door
I was so sick, I thought I was on my deathbed.

on my good side -- to become my friend, in my good books
He says nice things to me, hoping to get on my good side.

on my plate -- on my schedule, on my list of duties or tasks
I have too much on my plate right now. I'm too busy.

on my way -- continue my journey, departing
Before I leave, I'd like a cup of coffee. Then I'll be on my way.

on my word -- (See upon my word)

on our last legs -- nearly dead or bankrupt, nearly done for
Financially, we were on our last legs. We couldn't get a loan.

O09. on parade -- on side Internet link on parade

on parade -- walking in a parade, displaying
When Jack's on parade, he marches straight and tall.

on parole -- still supervised, not free of prison
He's on parole now. He can leave the prison during the day.

on pins and needles -- waiting anxiously, worried
Mom will be on pins and needles until we arrive. She'll be worried.

on probation -- becoming a permanent employee, proby
As an employee on probation, you will be learning new skills.

on purpose -- for a reason, intentional
Did she drop her glove on purpose - so he would find it?

on queer street -- dizzy or stunned, not acting normal
After he hit me I felt like I was on queer street - I was dazed.

on schedule -- within the dates on the plan, on target
They arrived on Mars on June 11, which means they're on schedule.

on shaky ground -- missing a proper foundation, prone to fail
"If you don't start learning for your next exam now, you'll be on shaky ground."

on short notice -- without much warning, at a moment's notice
Can you come to work on short notice? Within a day or two?

on side -- for our side, supporting our group
In order to have a majority, we need to bring the clerks on side.

O10. on speaking terms -- on the bright side Internet link on speaking terms

on speaking terms -- not friendly but saying hello etc.
Louise and I are not friends, but we're on speaking terms.

on tap -- available from the tap on a keg of beer or ale
There was a red neon sign in the window: COLD BEER ON TAP

on target -- done by the planned date, on schedule
If we can complete the drawings by Monday, we'll be on target.

on tenterhooks -- carefully, cautiously, afraid to move
He's cautious since his accident. He drives around on tenterhooks.

on the back burner -- to be done later, not as important
The playground project is on the back burner until next spring.

on the ball -- smart, intelligent, bright, sharp
Max has a lot on the ball. He can solve our problem.

on the bandwagon -- helping, supporting, on side
Get on the bandwagon, folks! Our man is going to be Premier!

on the beat -- on the job, working, doing a task or assignment
A journalist must be on the beat, working among the people and telling their stories.

on the books -- listed, accounted for
Is it legal to sell items that aren't on the books - that aren't listed?

on the bright side -- positive, optimistic
Chan is positive. He always looks on bright side of things.

O11. on the brink -- on the fence Internet link on the brink

on the brink -- close, almost there, on the verge
Their marriage is failing. They're on the brink of divorce.

on the bubble -- between the ones that pass and fail, may be included or excluded
There are seven applicants. Two will be interviewed, three will not, and two are on the bubble.

on the button -- correct, accurate, dead on, spot on
When Fern guessed my age, she was right on the button: 39.

on the carpet -- asked to explain a mistake, give me the third degree
Tom's on the carpet because he lost company documents.

on the clock -- o'clock, at the time showing on the clock
"Did you come to work on time, Michael?" "Yes, sir. At eight on the clock, sir."

on the cutting edge -- (See the cutting edge)

on the dot -- exactly on time, not early or late
The concert started at 7:30 on the dot.

on the double -- quickly, now, move it
Coach Keyser said, "Sutton, get over here - on the double!"

on the edge of your seat -- very interested in a movie, feeling suspense in a story
The movie The Firm will have you on the edge of your seat.

on the fence -- (See sit the fence)

O12. on the fringe -- on the mark Internet link on the fringe

on the fringe -- not familiar, radical, not mainstream
The Canasaurus Party is new - definitely on the fringe.

on the fritz -- not operating, broken, out of order  ( Several conjectures about the origin can be found on www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-ont4.htm  )
The VCR is on the fritz again. We can't watch videos tonight.

on the go -- busy, not stopping to rest
We've been on the go all day, shopping and preparing food.

on the ground floor -- (See get in on the ground floor)

on the heels -- immediately after, following
On the heels of the typhoon was a five-day rain.

on the lam -- running away from the police, lay low
When he's not in jail, he's on the lam - always running.

on the limp -- limping, walking with a leg injury
Norman is on the limp today. He sprained his ankle playing ball.

on the loose -- free, running around, not in a pen or cage
The zoo notified the media that a giraffe is on the loose.

on the make -- looking for romance or sex
Most of the men in the bar were on the make, looking for action.

on the mark -- accurate, correct, dead on, spot on
Your answer is right on the mark. Canada became a country in 1867.

