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TIL English Idiom Collection


Collected from various sources by U Kyaw Tun (UKT), M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ) for staff and students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale.

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I smell where you're stepping I'll be a monkey's uncle I'm afraid so icing on the cake idiot lights if a mussel doesn't open don't eat it if looks could kill if my memory serves me correctly if only if that doesn't beat all if the shoe fits, wear it  if you can't cut it, you can't stay if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen if you're born to hand, you won't drown if you're not with us you're against us ignorance is bliss in a bad way in a big way in a bit


I smell where you're stepping

I smell where you're stepping -- if that doesn't beat all Internet link I smell where you're stepping

I smell where you're stepping -- I understand the direction of your thought, follow me, get my drift
"Do you understand?" "Yes, please continue. I smell where you're steppin'"

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I'll be a monkey's uncle

From Magnuson
I'll be a monkey's uncle --
I cannot believe it, I must be dreaming
When Farley won the new car, he said, "I'll be a monkey's uncle!"

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I'm afraid so

From Magnuson
I'm afraid so --
(See afraid so)

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icing on the cake

From Magnuson
icing on the cake --
a bonus, extra benefit, the rest is gravy
We've sold enough tickets to pay for the trip. This money from the Elks Club is icing on the cake!

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idiot lights

From Magnuson
idiot lights --
warning lights on the instrument panel of a car
Kim wants a car with gauges, not idiot lights.

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if a mussel doesn't open don't eat it

From Magnuson
if a mussel doesn't open don't eat it --
if you force things to happen you may regret it, leave well enough alone
If you force a child to talk, you may regret it. As they say, If a mussel doesn't open, don't eat it.

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if looks could kill

From Magnuson
if looks could kill --
the look on your face was evil or hateful
If looks could kill, I'd be dead. Are you mad at me or something?

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if my memory serves me correctly

From Magnuson
if my memory serves me correctly --
if I can remember well, if I have a good memory
Your name is Jose - if my memory serves me correctly.

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if only

From Magnuson
if only --
I wish, we wish
If only we'd phoned before we came. There's nobody home!

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if that doesn't beat all

From Magnuson
if that doesn't beat all --
that is the best/biggest/worst I have ever seen
Fifty people in a phone booth - if that doesn't beat all!

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if the shoe fits, wear it

From Magnuson
if the shoe fits, wear it
-- in a bit Internet link if the shoe fits, wear it

if the shoe fits, wear it -- if there is a lesson for you, learn it
When I listen to you preach, I wonder if the shoe fits me.

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if you can't cut it, you can't stay

From Magnuson
if you can't cut it, you can't stay --
if you cannot do the work you will have to leave; shape up or ship out
When I complained about long days, the foreman said, "If you can't cut it, you can't stay."

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if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

From Magnuson
if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen --
if you do not like the pressure you can leave; if you can't cut it, you can't stay
In the boardroom someone had written on the flip chart If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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if you're born to hand, you won't drown

From Magnuson
if you're born to hang, you won't drown --
fate controls how we die; we do not control the time and cause of our death
After rescuing the swimmer, he said to me, "If you're born to hang, you won't drown."

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if you're not with us you're against us

From Magnuson
if you're not with us you're against us --
if you do not support us you are against us; can't have it both ways
War divides us into allies and enemies. If you're not with us, you're against us.

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ignorance is bliss

From Magnuson
ignorance is bliss --
ignorant people have nothing to worry about
The teacher said, "Ignorance is bliss - until you write exams."

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in a bad way

From Magnuson
in a bad way --
feeling sad or downhearted
After the accident, Val was in a bad way. She was very depressed.

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in a big way

From Magnuson
in a big way --
with a lot of style and expense
Pam does things in a big way. She hired a band for her party.

From Magnuson
in a big way --
very much, a lot
My son likes to play computer games - in a big way!

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in a bit

From Magnuson
in a bit --
in a minute, within a short time
"Can we go?" asked the girl. "In a bit," her mother replied.

