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Collected from various sources by U Kyaw Tun (UKT), M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ) for staff and students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale.

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jack me around jack of all trades jam jam session jam tart jam/jam out jazz up je ne sais quoi jeepers jerk jerk me around jerk off [B] jewels jig is up jim dandy jimminy crickets jive ass [B] jock joe-job Joe Who jog your memory john

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jack me around

From Magnuson
jack me around
-- jerk Internet link jack me around

jack me around -- tell me lies, play games
Don't jack me around, man. I need to know who took my car.

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jack of all trades

From Magnuson
jack of all trades --
a person who has many skills
She's a carpenter, plumber and cook - a jack of all trades.

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From Magnuson
jam --
play jazz, practise music in a small group
After the concert, a few musicians started to jam.

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jam session

From Magnuson
jam session --
informal practice session for musicians, jam
After the symphony rehearsal, a few of us had a jam session.

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jam tart

From Magnuson
jam tart --
a phony person, a pretender
That jam tart! He teaches writing but he hasn't written anything.

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jam/jam out

From Magnuson
jam/jam out --
not come to the party etc., back out
Kai jammed last night because her cousin came to visit her.

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jazz up

From Magnuson
jazz up --
add color or interest, add an accessory
It's a nice coat, but I'm going to jazz it up with a red scarf.

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je ne sais quoi

From Magnuson
je ne sais quoi --
I do not know what it is, it is a special something
She has a special quality, this lady, a certain je ne sais quoi.

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From Magnuson
jeepers --
oh, gee whiz, gosh
Jeepers! I don't know what to say.

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From Magnuson
jerk --
fool, dipstick, fink
Stop acting like a jerk! Stop squeezing mustard on me!

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jerk me around

From Magnuson
jerk me around
-- Joe Who Internet link  jerk me around

jerk me around -- not be honest with me, jack me around
Don't jerk me around. I want to know if you've seen my child.

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jerk off [B]

From Magnuson
jerk off [B] --
masturbate, pull your wire [B]
"If jerking off is a sin, I know a lot of sinners," said the old man.

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From Magnuson
jewels --
(See the family jewels)

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jig is up

From Magnuson
jig is up --
(See the jig's up)

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jim dandy

From Magnuson
jim dandy --
(See a jim dandy)

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jimminy crickets

From Magnuson
jimminy crickets --
geez, gosh, holy cow
Jimminy crickets, it was hot! It was 39 degrees Celsius!

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jive ass [B]

From Magnuson
jive ass [B] --
one who tries to look cool, show-off, show-off
What a jive ass! Give him a mic, and he thinks he's Elvis.

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From Magnuson
jock --
athlete, student who plays on school teams
Doug is a jock - he plays golf and baseball.

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From Magnuson
joe-job --
a routine task, a chore that nobody wants to do, gofer
If you're the junior employee, you'll have to do the joe-jobs.

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Joe Who

From Magnuson
Joe Who --
Joe Clark - a Canadian politician
When was Joe Who the Prime Minister of Canada? 1979?

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jog your memory

From Magnuson
jog your memory
-- joke around Internet link jog your memory

jog your memory -- do or say something to help you remember
This photo of your dog may jog your memories of the old days.

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-- (See the john)

John Hancock -- signature, signed name
Now, Michael, all we need is your John Hancock right here, on the dotted line.

John Henry -- signature, signed name
To give you a refund, we need your John Henry on this form.

Johnny Canuck -- Canadian soldier, Canuck
We'll send Johnny Canuck in first, then our tanks.

Johnny-come-lately -- a man who has not lived or worked there very long
"Who is she going with now?" "Oh, some Johnny-come-lately."

Johnny on the spot -- being ready to help, being there when needed
When I need a ride, you're always here - Johnny on the spot.

join up -- enrol, enlist, sign up
The Army needed volunteers, so Milo joined up.

join you -- meet you, catch up with you
You go to the game directly from work. I'll join you at the arena.

joke around -- play and tell jokes, fool around
They were joking around after class - rapping and laughing.