O13. on the market -- on the run Internet link on the market

on the market -- ready to sell, for sale, up for sale
Yes, our house is on the market. We want to sell it by October 1.

on the mend -- healing, becoming healthy again
Jake's had open-heart surgery, but he's on the mend.

on the money -- correct, accurate, on the mark, spot on
Your answer is on the money. You win a new Honda!

on the move -- moving, going from place to place
The caribou are on the move again, migrating to find food.

on the outs -- not friendly, not speaking
Amy and Pat are on the outs. They had a fight.

on the QT -- as a secret, not to be told to anyone
I'm telling you this on the QT. Please don't tell anyone.

on the rails -- operating smoothly, on track
Troy helped me get back on the rails when I was depressed.

on the rise -- increasing, growing
The number of female engineers is on the rise - more every year.

on the road -- going toward, improving, on the mend
Jill is feeling much better today. She's on the road to recovery.

on the run -- very busy, having much to do, on the go
I've been on the run since early this morning. What a busy day!

O14.on the run -- on the take Internet link on the run

on the run -- running from the police, running from a problem
He's been on the run ever since he robbed a bank in Tulsa.

on the same wavelength -- understanding each other, communicating clearly
I understand Ted's beliefs. We're on the same wavelength.

on the shit list [B] -- on the list to be punished, in your bad books
Greg's on the shit list because he missed the sales meeting.

on the side -- extra, in addition, under the table
By typing reports and resumes, I earned a few dollars on the side.

on the sly -- secretly, illegally
Phil was selling cigarettes to his friends on the sly.

on the spot -- immediately, at that time and place, then and there
He admitted the accident was his fault and wrote me a check for the damage on the spot.

on the spur of the moment -- immediately, impulsively
On the spur of the moment we decided to drive to Banff.

on the stand -- on the witness stand, testifying in court
Jack was on the stand today. He told the court what he saw.

on the table -- offered, proposed
Our offer is on the table: a 7% increase in salary for the clerks.

on the take -- stealing, robbing
A week after he got out of jail, he was on the take again.

O15. on the throne -- on thin ice Internet link on the throne

on the throne -- sitting on the toilet, in the john
Archie's on the throne. He'll be down in a few minutes.

on the tip of my tongue -- almost able to recall, beginning to remember
Her name is on the tip of my tongue. It begins with K.

on the up and up -- legal, within the law, not underhanded
If a company gives away cars, can it be on the up and up?

on the verge -- close, nearly, almost doing it
Our baby is on the verge of talking. She said, "Da-da."

on the wagon -- not drinking liquor, not getting drunk
The old man is on the wagon. He promised he wouldn't drink.

on the wane -- decreasing, diminishing
The number of men who smoke is on the wane. It's decreasing.

on the whole -- generally, considering the whole group or situation
On the whole, women are making progress toward equal status.

on the wing -- flying, in flight
Canada geese were on the wing, going south for the winter.

on the wing -- without a plan, creating as you go, wing it
Paul can perform on the wing - he has a great imagination!

on thin ice -- in a risky position, in danger
His grades are very low in this course. He's on thin ice.

O16. on time -- on your side Internet link on time

on time -- not late, at the scheduled time
Mary is always on time. She is very punctual.

on top of -- informed, prepared, up on
Addie stays on top of math by doing problems every day.

on track -- in the right direction, on the rails
After a few problems, our project is back on track.

on trial -- in court as a defendant, defending your actions
The man charged with the assault is on trial now. He's in court.

on vacation -- having a holiday from work or school
I don't feel like getting up early when I'm on vacation.

on your ass [B] -- wrong, misinformed, all wet
He doesn't know how to manage a business. He's on his ass!

on your deathbed -- very ill, nearly dead
When I get a cold, you think I'm on my deathbed. Relax.

on your guard -- careful, cautious
Be on your guard when you buy a used car - don't buy a lemon.

on your own -- independent, supporting yourself
When you're on your own, you can stay out all night if you wish.

on your side -- supporting you and your efforts
"I'm on your side," Kelly said. "I want you to pass this course."

