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TIL English Idiom Collection


Collected from various sources by U Kyaw Tun (UKT), M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), and staff of TIL (Tun Institute of Learning, http://www.tuninst.net ) for staff and students of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale.

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each to his own eager beaver eagle eyes ear candy ear to the ground earful early bird ears are burning ears lowered ears pinned back ease up easy as pie easy come, easy go easy pickings easy street easy time out eat crow eat high off the hog eat humble pie

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each to his own

From Magnuson
each to his own --
ears pinned back Internet link each to his own

each to his own -- (See to each his own)

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eager beaver

From Magnuson
eager beaver --
a person who wants to work
Joan is the eager beaver in this class. She likes to work.

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eagle eyes

From Magnuson
eagle eyes --
a person who can see details or errors
We call him Eagle Eyes because he finds so many lost golf balls.

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ear candy

From Magnuson
ear candy --
music that is pleasant, beautiful music
The theme music in the movie Out of Africa is ear candy.

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ear to the ground

From Magnuson
ear to the ground --
(See keep your ear to the ground)

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From Magnuson
earful --
(See an earful)

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early bird

From Magnuson
early bird --
(See the early bird gets the worm)

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ears are burning

From Magnuson
ears are burning --
the "ears" in your mind hear people talking about you
"How did you know we were talking about you?" "Because my ears were burning!"

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ears lowered

From Magnuson
ears lowered --
(See have my ears lowered)

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ears pinned back

From Magnuson
ears pinned back --
told to behave, disciplined
The rowdy kid needs his ears pinned back. Tell him to behave.

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ease up

From Magnuson
ease up
-- eat humble pie Internet link ease up

ease up -- work or play slower, take it easy on
Ease up on the younger players, eh. Don't work them too hard.

ease up -- not push as much, reduce the pressure, let up
You can ease up on the gas pedal when we reach 100 km per hour.

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easy as pie

From Magnuson
easy as pie --
very easy to do, a piece of cake
That math problem is easy as pie. I'll show you how to do it.

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easy come, easy go

From Magnuson
easy come, easy go --
if we get things free we do not worry when we lose them
As Ming was spending his lottery money, he said, "Easy come, easy go."

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easy pickings

From Magnuson
easy pickings --
an easy task or job, a piece of cake
It was a multiple-choice test - easy pickings if you studied.

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easy street

From Magnuson
easy street --
an easy life, a life with lots of money to spend
Win five million dollars and we'll be on easy street.

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easy time out

From Magnuson
easy time of it --
not much work to do, an easy life
While living with his wealthy aunt, he had an easy time of it.

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eat crow

From Magnuson
eat crow --
admit you were wrong, take back what you said (see take it back)
When I lost the bet, I had to eat crow - admit I was wrong.

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eat high off the hog

From Magnuson
eat high off the hog --
(See high on the hog)

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eat humble pie

From Magnuson
eat humble pie --
admit I did not play well, feel humble after defeat
Ben had to eat humble pie after he finished fourth in the race.

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E03. eat it up -- eat you out of house and home Internet link eat it up

eat it up -- finish eating some food, eat all of the food
That's a good boy. Eat it up and then you can go out to play.

eat it up -- believe a story, eat out of the palm...
The children were eating it up - every word the teacher said.

eat like a horse -- eat a lot, pig out
Barney eats like a horse. He has a monstrous appetite.

eat my hat/shirt -- be very surprised or shocked if it is true
If the Vancouver Canucks win the Cup, I'll eat my hat!

eat out -- eat at a restaurant, eat at a cafe
On Friday evenings we eat out, usually at a Greek restaurant.

eat out of the palm of your hand -- do whatever you ask, obey you, win the hearts
If you tell the children a story, you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

eat that -- believe that, buy that, swallow that
After listening to the UFO scientist, my uncle said, "Are we supposed to eat that?"

eat up -- begin to eat, continue to eat, dig in
Eat up, folks. We have lots of pancakes.

eat you for breakfast -- defeat you easily, have you for breakfast
In a game of racquetball he'll eat you for breakfast. He's quick.

eat you out of house and home -- eat all your food, pig out
Our son's team came to dinner and ate us out of house and home!