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I03. in a blue moon -- in a jam Internet link in a blue moon

in a blue moon -- (See once in a blue moon)

in a cold sweat -- very nervous or scared, scared spitless
As Doug waited to speak to the audience he felt breathless and shaky. His hands felt cold and damp. He was in a cold sweat!

in a coon's age -- in many years, for a long time, for a dog's age
Hello, Uncle Henry! I haven't seen you in a coon's age!

in a family way -- pregnant, a bun in the oven
Carey's in a family way. She's due to have her baby soon.

in a fix -- in a bad situation, in a jam
Without matches or food, the lost boys were in quite a fix.

in a flap -- worried or upset, in a hurry
Kate is in a flap again. Her dog is sick.

in a flash -- very quickly, in no time
If you're in trouble, Superman will be there in a flash.

in a flutter -- (See in a tizzy)

in a funk -- in a bad mood, frustrated, in a snit
Rick is in a funk today because Muriel hasn't called him.

in a jam -- in a difficult position, in trouble
I was in a jam. I had no money to pay the rent.

I04. in a jiffy -- in a split second Internet link in a jiffy

in a jiffy -- in a minute, very soon, in a sec
When Dad says he'll be there in a jiffy, he means 20 minutes.

in a long time -- for months or years, for a dog's age
I haven't seen you in a long time. Where have you been hiding?

in a pickle -- in a difficult situation, in a jam
When the motor on our boat quit, I knew we were in a pickle.

in a pig's ass [B] -- not true, unbelievable, bull, full of it
You wrote War and Peace? In a pig's ass!

in a pinch -- in a difficult situation, in a jam
I was in a pinch because I had no money to pay for the meal.

in a rut -- always doing it the same way, never changing the method or style
After ten years in the same job with the same manager in the same building, he was in a rut.

in a sec -- in a second, very soon, in a jiffy
Wait. I'll be there in a sec.

in a slump -- not performing well for several days
Wayne's in a slump. He hasn't scored a point in four games.

in a snit -- upset, worried, in a stew
Ms. Mak is in a snit because she lost her cat.

in a split second -- in less than a second, in a flash
In a split second, the cat twisted and landed on its feet.

I05. in a stew -- in broad daylight Internet link in a stew

in a stew -- concerned and upset, in a tizzy
Dad gets in such a stew when Mom is sick. He really worries.

in a tight spot -- in a difficult position, in a pinch
Mom told me to go, and Dad told me to stay. I was in a tight spot.

in a tizzy -- upset, flustered, in a flap
Aunt Lottie gets in a tizzy when she can't find her wig.

in agreement -- believing or feeling the same things
When we discuss Canadian unity, we're in agreement.

in any way, shape or form -- in any way, at all, in the least
Winning the award didn't affect her in any way, shape or form. She hasn't changed at all.

in bad faith -- not sincere, not really trying to agree
The workers accused management of bargaining in bad faith.

in bad shape -- not feeling well, out of it
The day after the party I was in bad shape. How my head ached!

in black and white -- written and signed, in writing
If they say the car is guaranteed, get it down in black and white.

in brief -- briefly, without giving details
In brief, all flights have been canceled.

in broad daylight -- easy to see, not trying to hide
The man undressed right there on the street - in broad daylight.

I06. in cahoots -- in dire straits Internet link in cahoots

in cahoots -- like partners, helping each other
I think the judge and lawyer are in cahoots - working together.

in charge -- responsible for, in control
Who's in charge here? Who is the manager or supervisor?

in clover -- becoming wealthy, receiving lots of money
We were in clover! We bought a ranch, a car, and a house in town.

in cold blood -- without feeling, without mercy
He's accused of killing a Mountie in cold blood.

in control -- able to manage, in charge
Mr. Blum is not in control of his pets. They run all over town.

in-crowd -- (See the in-crowd)

in deep doo-doo [B] -- in serious difficulties, in deep shit, in deep trouble
He's a member of parliament and has been caught twice for tax fraud. Now he's in deep doo-doo.

in deep shit [B] -- in bad trouble, likely to be punished
If you shoot a bear in a national park, you are in deep shit, man.

in deep trouble -- in serious trouble, sure to catch hell
Driving without a license could get you in deep trouble.

in dire straits -- in debt, having no money
If we don't get a good crop this year, we'll be in dire straits.