J04. joke is on you -- jump [B] Internet link joke is on you

joke is on you -- (See the joke is on you)

joker -- a person who tells jokes and likes to laugh
Jerry is some joker! He makes everybody laugh.

joker -- a stranger, a person who does something unusual
Some joker stopped and asked me if I knew the way to heaven.

joking aside -- to stop joking and be serious, without joking, get serious
Joking aside, we need to find Willie. His bride is waiting in the church!

jolly good fellow -- a good person, a person being honored
At Jim's farewell party we sang For He's A Jolly Good Fellow.

josh -- fool, tease, kid
Quit joshin' me. Tell the truth.

joyride -- fun-filled experience, have fun, what a rush
Shooting the rapids is no joyride. You need to know how to paddle a canoe.

juice -- electricity, electrical power
This heater uses a lot of juice - 1500 watts.

jump -- surprise and overpower, attack without warning
The gang attacked him in the alley. They jumped him.

jump [B] -- have sex with, bang, screw [B]
"Did you jump her, Ted?" "Is that all you think of - sex?"

J05. jump at the chance -- jump through hoops Internet link jump at the chance

jump at the chance -- be ready to try if you have the opportunity
If I was asked to play with their band, I'd jump at the chance.

jump for joy -- jump up and down because you are happy
When their horse won the race, they jumped for joy.

jump in the lake -- (See go jump in the lake)

jump in with both feet -- become totally involved, go whole hog
Ken gets involved in his work. He jumps in with both feet.

jump out of your skin -- jump with fright, become very scared, scared stiff
Keith, if you had seen that ghost, you would have jumped right out of your skin!

jump queue -- go to the front of a line of people waiting for service, horn in
If somebody jumps queue in front of Dad, he tells them to go to the back of the line.

jump ship -- go to work for the other team - the competition
The company asked me to sign a form saying I wouldn't jump ship.

jump start -- use cables to start a car, kick start
One cold morning my dad helped me to jump start my car.

jump the gun -- act too soon, leave early
A good chef waits until the food is cooked. Don't jump the gun.

jump through hoops -- do all the required steps, red tape
To get a student loan, I had to jump through a lot of hoops.

J06. jump to conclusions -- just a smidgeon Internet link jump to conclusions

jump to conclusions -- form conclusions before you have all the facts, jump the gun
If you see a wrecked car and say that the driver was drunk, you are jumping to conclusions.

jumping Jehoshaphat -- holy cow, jimminy crickets, wow
"Your VISA balance is $63,756." "Jumping Jehoshaphat! Is it?"

jungle mouth -- smelly breath, unpleasant odor on the breath
Most people have jungle mouth when they wake up in the morning, but not me!

junk -- illegal drugs: dope, acid etc.
He tried to smuggle junk into Canada. He hid drugs in his shoes.

junk food -- snack food, food with little nutritional value
They eat junk food for lunch - chips, candy and pop.

junk it -- throw it away, put it in the garbage
If a pen is leaking, junk it. Throw it away.

junk mail -- advertisements and commercial letters
On her mail box she wrote a sign: NO JUNK MAIL!

junkie -- a person who does junk or drugs; skids
"What is a junkie?" "A person who uses bad drugs."

jury-rig -- make a substitute, improvise
When we don't have a fuse, Dad jury-rigs one with silver paper.

just a smidgeon -- just a little, just a small amount
"Would you like more cream?" "Just a smidge, please."

J07. just a titch -- just passing through Internet link just a titch

just a titch -- just a tiny amount, just a smidgeon
"Is that piano too heavy?" "Just a titch."

just about -- nearly, almost
We just about fell into the lake. Our canoe nearly tipped over.

just as soon -- would prefer not to, do not wish to
I'd just as soon forget the fight with Dwen, eh.

just ducky -- just fine, wonderful, peachy
"Bill, my mother is coming to live with us." "That's ducky, just ducky!"

just in time -- not quite late, in the nick of time
Superman arrived just in time to save the girl from burning.

just-in-time -- when the manufacturer is ready, not before
T-Max has requested just-in-time delivery of the engine parts.

just like that -- without a pause or explanation, before you can say Jack Robinson
First you say yes, then you say no - just like that!

just passing through -- (See pass through)

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