O17. on your toes -- one by one  Internet link on your toes

on your toes -- ready, alert
I have to be on my toes in her class. I have to listen and think.

on your way -- traveling, leaving, on the road home
You can be on your way as soon as the tire is repaired.

once-over -- (See give it the once-over)

once in a blue moon -- very seldom, rarely, in a long time
"Have you heard from Paul?" "Once in a blue moon he calls, maybe once a year."

once upon a time -- a long time ago, at one time
Once upon a time, there was a king named Arthur...

one and the same -- the same as, not different, part and parcel
Some people believe abortion and murder are one and the same thing.

one at a time -- one then another, one by one
Don't push, kids! It's one at a time.

one born every minute -- many easy customers, lots of suckers
"There's lots of suckers," he said. "There's one born every minute!"

one brick short of a full load -- mentally slow, not all there
I'm okay, but you may be one brick short of a full load. Ha ha.

one by one -- one then another; one at a time, single file
One by one the children entered the shelter.

O18. one false move -- one-track mind Internet link one false move

one false move -- one move to get away or call for help
"One false move and you're dead," the gunman said to his hostage.

one fell swoop -- (See in one fell swoop)

one for the money, two for the show... -- prepare to go or run, children's countdown
Before bedtime, Dad would say, "One for the money..."

one for the road -- one drink or kiss etc. before you leave
If you have one for the road, have a cup of coffee (or a kiss).

one hell of a time -- one very difficult task, one major problem, a hell of a time
I think that bull knew we were taking him to market. We had one hell of a time getting him into the truck!

one man's garbage is another man's art -- each person has different likes and dislikes, to each his own
You pick up what somebody throws away, so one man's garbage is another man's art.

one man's meat is another man's poison -- one person likes what another person hates, to each his own
Some people love his music; others hate it. One man's meat is another man's poison.

one of the boys -- a typical member of the group, a regular guy
Roger is one of the boys, eh. He's always ready to play or help.

one on one -- one player against one player
I like it when the coach lets us go one on one in soccer practice.

one-track mind -- tendency to think about only one subject
My son has a one-track mind these days. He thinks only about cars.

O19. onto something -- open to criticism Internet link onto something

onto something -- found some important information
Nick looks very confident. I think he's onto something.

onto us -- knows that we are doing bad things, wise to us
The doorman is onto us. He knows we didn't buy a ticket.

oodles -- lots, more than we need, scads
"Do we have enough salad?" "Yes. Oodles!"

open a can of worms -- (See can of worms)

open a window -- find a new way of looking at a topic or problem
That idea opens a window on the causes of war. What do you see?

open and shut -- easy to judge, not complex
If either spouse admits adultery, divorce is an open and shut case.

open mind -- (See keep an open mind)

open season -- legal to hunt or kill at this time
Nancy said there should be an open season on sex offenders.

open some doors -- provide opportunities, help someone succeed
I'm hoping my college diploma will open some doors.

open to criticism -- in a position that can be criticized, vulnerable
If you become a politician you will be open to criticism.

O20. open to question -- out in the cold Internet link open to question

open to question -- not clearly correct, debatable
Your decision to allow liquor at the party is open to question.

open up -- talk openly, express feelings
When we become friends, I'll open up with you - I'll share.

open up a big can of whoop-ass -- punish, discipline, whup your ass
If you don't stop jumping on the couch, I am going to open up a big can of whoop-ass!

other fish to fry -- (See bigger fish to fry)

ounce of prevention -- (See an ounce of prevention)

out and out -- bold, not hidden, a bare-faced lie
The advertisement was an out-and-out lie. It contained no truth.

out cold -- unconscious, knocked out
Liam is out cold. A baseball hit him on the side of the head.

out for blood -- trying to defeat or hurt, seeking revenge
The Jets are out for blood tonight because they lost 7-0 last night.

out in left field -- not logical or sensible, all wet
Don't listen to his advice. He's out in left field.

out in the cold -- not included in a group, not invited
He was left out in the cold because of his religious beliefs.