I07. in dribs and drabs -- in his blood Internet link in dribs and drabs

in dribs and drabs -- a few at a time, little by little
Many came to the sale, but they arrived in dribs and drabs.

in fact -- to state a fact, as a matter of fact, to be perfectly honest
When some people hear the word gravity, they think of falling bodies; in fact, gravity keeps us from falling.

in full flight -- going full speed, flat out
The cyclist was in full flight when he passed the cars.

in glowing terms -- with much praise, praise you to the skies (see praise him to the skies)
Your manager spoke of you in glowing terms. He praised you.

in good faith -- sincerely, hoping to reach a fair agreement
The union president said that he always bargained in good faith.

in good hands -- cared for by a friend, with a trusted person
If Darlene is caring for your dad, he's in good hands.

in hand -- able to control, under control
Some fans began fighting, but the police have things in hand.

in heaven's name -- if we think of heaven, for heaven's sake
Why in heaven's name did we come to Canada? It's cold here!

in her good graces -- being liked by her, doing what she likes
If you are in her good graces, you will be invited to her tea party.

in his blood -- an important part of him, in his personality
The prairie is his blood. He's a prairie boy.

I08. in his good books -- in my good books Internet link in his good books

in his good books -- among those he likes, on his list of good people
She's in his good books because she praised his painting.

in hock -- in debt, owing money, having a large mortgage
We were in hock after buying the property. We had a large debt.

in hot water -- needing discipline or correction, in deep shit
My son took his pet snake to school, and now he's in hot water. He could be suspended from classes.

in keeping with -- following the rules or customs
Refunds are not in keeping with company policy. No refunds.

in leaf -- having new leaves, growing leaves
Poplar trees were in leaf, wild roses in bloom.

in love -- feeling romantic love, fall in love
Peter's in love with Wendy, but Wendy's in love with Tom.

in mind -- thinking of, remembering, keep you in mind
When she wrote the story about the lawyer, she had you in mind.

in mint condition -- in new condition, as new
The Nash was in mint condition. It looked like a new car.

in my care -- for me to protect, under my wing
The children were in my care when the dog chased us.

in my good books -- among the people I like, on my good side
To get in my good books, you can help me with my homework.

I09. in no time -- in point of fact Internet link in no time

in no time -- very soon, in a sec
We'll be there in no time. We have less than a kilometer to go.

in no uncertain terms -- definitely, clearly, call a spade a spade
They told us about sex and drugs in no uncertain terms.

in one ear and out the other -- not listening, hearing but not paying attention
The kids don't listen to me; it's in one ear and out the other!

in one fell swoop -- in one action, in one attack, at once
Our TV ad is effective. In one fell swoop we create doubts about the other products and sell our own.

in order -- to make it possible, to help it happen
In order to win, we have to work as a team.

in over your head -- unable to win, competing against better players
If you play chess against Boris, you'll be in over your head.

in person -- being there yourself, first hand
Dad saw the wall come down. He was there in person.

in place -- in the correct position or location, available
Be sure to have the money in place before you buy a house.

in plain view -- easy to see, where all can see, in broad daylight
In Daqing, some of the men urinated in plain view - very close to the street.

in point of fact -- (See in fact)

I10. in seventh heaven -- in the bag Internet link in seventh heaven

in seventh heaven -- in a very good mood, feeling very happy
When Smitty asked me to marry him, I was in seventh heaven.