E04. eat your fill -- eh Internet link  eat your fill

eat your fill -- eat until you are satisfied, eat as much as you can
Eat your fill. You won't have another meal till we get home.

eat your heart out -- envy my prize, wish that you had one
When Kurt won the Porsche, he said, "Eat your heart out, guys."

eat your words -- regret what you said, admit you were wrong
regret what you said, admit you were wrong

eating you -- (See what's eating you)

edgy -- nervous, cranky, touchy
You're kind of edgy today. Did you sleep well last night?

eff 'im [B] -- fuck him, tell him to fuck off, the F-word 
I've had enough of his lack of responsibility! Eff 'im!

egg me on -- encourage me, tell me to do it
I didn't want to steal the exam, but they egged me on.

egg on my face -- embarrassed, outsmarted
I made a deal with Jake and ended up with egg on my face.

ego trip -- feeling of self importance, feeling superior
If you tell him he played well, he'll go on an ego trip.

eh -- you understand, you know what I am taking about
There were three boys but only two girls, eh.

E05. eighty-six it -- even a blind pig can find an acorn Internet link eighty-six it

eighty-six it -- take it off the list, it is one too many, smithwright it
Our menu has too many entrees. Let's eighty-six the beef stroganoff.

eke out a living -- earn or grow enough to survive
On the small farm we were able to eke out a living.

elbow room -- room to move among people, space in a crowd
On the streets of Hong Kong there wasn't much elbow room.

electronic superhighway -- a computer network, Internet
We can find more information on the electronic superhighway.

end justifies the means -- See the end justifies the means)

end of the line -- (See the end of the line)

end up -- where you stop or finish, the end of a journey
We often end up sleeping at Ty's house. His mom doesn't mind.

enough is enough -- it is time to stop, enough already
"Enough is enough!" she said after my sixth piece of pie.

even -- we do not owe each other, a wash, call it square
I owe you $20, but I gave you a haircut, so we're even.

even a blind pig can find an acorn -- if you keep looking and trying you may succeed
"Hey, Bill. Think you'll ever get that car started?" "Maybe. Even a blind pig can find an acorn."

E06. even keel -- everything old is new again Internet link even keel

even keel -- (See keep an even keel)

even so -- regardless, no matter
"He doesn't need the money." "Even so, I must repay the loan."

even-steven -- equal work or achievement, evenly matched
After one lap, Karim and I were even-steven. We were tied.

even up -- equal parts, equal pieces for each person
They split the profits even up - 50% to each partner.

every cloud has a silver lining -- every bad thing has its perks, bad luck is never entirely bad
Mark missed his bus, but when he came in late he found that the class had written a math test.

every trick in the book -- every method or device, every way of doing it
If you want to find boys, Keiko knows every trick in the book.

every walk of life -- every occupation, all lifestyles
People from every walk of life attend our church.

everything but the kitchen sink -- almost everything, the whole works
We put everything in his truck, everything but the kitchen sink!

everything from soup to nuts -- a lot of food or things, a variety of groceries
His shopping cart was full. He had everything from soup to nuts.

everything old is new again -- fashions and trends are repeated or revived
Hey, if miniskirts are back, everything old is new again!

E07. ex -- eyes glaze over Internet link ex

ex -- former wife or husband; girlfriend or boyfriend
His ex got the Mercedes; he got the truck.

exit stage left -- departure, gonzo, out of here (outa here)
When that bull got loose, I did an exit stage left!

expand your horizons -- experience or discover new ideas or goals or cultures
Travel, read, discuss - expand your horizons!

eye candy -- something that is nice to look at, a beautiful object
She was eye candy. I've never seen a more beautiful car!

eye for an eye -- (See an eye for an eye)

eye of a needle -- (See the eye of a needle)

eye of the storm -- (See the eye of the storm)

eye to eye -- (See see eye to eye)

eyeball this -- look at this, check this out, peep this
Eyeball this, guys! My hair is curly!

eyes glaze over -- eyes express disbelief or "I've heard this before"
When I told him I'd pay the rent next week, his eyes glazed over.

E08. eyes peeled -- eyes peeled Internet link eyes peeled

eyes peeled -- (See keep your eyes peeled)

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