O21. out loud -- out of harm's way Internet link out loud

out loud -- loud enough to hear, spoken clearly
Dad was very angry, but he didn't swear out loud.

out of -- have no more, have none, run out
Stop at the bakery, please. We're out of bread.

out of bounds -- off the playing field, across boundary lines
Ramone kicked the soccer ball over my head and out of bounds.

out of breath -- short of breath, puffing, out of breath
She was out of breath after climbing the stairs.

out of circulation -- not visiting, don't get around
I've been out of circulation. I've been studying.

out of commission -- not operating, out of order
My brain is out of commission. I can't think today.

out of context -- taken out of the sentence, missing important words
Brian's comment, "Roll of the dice," was taken out of context.

out of control -- not managed, wild, not under control
The crowd was out of control. People were fighting and looting.

out of hand -- not controlled or disciplined
The children got out of hand. I couldn't control them.

out of harm's way -- out of danger, in a safe place
Jerry parked the car off the road - out of harm's way.

O22. out of here (outa here) -- out of my hair Internet Link out of here (outa here)

out of here (outa here) -- going, leaving
When I get paid, I'm outa here.

out of his element -- not trained, too deep for him
He was out of his element when they began discussing DNA.

out of hock -- not having debts, not owing any money
We paid off our mortgage today. It feels good to be out of hock.

out of it -- not feeling right, not with it
For some reason, I'm out of it today. I have no energy.

out of joint -- (See nose is out of joint)

out of kilter -- (See off kilter)

out of line -- not showing respect, not polite
Ty was out of line when he called you a hooker.

out of luck -- nothing left for you, shit out of luck [B]
We're out of luck. There are no tickets left.

out of my depth -- not having the knowledge, over my head
I was out of my depth talking about genetics with the doctors.

out of my hair -- not bothering me, not a problem for me
Next week the kids will be back at school - out of Mom's hair.

O23. out of my head -- out of sight Internet Link out of my head

out of my head -- crazy, out of your mind, wacko
I must have been out of my head to lend him my car. I was crazy.

out of nowhere -- without warning, without an introduction
Out of nowhere a motorcycle passed us, going like a bullet.

out of order -- not operating, broken
The stamp machine is out of order. I think it's broken.

out of our hands -- not able to change or control the result
The decision is out of our hands. The voters will decide who wins.

out of patience -- having no more patience, lose patience
I'm out of patience with the kids. They're fighting all the time.

out of place -- in the wrong place, not appropriate
I felt out of place wearing shorts in the dining room.

out of pocket -- expense paid from personal funds
Larry is out of pocket for the team lunch at McDonald's.

out of range -- too far away, not close enough
The FM station is out of range of my radio. The signal is weak.

out of sight (outa sight) -- too much, too high
The price was outa sight! They wanted $200 for a nylon jacket.

out of sight -- too far away to see, not visible anymore
He watched the plane until it was a speck. Then it was out of sight.

O24. out of sight, out of mind -- out of the norm Internet Link out of sight, out of mind

out of sight, out of mind -- if you do not see it you will forget about it
When I moved away, I forgot her - out of sight, out of mind, eh.

out of sorts -- feeling negative, down, in a funk
Andre is out of sorts because he didn't get enough sleep.

out of step -- not with the others, not designed for today
Your business plan is out of step with the 21st century. It's old.

out of the ball park -- not close to the correct number or price
Few people will buy your product if the price is out of the ball park.

out of the blue -- not expected, not on topic
Then out of the blue, he says, "What color are your shorts?"

out of the closet -- not hiding your sexual orientation or secret
Jay decided to come out of the closet - to tell people he's gay.

out of the corner of my eye -- at my far right or left, to the side
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. It was the cat.

out of the goodness of my heart -- because I am kind, because I want to help
I help her out of the goodness of my heart. I don't want to be paid.

out of the loop -- not included on the list, not in the loop
Ever since I moved across town I've been out of the loop. Nobody tells me the news anymore.

out of the norm -- not normal, not common
Having six husbands at the same time is out of the norm, eh.