in sick bay -- very sick, very ill, as sick as a parrot, as sick as a dog
"Where's Mel?" "In sick bay after last night's pub crawl."

in step -- doing things in a similar way, together
Are you in step with our youth? Do you understand how they feel?

in stir -- (See in the tank)

in stitches -- laughing hard, crack me up
I was in stitches before she finished telling the joke.

in store for -- in the future, going to happen
Carlos didn't know what was in store for him in Canada.

in stride -- (See take it in stride)

in that vein -- similar, on the same topic, along those lines
The prime minister talked about the sacrifices we had to bring in the present economic situation. Even the opposition went on in that vein.

in the back of my mind -- in my memory, in your mind's eye
In the back of my mind I could see our dog - asleep by the fire.

in the bag -- drunk, loaded, sloshed
Two drinks and she'll be in the bag. She gets drunk easily.

I11. in the bag -- in the drink Internet link in the bag

in the bag -- already won or decided, a sure thing
Don't worry. The game is in the bag - we'll win easily.

in the ball park -- close, near the total
My offer wasn't even in the ball park. He wanted $500, not $300.

in the black -- showing a profit, in a sound financial position
After one year our company was in the black - showing a profit.

in the boonies -- out of town, out in the country
Lan lives in the boonies - fifty kilometres from Calgary.

in the buff -- naked, nude
At our house, we walk around in the buff. Nude is natural, eh.

in the clink -- in prison, in jail, behind bars
If you get drunk you may be thrown in the clink overnight.

in the dark -- unaware, not informed
I was in the dark about the trip to Ireland. No one told me.

in the doghouse -- having your friend or spouse angry at you
I'm in the doghouse. I forgot her birthday and she's mad at me.

in the drink -- in the sewer, lost
If you leave your ring on the sink it will soon be in the drink.

in the drink -- failing, bankrupt, up the creek
In the drink - that's where I'd be without you. A total failure.

I12.in the driver's seat -- in the lap of luxury Internet link in the driver's seat

in the driver's seat -- controlling events or decisions, in charge
Money and talent will put you in the driver's seat - in control.

in the fast lane -- (See life in the fast lane)

in the flesh -- the person (not a photo or recording of the person)
Julia was there - in the flesh, standing right in front of me!

in the gutter -- having dirty thoughts or ideas
Pornography puts his mind in the gutter - lusting after flesh.

in the hole -- having lost money when gambling or investing
By the time he left the poker game he was $500 in the hole.

in the hole -- in solitary confinement, in a dark jail cell
If a prisoner tries to escape they put him in the hole.

in the hoosegow -- (See in the slammer)

in the jug -- (See in the slammer)

in the know -- informed, knowledgeable, (compare) in the dark
Ask Joan about global warming. She's in the know.

in the lap of luxury -- living in comfort, living high on the hog
If I win the lottery, we'll be rich. We'll live in the lap of luxury.

I13. in the least -- in the mood Internet link in the least

in the least -- in any way, at all
Oil prices went up, but the price of gas didn't change in the least.

in the long haul -- after several years, for the long term
In the long haul, you'll earn more money if you have a degree.

in the long run -- planning for the future, looking many years ahead
In the long run, real estate is a good investment.

in the loop -- on the list of people who receive information, the in-crowd
I hope you'll keep me in the loop. I want to hear the latest news.

in the lurch -- facing a problem alone, holding the bag
True friends won't leave you in the lurch, will they?

in the making -- developing, growing
Raj is a talented pianist. Is he a Glenn Gould in the making?

in the meantime -- for now, meanwhile
Someday I want to own a yacht. In the meantime, I have a canoe.

in the money -- wealthy, rich, loaded
If my lottery number is drawn, I'll be in the money.

in the Monford lane -- driving fast, in the passing lane, pedal to the metal
We got a rush order, so we was in de Monford lane all de way.

in the mood -- feeling that you want to do something
I'm in the mood for pizza. Let's order a large one - loaded!

