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Devanagari hand strokes

by U Kyaw Tun, Tun Institute of Learning

adapted from:  Revised:  Thu. 27 Sep. 2001

or   http://myweb.ncku.edu.tw/~lsn46/extra/pali/Devanagari/pali-devanagari-map.htm 181004

Apology: I do not know any Chinese, but since I sincerely wish to thank the authors of the original file, I've kept the original page as intact as possible.
In the original download, and the download of today 181004, there are two entries which are in "black on green" for  and  . I suspect the author seems to notice that as a problem and has left them different from others.

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Romanized IAST
Stroke of Devanagari
Expression on the Net
  a a
  ā aa
  i i
  ī ii
  u u
  ū uu
e e
o o
ai ai
au o
a * a.m or "n
 row #1. Velar
ka ka
kha kha
ga ga
gha gha
ṅa "na or 'na
 row#2:  Affricate - not plosive-stop
ca ca
cha cha
ja ja
jha jha
ña ~na
  row#3:  Retroflex
a .ta
ha .tha
a .da
ha .dha
a .na
 row#4: Dental
ta ta
tha tha
da da
dha dha
na na
 row#5: Labial
pa pa
pha pha
ba ba
bha bha
ma ma
 Row#6: Approximant
ya ya
ra ra
la la
va or wa va or wa
ha ha
sa sa

感謝 Michael Churchman 先生提供資料!
道謝爾, 阿彬a :)
I would like to thank a friend from New Zealand, Mr. Michael Churchman, who provided available information for this homepage. He is now a graduated student majoring in TAIWANESE.

Revised: Thu. 27 Sep. 2001

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    UKT 181004: For IAST transliterations see Wikipedia:
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Alphabet_of_Sanskrit_Transliteration 181004
    For Pali in various scripts, see:
    http://buddhism.lib.ntu.edu.tw/BDLM/en/lesson/pali/lesson_pali1.htm#4 181004