O25. out of the picture -- out of touch Internet Link out of the picture

out of the picture -- not a factor, not competing or playing
Mario returned to Italy, so he's out of the picture. He's gone.

out of the question -- not possible, no way
Because of the storm, traveling by car is out of the question.

out of the way -- off the road or path, not blocking or obstructing
"Get out of the way!" he shouted. "Here come the runners!"

out of the way -- done, no longer a problem, over with
Our Christmas shopping is finally done - out of the way.

out of the way -- off the main road, off the beaten track
Rumsey is an out-of-the-way town, just east of the river.

out of the woods -- out of difficulty, not in danger any more
Pedro survived the heart surgery, but he's not out of the woods yet.

out of the woodwork -- from hidden places, from unknown places
Gas at 40¢ per litre will bring customers out of the woodwork.

out of this world -- excellent, very delicious
Naomi is an excellent cook. Her carrot cake is out of this world!

out of touch -- not communicating, not in touch
I'm not sure where Diane lives. We've been out of touch.

out of touch -- not aware of reality, head in the clouds
He's been doing drugs. He's completely out of touch.

O26. out of tune (music) -- out to get you Internet link out of tune (music)

out of tune (music) -- not at the correct pitch, not in tune
The violins were out of tune, but I enjoyed the singing.

out of whack -- not aligned, poorly constructed, off kilter
The door doesn't close properly. Something is out of whack.

out of wind -- short of breath, winded, out of breath
After running the race he was out of wind - exhausted.

out of work -- not employed, unemployed, laid off
Lyle is out of work, so he stays at home with the kids.

out of your gourd -- (See out of your mind)

out of your mind -- not thinking logically, crazy, crackers
You must be out of your mind to lend him money. You're crazy.

out of your tree -- crazy, loony, nuts, out of your mind
You're out of your tree if you think I'm going sky diving.

out on a limb -- in a dangerous place, taking a chance (see take a chance)
I went out on a limb and said that you would donate $1000.

out on the town -- enjoying the city's entertainment
On Saturday night, let's go out on the town and have a good time.

out to get you -- wanting revenge, waiting for a chance to get even
Ever since I beat him at table tennis he's been out to get me.

O27. out to lunch -- over the edge Internet Link out to lunch

out to lunch -- not working effectively, not with it
The Service Manager is out to lunch. He's not helpful.

out to win -- wanting to win, competitive
When Jon plays checkers, he's out to win. He's a competitor.

outdo yourself -- perform better than before, do your personal best
Don't try to outdo yourself every time you run. Just jog sometimes.

outplay -- play better than the opponent
The Flames outplayed the Kings in the third period of the game.

over and done with -- done and forgotten, out of the way
We were glad when the trial was over and done with - finished.

over and out -- message complete, signing off
"Over and out," the radio operator said when he completed his call.

over easy -- eggs fried on both sides without breaking the yolks
"How would you like your eggs?" "Over easy, please - on toast."

over my dead body -- do not try to do it, I'll stop you
"I want to marry your sister." "Over my dead body!"

over my head -- I do not understand, too deep for me
That lesson went over my head. Did you understand it?

over the edge -- become ill or unable to cope, around the bend
Poor Ernst went over the edge when his twin brother died.

O28. over the hill -- own worst enemy Internet link over the hill

over the hill -- too old, on his last legs
At 35, he was over the hill - too old to play pro soccer.

over the hump -- past the difficult part, into an easier phase
After saving $2000, I was over the hump. I could pay the tuition.

over the rainbow -- eccentric, weird, a bit off, spinny
Aunt Freda? She's been over the rainbow for years, poor lady.

over the top -- too much, exaggerated, ham it up, a send-up
His interpretation of Hamlet was over the top. Hamlet is a tragic figure, not a comic figure.

over with -- completed, finished, over and done with
Now that the trial is over with, we can return to a normal life.

overdo it -- work too hard, become too tired
The doctor said I can work in the garden if I don't overdo it.

owly -- cranky, unco-operative, negative
When Herb gets drunk he gets owly - kind of stubborn.

own medicine -- giving what you got, tit for tat
She hurt me so I'll hurt her - give her some of her own medicine!

own up -- admit a mistake, come clean
If Jason is involved in the crime, he'll own up. He'll tell the police.

own worst enemy -- create our own problems, prevent our own success
A smoker is his own worst enemy. He's harming himself.

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