I14. in the nick of time -- in the running Internet link in the nick of time

in the nick of time -- nearly too late, just in time, under the wire
They jumped from the burning boat in the nick of time - just before it sank.

in the nude -- naked, in the buff
Sleeping in the nude has advantages and disadvantages.

in the offing -- ready to happen, soon to be
A great event was in the offing: the discovery of penicillin.

in the picture -- part of the scene, a factor
As Mr. Martin lost the election, he's not in the picture.

in the pink -- looking and feeling healthy and happy
Last time I saw Barb, she was in the pink. She looked great.

in the pipe five by five -- in the chamber and ready to fire, missiles in firing position
"Check missiles!" "In the pipe five by five, sir!"

in the poorhouse -- poor, having little money, as poor as a church mouse
In 1936, they were in the poorhouse. They couldn't grow crops, and nobody had a job.

in the red -- showing a financial loss, losing money
Last year our business was still in the red - still showing a loss.

in the road -- blocking the way, preventing movement
We'll have to move the table. It's in the road.

in the running -- competitive, could win, give you a run for...
With ten games remaining, the Expos are still in the running. They have a chance to win.

I15. in the slammer -- in tough Internet link in the slammer

in the slammer -- in jail, in prison
Marv's been in the slammer four times. He knows prison life.

in the tank -- in jail, in prison, in the slammer
While he was in the tank, he studied science and history.

in the throes -- in the middle of some work, caught up in a process
We're in the throes of repairing an old house. What a job!

in the wink of an eye -- very quickly, in a split second
In the wink of an eye, the coin disappeared from the man's hand.

in the works -- in the plans, to be built
I've heard there's a housing project in the works.

in the worst way -- very much, a lot
Hal wants a Porsche in the worst way. He loves sports cars.

in these parts -- in this part of the country; neck of the woods
We haven't seen a bear in these parts for years.

in time -- before the deadline, within the time limit
The check arrived just in time. We flew to Hawaii the next day.

in touch -- phone or write a letter, keep in touch
Have you been in touch with your family in China?

in tough -- in a difficult battle, against a tough opponent
If you play Ivan in the tennis tournament, you'll be in tough.

I16. in trouble -- in your mind's eye Internet link in trouble

in trouble -- accused, arrested, punished
If you steal, you'll be in trouble. You'll be arrested.

in tune (music) -- at the correct pitch, not sharp or flat
It was an excellent concert. Even the children sang in tune.

in tune -- believing the same, on the same wavelength
He's in tune with our religious beliefs. He believes in God.

in two shakes (of a lamb's tail) -- very soon, in a couple of seconds, in a sec
I'll be with you in two shakes. I just have to turn off the lights.

in writing -- written and signed, in black and white
The company guarantees this pen for life. I have it in writing.

in your bad books -- one of the people you do not like
If I don't agree with you, I'll be in your bad books, right?

in your corner -- hoping you will win, on your side
Hey, man, I'm in your corner. I'll help you get your diploma.

in your face -- placed in front of you, right in front of you
Every time I turn on the TV, that ad is in my face. I'm sick of it.

in your hair -- bothering you, bugging you
If you have too many kids in a class, they get in your hair.

in your mind's eye -- in a picture in your mind, in your memory
In my mind's eye, I can see her face - clearer than a photo.

I17. in your prime -- Internet Internet link in your prime

in your prime -- during your best years, when you are strongest
When he was in his prime, he played professional soccer.

in's and out's -- (See the in's and out's)

information leak -- (See have a leak [B])

inhale -- eat quickly, wolf down
I rushed home, inhaled my lunch and drove to the airport.

inside information -- facts available to those inside an organization
I can get inside information. My friend works for the FBI.

inside joke -- a joke that is understood by only those who work or play together, inside joke
"Would you like to buy some of our liveware?" I asked. She frowned. "Never mind," I said. "It's an inside joke. Ha ha."

inside out -- (See know inside out)

inside story -- (See the inside story)

inside track -- (See the inside track)

Internet -- a system of computers, World Wide Web
If you want to know more about any topic, get on the Internet.

I18. into fitness/dancing etc. -- is you is, or is you ain't my baby Internet link into fitness/dancing etc.

into fitness/dancing etc. -- involved in fitness etc., enjoying a hobby
They're really into fitness. They exercise and jog a lot.

into hock -- (See in hock)

into the sauce -- drinking alcohol, off the wagon
Uncle has been into the sauce. I can smell liquor on his breath.

into the tank -- into business failure, into bankruptcy
Two companies went into the tank because of free trade.

into thin air -- disappearing like a ghost, vanishing like steam
When I moved closer, the flying saucer vanished into thin air.

invite you over -- (See have you over)

iron out -- solve, work it out
She ironed out the problem with the school. Jeff is back in class.

irons in the fire -- very busy, plate is full
I can't help with your project. I have too many irons in the fire.

is that so -- is that true? no kidding
Every time I tell Mr. Pratt some news, he says, "Is that so?"

is you is, or is you ain't my baby -- are you my love? I want to know if you love me
Pearl is singing to Toby: "Is you is, or is you ain't my baby?"

I19. it ain't over till it's over -- it makes no difference Internet link it ain't over till it's over

it ain't over till it's over -- a game is not finished until time has expired, never say die
A few fans stayed to watch the end of the game. "It ain't over till it's over," one man said.

it ain't over till the fat lady sings -- an event is not finished until the final bell, don't give up
The tying goal was scored in the final second. It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

it appears to me -- this is what I see, I believe this happened
It appears to me that this car swerved to avoid a collision.

it don't make no nevermind -- it does not matter, it is not important, never mind
"He done took your shirt, boy! Why you do nothin'?" "It don't make no nevermind. He's kin."

it figures -- it is logical, it appears so, it makes sense
"The owner must have started the fire," said Sherlock. "It figures," said Watson.

it goes with the territory -- some problems are natural in some jobs or places
There's more crime in the cities. It goes with the territory.

it goes without saying -- it is obvious, needless to say
It goes without saying: we want equal pay for equal work.

it has your name on it -- we saved this one for you, it is yours
There's a steak on the grill, and it has your name on it.

it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all -- you are a better person if you have loved someone - even for a short time
Old and alone, the woman often thought of a saying: It is better to have loved and lost... .

it makes no difference -- it does not matter, either way is okay
"Should we have tea or coffee?" "It makes no difference to me."

I20. it never fails -- it was Greek to me Internet link it never fails

it never fails -- it always happens, time and again
It never fails - when I get in the shower, the phone rings.

it never rains but it pours -- when it comes we get too much, feast or famine
"Tonight we don't have enough chairs for everybody." "It never rains but it pours!"

it occurs to me -- this thought comes to my mind
It occurs to me that we won't meet again until Christmas.

it phased me out -- it caused me to feel uneasy, throw you
I was nervous when you did the bungee jump. It phased me out.

it seems to me -- it is my opinion, it is my view
It seems to me that Don expects us to phone him every week.

it strikes me -- this is clear to me, this is my impression
It strikes me that we share many interests and activities.

it takes one to know one -- one type of personality recognizes the same type
"Elizabeth is such a fool!" "Takes one to know one."

it takes two to tango -- some things you cannot do alone; you need a friend to experience life; two can share, fight, dance, love...; it is better to have loved and lost...
Life is a dance. It takes two to tango!

it was a lark -- it was easy, it was fun, a piece of cake
I learned to shift gears on a Peugeot. It was a lark!

it was Greek to me -- I could not understand the subject; it was like a foreign language
When he asked me what I had learned about DNA, I replied, "I don't know. It was Greek to me."

I21. it works -- it's a snap Internet link it works

it works -- it is right, it looks nice, it is a good style
If you place the vase over there and the statue here, it works.

itsy-bitsy / itty-bitty -- very tiny, mini, teeny-weeny
An itsy-bitsy halter held her hefty breasts.

it's a case of -- it is an example of, it is a case of
With Bud, it's a case of too much love. His wife smothers him.

it's a crock -- (See that's a crock)

it's a dilly -- it is beautiful, it is special, I really like it
Have you seen Tom's new bike? It's a dilly!

it's a Duesey -- it's as beautiful as a Duesenberg roadster, it's special
You should see Karl's baseball glove. It's a Duesey!

it's a go -- it is approved, we can begin
After Ty read the fax, he said, "It's a go! Our proposal won!"

it's a jungle out there -- the world is dangerous, the world is cruel
"Why can't I walk home alone?" "Because it's a jungle out there."

it's a matter of life and death -- it must be done to save a life, they will die if we do nothing
We must stop the bleeding. It's a matter of life and death.

it's a snap -- it is easy to do, it is a piece of cake
You should try making a paper plane. It's a snap.

I22. it's a toss-up -- it's cold / it's hot Internet link it's a toss-up

it's a toss-up -- they are equal, toss a coin to decide
It's a toss-up. It's difficult to choose. Both ideas are good.

it's a whole nother world out there -- it is very different in that place, it is strange over there
When the kids got back from the virtual space trip, Jamie said, "It's a whole nother world out there!"

it's a whole other world out there -- it is very different in that place, it is strange over there
I just came from the rave. It's a whole other world in there!

it's a zoo in there -- it is a crazy place, it is a wild party, it's a jungle out there
They're having a marathon dance. It's a zoo in there!

it's all over but the crying -- the contest is finished but the losers will cry for awhile
"The Expos lost," he said. "It's all over but the crying."

it's all over but the shouting -- the contest is finished but the cheering continues
"The Blue Jays won," he said. "It's all over but the shouting."

it's as plain as the nose on your face -- very easy to see or understand, very clear, crystal clear
We have photos of the earth from outer space that prove the earth is round. It's as plain as the nose on your face!

it's been a slice (of life) -- it has been an experience, it has been interesting
On the last day of work, Pam said, "It's been a slice, Mag."

it's beyond me -- I do not understand why, it does not make sense
It's beyond me why they don't get married. They're in love.

it's cold / it's hot -- the weather is cold/hot, it's raining
In January it's cold in Edmonton but hot in Chile.

I23. it's in the bag -- it's your move Internet link it's in the bag

it's in the bag -- (See in the bag)

it's not a question of -- it is not a factor, it is not important
It's not a question of money. We can afford to buy a TV.

it's not a state secret -- it is not a special secret, it is not private information, top secret
You can talk about your first marriage. It's not a state secret.

it's not what you know, it's who you know -- references are important, Bob's your uncle
In politics, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

it's now or never -- do it now or not at all, he who hesitates is lost
If we're going to have a family, it's now or never. We can't wait.

it's over/ it's over with -- it is finished, it is done
When the trial ended, she said, "I'm glad it's over with."

it's raining/snowing -- the weather is rainy or snowy
Whenever we visit Vancouver, it's raining.

it's the duck's guts -- it is great, it is wonderful, the cat's ass
"Have you seen the new Cadillac?" "No, I haven't. Is it nice?" "Yes, I'll say. It's the duck's guts!"

it's up to you -- it is your decision, you choose
I can't tell you which program to choose. It's up to you.

it's your move -- now you move or speak, it's your turn
She jumps three of my checkers and says, "It's your move, Bud."

I24. it's your turn -- itchy feet Internet link it's your turn

it's your turn -- now you play, it's your move
Now it's your turn, Willie. Hit the ball to Daddy.

itchy feet -- ready to go, anxious to leave
As we talked about the trip, I could see that Dad was getting itchy feet.

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